Jaspersoft Adds Native Support for Multiple Big Data Systems

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Why the Hoopla over Hadoop?

Hadoop in nine easy to understand facts.

There is growing interest in Hadoop, the open source framework for processing and storing large amounts of data, particularly when used for business intelligence functions such as reporting. Yet Hadoop is hardly the only method of dealing with "Big Data" out there. My IT Business Edge colleague Loraine Lawson ran down some resources for tackling Big Data in November and discussed some of the key business reasons for using them.


One tidbit that caught my eye: Disney spent no more than $500,000 on a Big Data project it estimated could have cost up to $5 million using more traditional data management tools and technologies.


So it's not surprising that business intelligence provider Jaspersoft today released software to support a wide range of Big Data sources for BI reporting. As Jaspersoft VP of Product Strategy Karl Van den Bergh noted in a press release, BI vendors have focused on providing platform support for a relatively small subset of Big Data databases, those that feature a SQL interface like Hadoop's Hive project.


Jaspersoft now provides native support for what den Bergh calls "all three legs of the Big Data stool: Hadoop, NoSQL, and MPP (massively parallel processing) analytic databases." This kind of support allows organizations to use the native syntax and query language of their chosen Big Data system rather than moving data into a separate relational system to do reporting. Said den Bergh:

This gives our customers ultimate flexibility in terms of being able to report off of any Big Data system they might choose to use.

According to the release, Jaspersoft's native support works with:

  • Hadoop-Jaspersoft supports Hadoop via the Hive SQL interface, reading files via HDFS including the Avro file format, as well as via HBase.
  • NoSQL-Jaspersoft offers NoSQL support for Key Value Stores, Document Databases, BigTable Clones, Graph Databases and Data Grid Caching among other broadly recognized major categories of data stores. Its open source projects for reporting against NoSQL technologies include Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, HBase, CouchDB, Neo4J, Infinispan, VoltDB and Redis. And a non-open source connector is in beta for VMware GemFire.
  • MPP Analytic Database-Jaspersoft supports IBM's Netezza MPP analytic database data warehouse and soon will add commercial analysis support. It also supports Vertica and EMC Greenplum.

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