Does Microsoft Really Think this Linux FUD Will Work?

Lora Bentley

As fellow IT Business Edge blogger Rob Enderle points out this morning, the latest word from Microsoft -- via an InformationWeek interview -- is an admission that powers-that-be in Redmond don't want to litigate to get royalties for the intellectual property they claim Linux violates.


The plan, according to many in the industry, is to wrangle as many Novell-like deals out of other Linux distributors and users as possible.


That raises a couple of questions. First, doesn't Microsoft's reluctance to litigate tend to bolster the sentiment we're hearing from Linus Torvalds and other open source leaders that Microsoft really has no legal leg to stand on where these claims are concerned?


Secondly, how many open source-friendly companies does Microsoft expect to make nice with after pulling a stunt like this one? Even companies that already have agreements with Microsoft are not happy. So other companies that have thus far avoided alliances with the market leader are suddenly going to change their tunes? We don't think it will be quite that easy.

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