FCC's Net Neutrality Vote Looms

Lora Bentley
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Why All the Hype Over Net Neutrality?

Learn what net neutrality is all about and why it's so important.

The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) final vote on Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposed net neutrality rules is scheduled for Dec. 21.


If you'll remember, Genachowski circulated his proposals earlier this month. And the only stakeholders really satisfied were the broadband service providers-largely because the proposals would give them more control over how their networks are managed.


Some observers think the door has been opened for pricing based on use, which they say will undoubtedly lead to data caps and overage charges. The INQUIRER's Spencer Dalziel says simply:

Pay-to-play Internet use leading to a two-tier Internet, bandwidth throttling of peer-to-peer traffic, and rising prices for U.S. mobile data access could start to appear.

At the same time, newer Internet companies like Netflix and Skype say Genachowski's proposals are weak and unacceptable because they do not expressly prohibit the blocking or slowing of Internet traffic. According to The Washington Post, they also want the commission to redefine broadband as a telecom service so it is more squarely under the FCC's jurisdiction.


Either way, the vote will happen Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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