Gartner: Indian Companies Must Look Offshore to Fill IT Needs

Ann All

In a bit of turnabout is fair play, Gartner is advising CIOs of Indian companies to look offshore for IT talent.


While the domestic market in India is growing by leaps and bounds, with IT budgets at Indian companies nearly six times higher than those in many other areas of the world, Gartner says that Indian service providers still reserve their top talent for the U.S. and other markets. And such talent is getting harder to find.


Just as their North American counterparts look to India for IT talent, Indian firms are looking to countries like Singapore and Hong Kong to fill their IT needs, says a Gartner analyst. Indeed, India's embassy recently outsourced its visa collection and delivery services to an American company.


Gartner advises Indian companies to consider utilizing Tier-2 and Tier-3 Indian service providers as well as service providers in other countries, and also encourages them to beef up their training and recruitment efforts.

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Jun 18, 2007 11:40 AM Prasaad Gadkari Prasaad Gadkari  says:
HiI like the view point. There is no harm in Indian companies scouting for talent abroad. The dollar becoming weak should help the Indian companies get better deals overseas. The worst part that has happened is the loss of training institutes that shut down after the dot com bubble. Nobody understood that the need for training is continuous. The result is hard to find talent. Reply

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