Facebook's Simple Privacy Tools Due Wednesday

Lora Bentley
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If Facebook can remember these five facts about user privacy, its headaches may begin to fade.

The "much simpler" privacy tools at which Facebook execs have hinted for weeks and which CEO Mark Zuckerberg promised were coming are expected to debut Wednesday, according to MSNBC.com.


There's no indication how those tools will actually look or which aspects of the 50 settings with 170-plus options will be simplified. Some are guessing there will be fewer options, but will they be effective? Users are skeptical at best . MSNBC.com quoted one this way:

Every time Facebook makes changes, things seem to get worse ...

And though several thousand have quit or have promised to quit the service (including Newsweek's Daniel Lyons, of Fake Steve Jobs fame), the fact remains that Facebook has hundreds of millions of users.


Will the departure of thousands really make that much of an impact? I wish it could, but in the grand scheme of things, probably not.


Not by itself, anyway. Like I said Monday, the problem undoubtedly lies in the cumulative effect of pressure from regulators around the world, users who don't trust the service, and the groundswell of support for Facebook alternatives -- not to mention a growing number of "inadvertent" data leaks like the one the Wall Street Journal reported recently.


We'll see what tomorrow holds. Stay tuned.

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