Is Outsourcing Driving Away Telecommuters?

Ann All

We recently read a column at The Examiner that at first glance appeared to be of the "blame outsourcing for U.S. employment woes" school.

Yet there is logic to the argument, which is based in large part on an e-mail from "David," whose job was outsourced to India. His contention: Despite the obvious benefits of telecommuting, it's a tough sell for employees who worry their jobs could be sent offshore. After all, if a job can be done by an employee from home, couldn't it be done by a worker in India or some other low-cost locale?

Intriguing argument - but not without flaws. Outsourcing can result in higher management costs and other unexpected snafus, which makes it an inappropriate solution for many jobs.

And local workers offer benefits that can't always be duplicated elsewhere, which may account for AT&T's decision to bring some of its customer support positions back to the U.S.

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Oct 7, 2006 6:58 AM MB MB  says:
Interesting...though one must acknowledge that outsourcing, nearshoring and local-shoring will continue to co-exist. Reply

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