Outsourcing Is a Joke -- Literally -- in Indian Comic Strip

Ann All

Cultural differences, unforgiving time zones and management misunderstandings can make companies involved in outsourcing want to cry. But as with many difficulties in life, a better strategy is to laugh.


That thinking appears to be behind the creation of "Doubtsourcing," a new cartoon strip that "aims to be to the outsourcing world what 'Dilbert' has been to the U.S. cubicle set," according to the Los Angeles Times.


Its creator, serial entrepreneur Sandeep Sood, certainly has a sense of humor. He describes the strip as "a weekly (and weakly funny) comic about IT outsourcing." Based in Berkeley, Calif., Sood is the founder of a Web development company and an online animation studio. He also writes and speaks about global collaboration, having learned a thing or two in his multi-continent career.


While "Doubtsourcing" sometimes casts faceless U.S. executives in the role of a tough-to-please "pointy-haired boss," Indian workers aren't seen in a uniformly positive light. In one strip, an Indian sales rep who has over-promised on what her team can deliver is deaf to the pleas of her co-worker to re-negotiate the contract, worrying instead about where to spend her sales commission.


The strip was recently purchased for an undisclosed amount by an India-based media company that is owned by California venture capital firm Velocity Interactive Group. A Velocity partner thinks the strip will have broad appeal for what he calls "the Indian diaspora," folks with roots in India but who now live elsewhere.

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Apr 20, 2008 3:08 AM Sebastian Sebastian  says:
Working with indian people is a lottery, they are so many that if you are lucky you will get a good team, but most of the time..it is really a joke. Reply

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