Facebook's Newest Privacy Play

Lora Bentley

Considering all the flack Facebook has caught in the last few years regarding its privacy practices (or lack thereof), I'm almost surprised the company didn't announce its latest change with bullhorns and loudspeakers. Then again, maybe this change wasn't broadcast because it's been five years coming. Or maybe the company has been quiet because the addition doesn't really fix the problem the way users expected.


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Five Facts Facebook Should Know About Privacy

If the company would remember these five things about privacy, its execs might not shudder at the mere mention of the word.

According to ReadWriteWeb, Facebook has added a feature that will allow users to hide certain types of activity from their walls - and maybe even from friends' newsfeeds - so that not everyone is necessarily privy to every single move you make on the social networking site. Writer Marshall Kirkpatrick explains:

Make a new friend? Planning on going to an event? Now you can do those things on Facebook but be discreet about it, thanks to the new Hide All These button.

At first Kirkpatrick thought the new privacy control would hide the announcements from users' walls and from the newsfeeds of their friends, but as he quipped in an update, he should have known that a new Facebook feature couldn't be expected to apply consistently. Readers and other bloggers who have tested the feature indicate that it sometimes hides the selected updates from newsfeeds, but not always - and it's unclear what makes the difference.


Nonetheless, it's a step in the right direction for those who remain concerned about Facebook privacy.

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