Apple and the Revolving Open Source Door

Lora Bentley

Apple Computer upset many software developers earlier this year when it decided to close the source code for its Mac OS X x86 kernel. That company execs came off as unconcerned when an open source developer and ComputerPartner columnist met with them to discuss the issue wasn't a winning public relations strategy either.


Widespread coverage of last week's announcement that, the development community organized to allow outside developers to work with Apple developers on Mac OS X fixes and additions, was "going dark" -- or shutting down -- must have made company leaders realize it was time for some damage control.


Yesterday, the company announced a series of upcoming releases to the open source community, including what the e-mail to the mailing list called "buildable kernel sources" for Intel-based Macs. And perhaps in hopes of winning back community members, Apple is also establishing Mac OS Forge for open source projects centered around the Mac OS X.

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Aug 26, 2006 4:56 AM eyecrax eyecrax  says:
Apple stoped distributing the kernel source for one very specific reason: to keep non Apple x86 hardware from running the latest versions of OS X.Apple is still very much a hardware company and they would like to keep their OS on their hardware. The only way to do this (even though they have TPM and many other DRM schemes built into the Intel Macs) was to lock the kernel source. Reply

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