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Ann All

Though we are seeing far fewer reports of the kinds of mass layoffs that send shudders down our collective spines, the technology hiring market isn't exactly hopping.


As in the past, many folks who lose their jobs work their social connections to seek new positions. Using channels like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, they can obviously put out far more feelers now than before, when they mostly relied on contacts made in the physical world.


I've written about companies using Twitter and other social channels to recruit employees. Several of them told me potential candidates discovered this way tend to be the kinds of dynamic people they want to hire. They also acknowledged the power of the retweet, when others in their industry chose to promote the openings among their own followers.


So I was glad to hear about #workwednesday on Twitter, a grassroots effort started by prolific tweeter John F. Moore, the VP of engineering at Swimfish. Writing on his blog, Moore explains he wants to "help reduce unemployment, one person at a time" and encourages folks with blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to "take same of [their] social clout and make a difference each and every Wednesday."


So, those of you who know of job opportunities, please share them on Twitter and elsewhere today (and on successive Wednesdays). If you use Twitter, use the #workwednesday hash tag to make the opportunities easier to find.


Moore says he'd like momentum for the effort to build, much the way the goofy tradition known as The Wave tends to do at any large gatherings of semi-bored people. The key to The Wave is an enthusiastic person to get it started. We've got that in Moore. So now it's up to the rest of us.

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Sep 16, 2009 2:37 AM John Moore John Moore  says:


  I appreciate your efforts in making this wave grow.  Anyone who is involved in a social network has an overall social footprint that provides them with an overall level of influence.  Whether that influence is in a 2 - 3 person niche or much larger I feel that we should all do our part to use this influence for more than corporate or personal gain.

  Readers can learn more about the Wave, 140 characters towards reducing unemployment, here:


Thank you,

John Moore



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