Vendors, Resellers Getting on Board with SaaS, Says AMI-Partners

Ann All

When I wrote about software-as-a-service back in March, I shared the concerns of some analysts that adoption could stall unless vendors made more of a concerted effort to woo new customers, including stepping up education efforts and recruiting channel partners.


Vendors, including giants like Microsoft and Oracle, now appear hip to this, leading AMI-Partners to predict a compound annual growth rate of 20 percent for SaaS and managed services among SMBs over the next five years. The market will top $1.6 billion this year, forecasts AMI-Partners, reports eChannelLine.


Says Ryan Brock, vice president of channels at AMI-Partners:

... the vendors themselves have finally got really serious about it. Companies like Microsoft and Oracle and IBM, they've all realized this was sort of the writing on the wall, that this one day was going to be a significant, if not the, means that software was delivered.

Resellers also appear to be getting over their initial reticence toward SaaS, says Brock. Four in 10 such companies with an emphasis on SMB business offer some sort of managed service, a number that AMI-Partners expects to grow as vendors step up efforts to partner with them.


Software will follow a path similar to hardware, in which services become more important to resellers' business models as margins on the product itself shrink. It will, however, take some time for vendors and their partners to identify optimal pricing models. Says Brock:

It's going to take some time to figure out where that's all going to fall.

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Aug 8, 2008 6:29 AM Mark Aldiss Mark Aldiss  says:
Who would have thought that it would take way over five years for industry to become aware of the actualities of SaaS and CaaS. Finally, with Vlingo and Yahoo, and others of their ilk, getting IT together, if you will pardon the execrable word play, it looks like projectbrainsaver will finally build it's first voice controlled life helper.All that is left now is to pull all the blocks together. Amazon S3, Google Apps, Vlingo (maybe?), VoiceObjects? maybe even back to the core being built using Autonomy's IDOL and Softsound / Virage technology.. Anyone out there know of a working combination that could give us what we need ... now? Reply
Jul 11, 2010 10:31 AM Mark Aldiss Mark Aldiss  says: in response to Mark Aldiss

... and now it's 2010 and CaaS and SaaS is Hosted Cloud and more. projectbrainsaver talked to different groups - showed what was possible with the technology of the day - well, tech from 2004 - and no one believed it was possible to do all of these things - well, Vlingo only works for some people so how can projectbrainsaver do all that it offers using voice? Ask Autonomy about their technology. I spoke to their Chief Architect, VP Steve Graff, at SpeechTEK Europe 2010. We walked through the core needs of a bit of kit like projectbrainsaver/TellyourPhone and we both reached the same conclusion I had years ago - It is more easily buildable now. So, who's going to get there first? A minor league player or one of the big boys?

Jun 3, 2011 10:51 AM Mark Aldiss Mark Aldiss  says: in response to Mark Aldiss

and now.....

it's 2011 - June the 4th. Tropo, Voxeo, iPhone Siri, FridayAlpha, so possible to add a voice capable interface that works.



I can show you how to build it - quickly

Use my powerful brain before it packs up


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