SharePoint Is Shimmer Floor Wax of the Enterprise

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Microsoft's SharePoint is the Shimmer Floor Wax of the enterprise. Like Shimmer, which is a floor wax and a dessert topping, SharePoint seems to do it all.


Microsoft certainly seems to think so. As I wrote earlier this month, SharePoint has at least six "pillars" or functions, according to the company's marketing materials.


That can be a good thing and a bad thing. Because of its chameleon-like capabilities, SharePoint has become popular in a short amount of time. Sixty-two percent of CIOs surveyed by IDG said SharePoint was a critical component of their technology portfolio, according to CMS Wire.


How will they use SharePoint in the next year? CIOs cited business process management (63 percent), records management (40 percent), Web content management (35 percent) and application development (35 percent).


But SharePoint's growth has been largely unplanned, cautions IDG, which has created problems from both IT management and end user perspectives. The management problems: insufficient workflow processes (mentioned by 44 percent of CIOs), disorganized content (40 percent) and lack of cohesive site-creation strategy (38 percent). End user issues include difficulty searching across multiple SharePoint sites (43 percent) and duplicated document or record copies/multiple content versions (42 percent).


Concern over these issues led at least one organization topass on SharePoint. The director of IT for nonprofit Earthjustice was convinced SharePoint would result in a disorganized array of document silos. Outside consultants and/or internal training may be necessary to keep SharePoint from becoming needlessly complex, advised CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne late last year.


For those of you reading this in time, the CMS Wire piece includes a link to a Webinar called "Taking Back the Infrastructure: Why Optimizing SharePoint Is Critical for Today's Corporations." Scheduled for 2 p.m. Eastern time today, it'll feature a speaker from the Microsoft Solutions Group at Webinar sponsor Open Text. Open Text will also throw in a complementary white paper on the same topic.

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