AT&T's Attempt to Sway FCC Net Neutrality Vote Seems Desperate

Lora Bentley

Good grief, AT&T. Get over it, already.


ZDNet reports the telecom giant submitted yet another letter to the Federal Communications Commission outlining the problems it sees with proposed net neutrality rules and the fact that search juggernaut Google appears to be offering telecom services without playing by the rules.


I understand the vote is coming up next week and that company officials are genuinely concerned about the implications. But AT&T has presented its position to the FCC already. Unless the latest one adds something new, another letter seems like overkill. ZDNet's Sam Diaz characterizes it as a "last Hail Mary Pass" before the commission votes. He points out that in trying to "cover all its bases" AT&T is actually muddying the waters regarding which argument it really wants to make. As Diaz puts it, "That means that, at times, it's hard to follow which arguments it's trying to make -- the one about Google Voice or the one about net neutrality."


Diaz thinks the company went a little too far by mentioning the Benedictine nuns whose calls Google Voice blocks because they're in a rural area. I agree with him. That's nothing but a turn-off.


Frankly, if I were making the decisions next week, I would be tempted to come down on the opposite side just because AT&T seems so desperate. But, thankfully, that duty falls to FCC commissioners and not me.

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Oct 15, 2009 11:42 AM Stephen Rebelo Stephen Rebelo  says:

AT&T is comparing Google to a service provider, it is not. Google has the right to determine what shows up in its search results to give the consumer the best quality listings. It doesn't prevent you from visiting any site, you still have to option to use another search engine, or type in the URL manually. AT&T has the power to block you from visiting a website all together.... Net neutrality doesn't apply to Google, they are not a gatekeeper. That was an ignorant letter, and it will backfire on them!

Oct 16, 2009 11:47 AM Michael Walker Michael Walker  says:

This will just make AT&T look bad. It will help prove why there needs to be net neutrality. Google and AT&T are two different things. They should not be compared.

Oct 18, 2009 7:19 AM James Eccles James Eccles  says:

I hope the FCC is not discouraged by all the political garbage being thrown at them at the last minute to try and persuade their votes, and that they do what needs to be done for the little guys that can not afford to throw arround millions in washington.

Oct 22, 2009 2:06 AM Jim Rice Jim Rice  says:

Net Neutrality is nothing more than the Liberal Left once again controlling their opposition. How's that Hope and Change working out for all you O-tards? Mark Lloyd is a RADICAL from the word go and he needs to move down to Venezuela or Cuba to hang out with his own kind. Maybe he can bring Obama with him. Neutrality/Fairness Doctrine - one in the same.

Oct 22, 2009 3:39 AM an AT&T Legacy Systems employee an AT&T Legacy Systems employee  says:

First of all this is not AT&T the original source of both telecommunications and internet. This is SBC purchase of the AT&T name, now at&t trying obviously to hold its own... this is in the least very confusing because it is as if they divorced themselves from the mother of it all, buried her 10 feet under and then bought her name. I am both not sure exactly from where they are coming from and not sure if the rest of you are just 'haters'. Somebody is stepping on somebody and stepping on does not have benefit to either federal or civil right.


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