Exposing Alternative OSs to the Masses with PS3

Lora Bentley

Especially for the non-technical among us, getting an alternative operating system like Linux or BeOS to work with hardware can be tricky -- mostly because there's "some sort of configuration that the development team didn't expect, and this leads to often complicated workarounds..." says OS News contributor Ryan Theissen. So the news that Sony's PS3 will include preinstalled Linux has huge implications for alternative OSs.


Knowing exactly what hardware they're aiming for (the PS3) will enable alternative OS vendors and development teams to prepare for the configurations that they otherwise wouldn't expect and work out the glitches that would ordinarily turn users away, Theissen says. The end result will be "a stable platform on known hardware" similar to what Apple now provides with OS X.


Granted, the PS3 is consumer tech, but as Theissen points out, this is a perfect opportunity to expose the masses to the possibilities that alternative operating systems present.

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Jun 1, 2007 3:39 AM Roy Schestowitz Roy Schestowitz  says:
Hi Laura,Terra Sort sell PS3s with GNU/Linux preinstalled, but supply (or lack thereof) is still an issue to them. Reply
Jun 5, 2007 5:48 AM Charles Sibbald Charles Sibbald  says:
This is a great opportunity for everyone, users, opensource community, sony and terrasoft.The reason the Amiga platform failed, was there was no commitment to continue producing volumes.This the PS3, the volumes are there, and it opens the Home PC to a whole new market of people who will be replacing PS2's and can have a great game machine and PC roled into one.With printer drivers for yellow dog, i believe this could prevail where Amiga failed and gain the love and hearts of millions.Charles Sibbaldhttps://www.opentelcom.com Reply
Jun 5, 2007 11:46 AM Javier Ortiz Javier Ortiz  says:
This opens a whole world of opportunities and gives PS3 a needed edge over Xbox! Reply
Jun 6, 2007 5:16 AM M.S.Kannan M.S.Kannan  says:
With Converging Technology advancements,the PS3 architects should look into tripple channel Say a Media for Gaming,A media for Computer & a media for TelevisionThe concept is like stereo channels in audio the exploitation of converging technologies three channel one as game port another TV port & another for computingAll these to have a central processing unit while simple WiFi/Blue tooth/Fiber cable to connect to three sets of monitor MM kit/Accessories such that three different users are on same CPU box that gives independence to the three users at home on areas they would like to focus on without compromising on processing resources or to overspend on same. my be three deployed units of similar configs to switch to applications specific to users over a central processing unit.The second suggestion would mean a multi user ,Multi threaded applications & ,Multi media.....environment support. Reply

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