Indian Workers Find Prosperity Can Bring Some Pain

Ann All

India's outsourcing industry has improved the financial status of its workers -- so much so that research firm Technology Forecasters predicts a steep rise in spending on consumer goods like TVs and refrigerators. Young Indians' love of gadgetry -- and increasing ability to buy it -- is driving investment in the country by such companies as Dell, Samsung and Nokia.


But most silver linings have a cloud -- and this newfound affluence is no exception. The Guardian reports that heavy workloads, night shifts and the sedentary habits of folks like computer programmers are leading to an increase in Western-style complaints such as stress and depression, as well as health problems like diabetes and heart disease.


"In Bangalore the psychiatrists say their Saturdays are reserved for marriage counseling for the IT sector," an Infosys Technologies director tells the Guardian. While Infosys has a program promoting work-life balance, the article says that most Indian companies do not.

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Oct 1, 2007 2:34 AM subramanian subramanian  says:
Interesting that we have woken up to the negatives associated to perceived affluence. The problem with the IT/IETS/BPO industry is that suddenly those who never dreamt of even getting a job, find big money and lose their sense of balance in seeing themselves as human beings first and the benefactors of new found affluence, subsequently. Along with the new found money, the younger generation's aspirations, status symbols, human values, sense of restraint, societal relationships, consideration for fellow human beings .... have taken a beating. Many get psychologically isolated at work place, home, family and society... leading to an identity crisis Reply
Oct 2, 2007 12:48 PM Mahalingam Mahalingam  says:
This is because the race is between the machine power and the manpower. Since the machines can execute the instructions very fast, the mankind also want to do their work very fast and can reap the rewards( money) in less time. So the mankind is trapped in the global technology , aspiring to fulfill the needs( which is growing for ever) , forgetting the human values, family concepts. The responsibility lies in the hands of big companies to give a balanced life allocating the time to spend for their work and for their family.1. They can employ more persons .2. They can train new staffs.3. Identifying the persons in the company to distribute the works. Reply

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