SaaS Makes Sense for SMB E-Mail Archiving

Ann All

We all know e-mail security is important, since malware and lots of other bad stuff can enter a company through e-mail. But compliance is important too, as companies are increasingly expected to retain all e-mail communications to defend themselves in legal actions and to produce accurate financial statements.


SMBs are looking for e-mail solutions that combine storage, security and disaster recovery capabilities. Privately held e-mail services provider LiveOffice aims to offer that with a new product called Mail Archive. The company is ahead of big competitors like EMC and Symantec, which have yet to introduce e-mail archival services, although they are expected to do so soon, reports


Forrester Research analyst Jo Maitland expects Mail Archive and similar software-as-a-service offerings to appeal to SMBs due to their ease of use. The need for such solutions is fairly obvious, she says in the article:

SMB mailboxes are growing at a ridiculous rate. It can be difficult for small companies without Exchange experts to keep a handle on the growth, as well as back-end storage costs.

IT Business Edge's Carl Weinschenk agrees with Maitland that SaaS can be a great way for overextended companies to improve their security capabilities. He writes:

In general, SaaS provides companies with expertise that they lack. This has particularly strong potential in the security sector, where new threats and new approaches to thwarting those threats proliferate at a dizzying rate. It's hard for security pros to keep up, much less firms with undermanned and overworked IT departments -- or no IT department at all.

The e-mail archiving market is expected to swell from $1.7 billion today to $6.6 billion by 2012, according to the Radicati Group. Though three-quarters of current e-mail archiving products are on-premises solutions, the analyst company expects interest in SaaS to grow.

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Jun 17, 2008 4:06 AM James Blake James Blake  says:
I think your first couple of paragraphs hit the nail on the head - "We all know e-mail security is important...compliance is important too, as companies are increasingly expected to retain all e-mail communications to defend themselves in legal actions and to produce accurate financial statements."At Mimecast, we've been doing SaaS email archiving for several years now and are, in fact, the World's largest on-line archiver of email. The point you make is that email hygiene and compliance are important, but I would add an additional arm that is essential in organisations were email has become one of the most critical applications - continuity.Having a single platform that offers hygiene, continuity, retention and discovery offers an end-to-end email lifecycle management solution that has one important distinction from separating the functions - strong chains-of-custody.By using different vendors for each component - whether on premises, managed service or SaaS - leaves any email evidence in the archive open to question.This is why it is our belief that SaaS offers the best platform for SMBs to outsource their total email management, leaving them with piece of mind that they are protected from malware, that their email will always be available and that they are compliant. Reply
Jun 24, 2008 7:23 AM Don O'Neill Don O'Neill  says:
I work at a construction company, and this is something we are starting to take a serious look at. We not only need to monitor our employees' email, we are always concerned about litigation. We are currently looking into outsourcing archiving. I have been doing quite a bit of due dilligence, and am having trouble finding Mimecast in any Gartner or Forrester research. I find it difficult to believe Mimecast is the 'largest online email archiver in the world'. Sorry guys, you've lost all your credibility with this CIO. Reply
Jul 4, 2008 11:32 AM Nick Preuss Nick Preuss  says:
Don, don't loose faith in SaaS as an option for your email archiving needs. There are many excellent archiving services available out there.FuzeData works with 2 such companies to provide not only archiving but robust filtering to make sure Spam or other threats don't end up in the archives. Both firms are in full compliance with SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, etc and the services are available at low fixed monthly costs. Reply
Sep 4, 2008 7:53 AM Kris Oribabor Kris Oribabor  says:
I agree that SMB's are starting to feel the pain of email data storage as it grows. However SMB's should still have the option of choosing between Appliance, Software and SaaS based archiving. With ZOE.professional, Step-X offers all three variant to meet business needs and technical requirements of SMB's. Reply
Jan 8, 2009 6:02 AM Chris Chris  says:
I work for a UK company, which is a Google Enterprise Partner and Postini Gold Partner and a major "SAAS" provider. We are responsible for more than 40% of Google's Email Security and Archiving clients in the UK, Asia. We provide 24/7 support to all our global clients.Google Message Discovery (archiving) solution provides the following benefits:1) Unlimited storage and retention2) Eliminate PST files3) Archive inbound, internal and external emails for all users including roaming users4) Allow administrators or users to search for their specific archived emails5) Email Security is included6) Including other extra benefitsBasic Archiving and Retention Package Cost starting from 12,50 UK Pounds ($25 US) for 1 Year Archiving and Retention per user per year.Should you require more info or if you are interested, contact me on Reply

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