Georgia Outsourcing Government IT

Ann All

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue blasted his state's performance in announcing his decision to consolidate the 11 agencies that account for the bulk of the state's tech spending, creating a Georgia Technology Authority that will evaluate bids from private contractors to provide IT services.


"I believe we need to stop paying for what I have determined to be inefficient and ineffective technology," says Perdue in an story.


Together, the 11 agencies spend some $617 million annually on IT.


The move will affect 1,100 state jobs. The director of the technology authority tells that about 500 of the workers will transfer to the companies selected to provide services. Some 200 employees will be laid off, while many of the remaining workers are eligible for retirement.


Perdue killed a similar proposal by his predecessor, Roy Barnes, that would have consolidated all of the state's telecommunications services and moved the work to private contractors. Unlike Perdue's plan, the $1.8 billion deal would have awarded a contract to a single vendor rather than multiple companies. Perdue described Barnes' proposal as "a solution looking for a problem."


Perdue says the bidding process may include offshore firms, a rare occurrence in public sector outsourcing. Perhaps one of the bidders will be India's Wipro, which is close to announcing the location for a planned software development facility in metro Atlanta that is expected to employ up to 1,000 people.


Research firm Input earlier this year predicted that cost pressures and large numbers of retiring workers would lead more state and local government agencies to consider outsourcing. That market will reach $20 billion in 2011, up from about $12 billion in 2006, says Input.

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Jun 23, 2008 10:33 AM Bruce Bruce  says:
We all must grovel at the feet of our beloved Gov. Sonny Perdue for making sure that Georgia goes to the bottom of the barrel for its IT support. Using outsourced companies to handle IT for the State is a flawed idea at best. And 200 people will loose their jobs in our wonderful Republican sponsored economy, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. You people need to wake up and realize that our once powerful nation is now a debtor nation that owes more money to China than we can possibly pay back in a lifetime. The reason gas is so high is because the dollar is on the brink of failure due to the failed policies of the Republicanism since Ronald Reagan. Welcome to the miracle of trickle down economics! Reply

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