IT By Another Name ...

Ann All

Despite all of the efforts to more closely align IT with the broader business, the two camps are not as close as many would like them to be.


We continue to hear a lot about how IT needs to talk to the business in terms it understands. (Less talk about throughout and uptime, more talk about making it quicker and easier to get things accomplished.)


So maybe Forrester Research CEO George Colony is on to something when he suggests changing the term "information technology" to "business technology."


We'll admit, we indulged in a little eye roll when we first read his editorial. But it's certainly not the first such suggestion that's been floated. We've also heard folks suggest using the term "customers" rather than "users" for enterprise consumers of technology, for instance.


We're not naive enough to think a name change alone is going to make IT and the business best buddies. But if it reminds IT to focus on solving business problems and addressing business needs, then maybe it's not such a bad idea.

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Oct 6, 2013 2:39 AM sanjana sanjana  says:
according to me the other name for information technology is "digitek "which means digital technology Reply

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