Fewer Than Half of SMBs Have E-Mail Archiving System

Ann All

Back in June I wrote about a new software-as-a-service offering that seemed to be a perfect fit for SMBs: an e-mail archiving product called Mail Archive.


Well, at least it would be if more SMBs were more interested in e-mail archiving. An eMediaUSA survey indicates 53 percent of U.S. SMBs have not implemented an e-mail archiving system. Of those with a system, 35 percent ask users to maintain their own archives.


The reasons offered for not having an e-mail archiving system: company too small to need one, mentioned by 26 percent of respondents; no budget (26 percent); e-mails stored on the mail server (23 percent); and not affected by compliance regulations (21 percent).


There's a bit of a disconnect, however, since 40 percent of respondents do not consider themselves sufficiently informed of compliance and e-mail archiving issues. Says David Vella, director of product management at survey sponsor GFI Software:

For businesses around the world, e-mail has become the primary means of communication with people inside and outside of the organization. Yet businesses fail to realize that each e-mail communication sent or received is probably the only record they have of important transactions with a customer or between members of staff. ... E-mail contains the bulk of the information that individuals use on a daily basis, therefore, the amount of corporate knowledge stored in e-mail is enough to justify its safekeeping over long periods of time.

(GFI has an obvious interest in the topic since, you guessed it, the company sells archiving software.)

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Jan 9, 2009 5:55 AM Miles Technologies Miles Technologies  says:
It is surprising that a significant number of businesses are not realizing the importance of compliance and archival issues. Every business, regardless of size or industry, should be recording their business correspondences through email archival. Reply
Jan 21, 2009 9:11 AM MessageBunker MessageBunker  says:
It is indeed interesting to note the lack of importance placed upon email arching by a significant number of businesses - the key driver may well be the increasing tide of data and business governance legislation - but many are also missing the key point - it's amazingly useful!I use our MessageBunker service for business, as well as home email - not only do I have peace of mind knowing that if a hard disk failed I'd still have access to all my email - but I can also find important emails and attachments fast when I need them.Iain Reply

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