SOA to Impact Outsourcing, but How?

Ann All

Two of the perennially hottest topics in tech are service-oriented architecture and outsourcing.


So a ZDNet blog that examines how the two may impact each other caught our eye. In this post, the blogger contends that SOA adoption could drive an increase in outsourcing.


Why? Because staffers familiar with legacy mainframe apps can't spare the time to convert them to SOA. A key point, since some folks -- including, not surprisingly, IBM -- claim mainframes and SOA are a match made in IT heaven.


The blogger also posits that infrastructures based on SOA will lower the barrier of entry for outsourcing providers, thus multiplying their numbers, heightening competition and lowering prices -- all of which will lead to more outsourcing.


Interestingly enough, he includes a link to an earlier post, which makes the case that SOA will reduce demand for outsourcing because there will be less demand for coding and other types of software "grunt work" that are typically outsourced.


Vendor LogicLibrary also casts its vote for reduced outsourcing, because the reusable services that are such a key part of SOA will streamline the software development process. According to LogicLibrary, 60 percent of most IT projects will be comprised of such reusable assets.

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Jan 23, 2009 7:13 AM Outsourcing Guru Outsourcing Guru  says:
Outsourcing and SOA is somehow co-related with each other. SOA is somehow defined as a strategy or process which is I remark is relevant and useful to outsourcing success. Reply

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