IT Has Higher-than-Average Pay Gap Between Sexes

Ann All

Earlier this year, IT Business Edge noted the European Union's uphill effort to get more women involved in IT. We cited a particularly sobering statistic: While women hold 51 percent of all professional positions, that figure falls to 26 percent in IT.


A perception that IT is mostly for geeks with limited social skills, and a dearth of women already in the field are among the challenges frequently mentioned in attracting more females to IT. Turns out money may have something to do with it as well.


According to a recent Perceptions of Equal Pay Survey, 53 percent of women in IT do not feel they are paid as much as their male counterparts. And according to an ITPro story about the survey, they are largely right. The average salary gap between men and women in IT is 21 percent, 4 percent higher than the 17 percent overall average.


Just last week, four former human-resources managers at Dell accused the company of gender and age discrimination, alleging it pays men higher wages for equal work and fails to fairly promote women to higher positions. They seek to include thousands of current and former employees in a class-action lawsuit.

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