The (Social) Network Is the Consultant

Ann All

The list of industries irrevocably altered by the Internet grows longer every day: mass media, both editorial and advertising; mass retail; financial services; travel and leisure.


Looks like we can add research, specifically IT research, to the list. Research kings like Gartner, Forrester and IDC may never return to the lofty perches they occupied before the dot-com bust, according to this interesting CIOUpdate article.


That's because the Internet has offered up plenty of free and low-cost alternatives to high-priced market intelligence, ranging from influential power bloggers like Redmonk's James Governor to general searches refined by Google Adwords.


Companies disillusioned with analysts and consultants and what blogger Joel Spolsky calls their "meaningless metrics" are especially open to these alternatives.


So how are the big firms reacting to the trend the author of the CIOUpdate article rather unfortunately terms Research 2.0?


Some of them are morphing their traditional models to include healthier doses of the Internet. Burton Group, for example, hosts a site filled with blogs and podcasts. Forrester Research invites folks to nominate topics they'd like to see tackled in research studies online.

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