Facebook Says It Has 'Smoking Gun' in Ceglia Lawsuit

Lora Bentley

What's a better way to kick off Monday than a Facebook litigation update?


Remember Paul Ceglia? He's the New York businessman who claims to own at least half of Facebook because of a contract with Mark Zuckerberg before the social networking site went live in its earliest form. He filed suit against Facebook and Zuckerberg last year.


Ceglia has offered emails he and Zuckerberg purportedly exchanged to establish the existence of the contract, but Facebook claims the suit is meritless and that Ceglia is perpetrating a fraud upon the court. According to recent court filings, Facebook has uncovered evidence of said fraud during a forensic analysis of Ceglia's computers, which the court ordered earlier in the summer.


Bloomberg reported Friday that Facebook called the evidence a "smoking gun" but cited confidentiality orders in refusing to give further details. Ceglia's attorney also refused to comment on the developments, Bloomberg said. Neither would the attorney comment on his client's whereabouts. Ceglia has reportedly moved out of his New York residence to seek greener pastures - perhaps in Ireland.

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Aug 24, 2011 3:22 AM ZuckerbergIsAZucker ZuckerbergIsAZucker  says:

Lets be professional journalists and get the facts correct.. The original document was not unearthed by Facebook! the original document which is a paper document has always being in the possesion of Paul Ceglia. It is so original that it has being forensically tested and verified but because of the importance of facebook and Mark Zuckerberg that original document hasbeing cast aside for a fraud, namely the badly blurred digital copy that facebook claims to be the oiginal ! now let me ask this question . How easy do you think it is for a billion dollar a year internet site to fabricate a contract and make it look legit ? after all a teen at home in his room could produce such a document in hours  I have also read claims that Ceglia is a fraud and a con artist but the journalists and business men forget to mention that Ceglia paid every person back that he owed money to from his business or delivered them their materials ! if Ceglia is a fraud then what are all them bankers and politicians who have not and will not compensate the people they stole billions on ?


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