Is 2.0 out of Control?

Ann All

Just about every tech vendor is trying to jump on the 2.0 bandwagon -- whether or not their products have much to do with Web 2.0. It's a good thing for them that the concept remains nebulous enough to exploit in this way.


Thus, we have BI 2.0, BPM 2.0 and SOA 2.0, among others. If vendors aren't careful, the result will be folks who are tired of 2.0 before it ever really catches on. Check out the title of a recent B Eye Network article: How Many 2.0s Do We Need?


A recent InformationWeek survey shows that a number of traditional business bugaboos, including concerns over security and ROI, are hampering acceptance of 2.0 technologies in the workplace.


Perhaps the biggest challenge, however, is the lack of a cohesive 2.0 strategy, which serves to confuse users, stall adoption and make 2.0 technologies tough to manage. How helpful is it, the InformationWeek article asks at one point, to replace overstuffed e-mail inboxes with a confusing jumble of wikis, blogs and RSS feeds?

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