Asus Jumps on Android Train

Lora Bentley

T-Mobile and HTC got there first. Then Motorola announced it would be launching its own Android handset next year. Now, rumors are flying that Asus will also release an Android phone next year.


The Eee PC maker is planning the Eee Phone, according to I agree with the HTLounge writer that the netbook maker may need to think about changing that name. It doesn't exactly evoke confidence.)


Granted, the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, so we should probably take them with a grain of salt, but the first thought was, "If this keeps up, RIM really may need to take the BlackBerry open source eventually." Obviously, it wouldn't have to happen tomorrow; it may never happen. But if enough mobile handset makers migrate to Android or other open platforms, RIM may need to consider doing the same.


Apparently, I'm not alone in my thinking. Writers at Phones Review cite an EE Times article stating that the company is investigating the possibility -- at least for some of the Eclipse and Java tools. But it would be a "pretty big leap" for RIM to make APIs and other software available under an open source license.

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