Dell Offers Ubuntu in Its 'Natural State'

Lora Bentley

Ubuntu enthusiasts looking forward to the day Dell ships its first PC and/or laptop with Feisty Fawn pre-installed may be disappointed if they're expecting functionality similar to Windows, according to the INQUIRER's Nick Farrell. The Ubuntu 7.04 that the PC maker is adopting won't look like the Ubuntu they have at home.


Pointing to Dell's blog, where the specs for the offering are posted, Farrell says only "Linux fundamentalists" will be satisfied with what they see there.


Dell's Ubuntu will not include audio and video codecs for MPEG 1/2/3/4, WMA, WMV, DVD other formats that are not already installed with Ubuntu 7.04. Understandably, Dell won't support them if users install them on their own. What's more, he says, Dell plans to install only "mature" hardware and software options, which means many of the open source apps to which Ubuntu users may be accustomed won't be there. In fact, many users might not recognize Ubuntu in its severely stripped-down state.


Notwithstanding what users expect, Dell's Ubuntu represents a significant move for the Linux distro into the mainstream.

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May 24, 2007 11:11 AM Vincent Vincent  says:
What a lame post. Installation of those codecs will go automatically if you try to play one of those files, Dell won't offer support for *ALL* software (though you can get support from Canonical if you want to) and Ubuntu already comes full of "mature" applications. It'll be just as what you are used to. Reply

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