Apple Wins One Against Samsung

Lora Bentley

Chalk one more up to Apple in the patent war against Samsung. Temporarily, at least.


Wednesday, the judge hearing Apple's request for an injunction against Samsung phones and tablets in the Netherlands decided three of those phones violate an Apple patent covering photo management. As such, he ruled those phones cannot be imported into Europe as of Oct. 15.


Specifically, Judge E.F. Brinkman said that Samsung's Galaxy S, SII and Ace phones, which run Android 2.3, violate Apple's patent. The import ban applies to the Netherlands and to other European countries where Apple has registered the patent, according to Digital Trends. Further, the judge found that Android 3.0 does not violate Apple's patent. If Samsung can upgrade the phones in question to version 3.0, it can get around the import ban.


The decision comes shortly after a similar ban ordered by a German court was lifted from every European country other than Germany. As writer Geoff Duncan points out, if this injunction sticks, it could give Apple an opportunity to go after others that build handsets for Android-based phones.


Having just announced its intention to purchase Motorola, I'm betting Google will be Apple's biggest target.

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Aug 25, 2011 10:39 AM wayne wayne  says:

Actually, Samsung told the judge that the "photo swiping" code was easy to get rid of, and the judge gave them until oct 15 to change it.

The offending code is part of the Samsung "touchwiz" interface and Samsung can fix it by either reverting to the original Google android app or by updating the app to remove it's ability to "snap back if the swipe gesture is not completed".

I don't know exactly what you mean by "win".. unless you mean in that Charlie Sheen kinda way...

But whatever sells headlines I guess.

Aug 25, 2011 11:38 AM curt curt  says:

Apple will not target the company who now holds the patent for the cell phone if they want to continue making iPhones.  It would be like bringing a toothpick to a tank battle.


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