A Warning to CIOs on Survival ...

Lora Bentley

If you're not using open source or at least contemplating its use in your organization in the near future, "you should be fired."


That's the word from Steve Douty, president of BSG On-Demand Applications. According to News.com. Douty thinks CIOs who don't have open source on their radar are negligently wasting resources:

I would say that any CIO that doesn't work open source into their near-term plans or future plans should be fired, and that's because he's misappropriating his own resources. If somebody inside of his company -- if his scarce resources of these programs that are all going to retire in 15 years, and if these people are writing code that's out there in an open source, that, to me, is negligence.
Douty was speaking at a CIO event in San Francisco earlier this month, according to blogger Matt Asay. Other participants included Jim Sutter, former CIO of Xerox and Rockwell International; Andrew Aitken, founding partner of the Olliance Group; Lila Tretikov, CIO of SugarCRM; Larry Singer, former CIO of the State of Georgia; and Max Rayner, former CIO of SurfControl. Rayner indicated that the issue was actually broader than open source software and encompassed the concept of community contribution:
Looking at [S]ugar as a competitor, when I was at SalesForce, [i]t was interesting to observe that they made very rapid progress in catching up with features. That rapid progress cost them very little, because there was a lot of community contribution. There is some gold in those hills.
After reviewing comments from Douty, Rayner, Sutter and others, Asay concludes simply open source is changing the way CIOs approach software.

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