Dawson Says SuSE Is Step Above Ubuntu in 'Linuxness'

Lora Bentley

Yesterday, ZDNet blogger Christopher Dawson told readers that he has temporarily given up Kubuntu in favor of OpenSuSE so that he can keep an eye on SuSE's "emerging set of educational software." After the install and a couple days of use, his "seat of the pants impression" is this:

I think I actually prefer SUSE. ...[I]t is considerably faster than Ubuntu and seems to handle multitasking better. Again, this is seat of the pants and might actually just relate to a fresh install, but applications (especially Maple) seemed to launch faster and be a bit more responsive, especially as I threw more simultaneous activities at the system (number crunching in Maple, restoring backups, software installation, web browsing, etc.).

The Ubuntu variations "have a lot to offer" if you're looking for an easy transition to Linux for students or real beginners, Dawson says. And he applauds Dell's decision to use Ubuntu for its first Linux PCs. For the more technically savvy, however, OpenSuSE is less Windows-like, or "a step up in terms of 'Linuxness.' "

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Jul 4, 2007 10:43 AM bubba spearchucker bubba spearchucker  says:
SuSe is not good.Ubuntu is the best.Dell took ubuntu over suse.And so did I, piss on suse Reply
Jul 4, 2007 11:07 AM Doug Doug  says:
You guys seriously need to grow up. LOL. Like a bunch of little kids. Pathetic. I use Suse and it is AWESOME! Does everything I need it to, and very well. Reply
Jul 4, 2007 11:12 AM efraim efraim  says:
Ubuntu beats suse hands down.This is due mainly to the fact that it is debian, and hence waay more powerful than suse.Besides yast is a pain in the ass.I personally find ubuntu much more apt for geek and suse -maybe- useful for newbyes coming from windoze.Anyway I perosnally went from mandriva to debian to suse and then back to ubuntu. And I won't easily change again... this is by far the most powerful and still simple to use distro I ever tried. Reply
Jul 5, 2007 1:21 AM Me Me  says:
"Besides yast is a pain in the ass" Ha, ha, ... I don't need reading more... Reply
Jul 5, 2007 2:47 AM Dave The Steam Dave The Steam  says:
I went from Ubuntu to Suse 10.2 - much easier to use - the whole thing works straight out of the box - ideal for a newbie like me Reply
Jul 5, 2007 2:59 AM Marek Marek  says:
I used Ubuntu in a professional environment - I hated system crashes every day. We used it only because admin was from Africa... and there was no way to change his mind :[ I am still curing post-ubuntu trauma Reply
Jul 5, 2007 9:33 AM D. Fear D. Fear  says:
I would rather see no bashing. I use suse and it is quite ok for me. It works. Ubuntu works - according to everyone - very well too. So - where is the problem? It seems a matter of personal choice. The open source community is rapidly approaching a situation where unity might be more important than silly argument, no?Wake up & smell the coffee, as they say! Reply
Jul 5, 2007 11:30 AM D Mccord D Mccord  says:
You people are so sad. I expect this from Windows users but.. For cryin' out loud "me liky Ubuntu, Suse me no good me pee on suse'... Children. He's not even saying anthing bad about Ubunto. You forget the beauty of linux, we have these various distros to CHOOSE from. And face it, for IT Suse would be a better choice. And yast is as simple as can be. Reply
Jul 6, 2007 2:48 AM Zed Spinone Zed Spinone  says:
Firstly, let me tell you that I am a geriatric and decided to try Linux after some 20 years using both RISC OS and Windows, because I figured that my brain needed some exercise.So far I've tried Mepis, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu) and openSUSE. My favourite, so far, is openSUSE 10.2, although Linux MINT runs a very close second and may overtake openSUSE - just cannot make up my mind, yet!I agree with D Fear that Linux gives us CHOICE. All the distros have basically the same core. It's the "ornamentation" that decides the distro. And I love the fact that I have that choice.Let's not get into a distro war which Microsoft would just love.Regards to all of you from New Zealand on a very, very wet Friday evening. Reply
Jul 6, 2007 6:16 AM Wik Wik  says:
I tried to bring to *nix environment several times with different systems, even tried to use FreeBSD as desktop environment, but it's too pain to manage it :DAt the moment I am using SUSE 10.2 on my Dell laptop almost 6 month :DFirst time had problems with wide screen and wi-fi, but everything has been sorted with the help of great open-source community :)I made complete integration of openSUSE to my job and life.At the moment I am using YaST and ZENworks to keep my system updated.Open-Source is freedom and I made my choice!So, good luck to everyone to make right(and own) choice ;) Reply
Jul 6, 2007 7:20 AM Frits Stegmann Frits Stegmann  says:
Personally I like Suse because I can customise it more then Ubuntu, plus Suse has alot more apps and libs wakeup Ubuntu everyone has DVD roms these daysubuntu is great if you want something simple that works but I like suse more plus I suspect suse works better in enterprise enviroment. Reply
Jul 6, 2007 9:46 AM John John  says:
well, I must agree that Ubuntu is a better start... specially for kids like the ones that were talking here... but also for them is this small reviewhttp://abhay-techzone.blogspot.com/2007/04/opensuse-vs-ubuntu.htmlthat shows clearly that for professionals and for people that don't just use computers to play around a show others that they use linux OpenSuSE is the best choice!Lets face it: Ubuntu is for kids! No one that really wants a real OS will ever choose Ubuntu instead of SuSE.Suse is better - it's a OS for everyone Ubuntu is not... Ubuntu is for kids only.Those who choose Ubuntu is because they never tried SUSE. Try both and then talk!Sorry to everyone if the truth hurts... But that's the way it is! Reply
Jul 6, 2007 9:51 AM John John  says:
there is also another small detail... people should talk if they understand anything about computers... if not... well don't talk at all... as an IT... i really do choose OpenSuse Reply
Jul 7, 2007 7:38 AM Sebastiaan Veld Sebastiaan Veld  says:
OpenSuSE just works. It's a great distro and YaST make Install and Config real easy. And then there's just one thing better than OpenSuSE and that SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (Novell SLED); Easy, Cool and -Just Works-! Take a look at the just released SP 1. Reply
Jul 7, 2007 8:28 AM Wik Wik  says:
Hi, my previous comment has been ignored for some reason :(I tried to bring to *nix environment several times with different systems, even tried to use FreeBSD as desktop environment, but it's too pain to manage it :DAt the moment I am using SUSE 10.2 on my Dell laptop almost 6 month :DFirst time had problems with wide screen and wi-fi, but everything has been sorted with the help of great open-source community :)I made complete integration of openSUSE to my job and life.At the moment I am using YaST and ZENworks to keep my system updated.Open-Source is freedom and I made my choice!So, good luck to everyone to make right(and own) choice ;) Reply
Jul 10, 2007 1:40 AM Mike Mike  says:
Having used both Kubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome, I'm not surprised he shifted away from Kubuntu -- while I perceived the desktop as Windows-like, it also seemed relatively "unpolished".I am, however, surprised that Dawson hadn't tried, and no one else has mentioned, Edubuntu (http://www.edubuntu.org/), the education-specific Ubuntu variant... Reply
Jul 10, 2007 1:46 AM Jaime Jaime  says:
I run an ISP DNS server on SuSe and also Cacti on SuSe in the same server that monitors over 400 traffic and snmp related graphs for devices globally distributed. No crashes so far, 2 years running, one or two reboots due to Cacti upgrades...) I have Ubuntu on my desktop. I love them both Reply
Jul 10, 2007 2:28 AM Steve Carl Steve Carl  says:
I'm using openSuSE 10.2 on my laptop, Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on an old computer and Fedora 7 on yet another. I like them all, but I have to say that SuSE installed the easiest and has worked the best so far. I tend to use Fedora the most, but if I had to choose just one, it would probable be SuSE. Reply
Jul 10, 2007 6:24 AM Andre Andre  says:
Jaime is right, Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu... different flavors of Ubuntu that all need to have a look before flaming.Like D Mccord said, they are all Linux based, YES, open a terminal and do a 'uname -a', they all using the same kernel (maybe older or newer) but all Linux!!!Now the wrapping is what is different, me personally I like my chrismast gift wrapped in that red tin-foil like paper as I can reuse and save the trees ... haha who care right?Well, some people, for some specific reasons, like Suse, other have their reason to like Edubuntu or others. I like Edubuntu for kids and the application suite GCompris is there and no need to full arround with the libraries or recompile... Can we say the same will all distro ??? Well this is ONLY an example of one package that made me decide for one flavor. If I want to use Linux for business, I'll problably look arround more, as Edubuntu is not very well suited for business, but again there are so many distros out there to choose from and get want you really need for the task!! Just a matter of spending some time to test them all.One major difference in the distros, is how much effort is put in to make sure that this or that package will work flawless. Yes, each package and/or app depend on a certai set of libraries and what is installed on your system, so each distro will concentrate on a certain subset of apps in relation with the market they aim at. So depending on which market you are in, a different distro might just do better for you, and please don't listen to flamer that say that this distro is better no matter what, it is just not like that unfortunatly.Did that guy tried Slackware? maybe he should have, great distro without all the crap that is not needed for what he want to do! Yeah, why not??? LOLOk, enough blah blah, I need to go back to work... Reply
Jul 11, 2007 4:19 AM Suvro Suvro  says:
What is so wrong with windows. From user perspective, I must say it is excellent. All the software worth its salt has a windows version. They all work just after installation. Windows is very user friendly too. If I were to have a linux distro, I would love to be in same shoes as in windows.Let us face it, as a driver of a car we love the looks of the car and do not want to know nitty gritty details of the engine. We love the car as long as it works and is performant. From user perspective, there is nothing wrong being windows like. Ofcourse linux is more performant, secure etc than windows and that is why I love linux. Ubuntu is a great effort to make much of the usual work very simple and I love it, windows like or not. Reply
Jul 12, 2007 3:41 AM Bill Gates Bill Gates  says:
Well you all should use SuSE as over the next 10 years we at Microsoft are planning to make the move to SLES for all our business critical systems.ThanksWilliam Gates the 3rd Reply
Jul 12, 2007 4:37 AM Scott Scott  says:
I've used Linux as my desktop for almost 2 years now. Before that I had tried several distros for a little while each but kept going back to Windows primarily because I was writing Windows Apps as a second source of income so had no choice. I've used the latest from Ubuntu and SUSE. I think they are both great desktop environments (OS + useful tools and Apps). My perfect distro would actually be a blend of both. Ubuntu makes finding and installing or maintaining additional packages much easier but overall I like SUSE's desktop a bit more. Like others, the childish behavior in the other comments here seems like a waste of cyber-space to me. I like that people are that loyal to their distro as well as to Linux but the immaturity looks more like Mac fanboys than the Linux community. Either way I'd rather see a battle over which Linux is best than whether Windows is better than Linux. So, I don't know that my Linux is better than your Linux but I do know that they are both better than Windows. Reply
Jul 12, 2007 7:28 AM Barfly Barfly  says:
1) History repeats itself2) Standardised unix was the way3) we ended up with n unixes and one windows4) Linux is the way5) we are heading towards n linuxes6) there is one windows7) i wonder what happens next? Reply
Jul 16, 2007 6:34 AM Giovanni Giovanni  says:
Not sure what is best. For sure the installation features and system repair tools for Suse are great. I needed them four times for different reasons (partition tables, GRUB restore, software consistency) and they worked straight away. Yast is now perfect, after the problems that affected the sofware installer had been solved. Reply
Jul 17, 2007 1:06 AM Matt Matt  says:
I've tried 'em all (almost every distro on Distrowatch) and I keep coming back to SuSE. I like it because the developers' aim is to create a fully integrated desktop--not just to present a collection of apps, strewn together. The SuSE customizations to OpenOffice, for example, are a great touch and make it *that much* more user-friendly. YaST isn't DrakTool, but at least it negates including a couple dozen KDE apps flooding the menu; this is another *nice touch* that is a credit to the thoughtful attention to detail and execution of the developers. Accept it or not, the only way Linux will be accepted by the masses and supplant Windows is if it's deployed across enterprises. Until that happens linux will be relegated to hobbyist status. The ONLY distribution that is suited for enterprise desktop deployment is SuSE. RHEL is the only other one that is serviceable (barely)--and that product has a LONG way to go until it's ready for mass adoption (it's still way too infrastructure-centric, which is why I switched back to SuSE from Fedora 7 after a couple of weeks trying it out). Ubuntu works, but, for me it has no meat. SuSE is a saucy slab of meaty ribs by comparison. And stable as hell, to boot. Reply

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