Court Gives Facebook Access to Ceglia Email Accounts

Lora Bentley

After a hearing Wednesday in his case against Facebook, Paul Ceglia must show cause why he cannot produce the pieces of equipment and/or storage devices that Facebook alleges hold evidence that is crucial to their defense. Bloomberg Businessweek reports the court also gave Facebook access to Ceglia's personal email accounts.


The orders are the latest developments in the litigation that began last year when the New York businessman claimed he was entitled to at least 50 percent of Mark Zuckerberg's social networking company. He claimed he had done some work with Zuckerberg and the contract under which that work had been performed gave him a stake in the company.


Facebook, of course, claimed the lawsuit was baseless and that Ceglia was perpetrating a fraud on the court. But when Ceglia produced a copy of the contract purporting to give him the stake in the company, Facebook asked for expedited discovery in the case, all the while maintaining that Ceglia's claims were bogus. That's when analysts discover what Facebook says is the actual contract upon which Ceglia bases his complaint. This contract, however, makes no mention of Facebook.


As I've said before, if the man really is fabricating or otherwise altering evidence, it won't end well for him. If he's not, what does he have to hide? He should produce the "missing" devices and be done with it.

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Aug 23, 2011 7:35 AM getupstandup getupstandup  says:

To even try to suggest that a digital copy of the contract has as much validity as an actual paper contract that has been forensically tested is just nonsense.why when it is well known of Zuckerberg's forgery past and well known self depiction as hacker do all these media outlets just act as if we should just believe him? once again the media takes the side of power against the smaller fish ! this is what gets to me the media and power only protect their interests which is the reason for taking the side of Facebook side on this issue , Just look at the difference in the Wikileaks case  both Wikileaks and Facebook are big on-line sites with huge amount of public and government interest but you dont see the establishment taking the side of Wikileaks why ? because unlike Facebook Julian Assange and Wikileaks work for the people interest not the establishments so the establishment goes against it. Paul Ceglia is a man with a legitimate cause ! his evidence and banking transactions proves Zuckerberg is trying to fraud someone

Aug 23, 2011 11:18 AM getupstandup getupstandup  says:

Ceglia  began the first organic burial ground in the United states, he started a zero carbon energy factory that used waste wood and waste oil to produce an alternative to foreign oil and he's been a part of several eco resorts.. The guy even quoted homas Jefferson and talks of good conscience, with Julian Assange saying the Facebook is the most appalling spy machine ever invented and all the proof that the Feds are using it every day with their own portal to spy not only on Americans but on almost every country in the world, Ceglia is fighting on  the new frontier of freedom and with his background I would say that our fates and our privacy are in better hands with him than any of the current ruling class politician or business man.. One thing is for sure, He isn't the establishment like Zuckerberg !  that being the reason the media and courts are taking the side of Facebook.

The establishment has to insure that facebook can't get shut down in a revolution ANYWHERE in the world because it has become i vital weapon in population control.  This is one of the most sophisticated attempts to use new technology to solve the age old problem of ruling class domination that has being unable to achieve its goals non-violently till now !.

People like Cegia and Assange  are  like the modern day Che Guevara, they have had war declared on them and now they have declared war back but unlike Guevera this time its technological.. This digital evidence they have suddenly come up with is all just too perfect to be true, just like Straus khan case, power takes care of power and we are all just meant to swallow it with a pinch of salt,

how convenient it is that when the Straus khan rape victim suddenly has such inconsistencies in her story the justice system will drop the case ? would they do that to a regular guy? And the same with Ceglia, suddenly Mark Zuckerberg  has a digital image of a contract and we are all supposed to all call Ceglia a lier and believe a known forger and a known self describing hacker, that is Zuckerberg

The media and people who need facebook Ceglia a con man all the time, WHY? because he tried to start a business which uses organic ways to produce an alternative to The United States need for foreign oil ? which ended up making a lot of powerful people unhappy. The fact that the New York state attorney general shut him down, is evidence of this and evidence he is one of us, but I don't see  the attorney general shutting down the bastards that have stolen billions from us, or the central bankers that have orchestrated the entire world recession, instead the attorney general goes after an inventivel green-energy business stuggling to keep up with demand. One last point this on media Bias,  the press loves to report that Ceglia  took 200k in orders that hethat he was unable to fulfill, but they never say he actually paid everyone back in full or gave them their pellets,  I don't see Wall St. Being as business responsible, can you name a single investment banker that gave money from other ventures to cover the losses of the regular people.? I bet not. See the media lies to try and discredit Paul Ceglia ! but it Is just cause hes seen as unimportant compares to Zuckerberg 


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