Some Workers Cling to Their Cubicles

Ann All

Following up on yesterday's blog about tech companies that are experimenting with cubicle-less office layouts, it turns out that a lot of workers sound less than excited about the concept. reports that results of a reader survey were running 3-to-1 in favor of workers who preferred cubicles over open layouts. Not only that, but some readers pointed out that such layouts could increase employee stress. One, a project management consultant, wrote:

I know people all over the place who are working in the new workplaces and they literally hate it. Their stress level is up 1,000 times. They no longer have a place to keep anything that belonged to them.

Indeed, the story referenced in our earlier blog hints at the problem of employees with no place to park their coffee mugs, Dilbert cartoons and family photos, noting that Cisco offers small storage lockers to workers who now sit at communal tables rather than at individual desks in cubicles.


While open layouts may be great for employees in certain job functions such as marketing and public relations, says the consultant, she doubts that engineers would welcome such an arrangement.


Still, some Silicon Valley workers wrote that they appreciate their cubicle-free workspaces. One, a Sun employee, finds it "truly liberating."

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