Don't Forget: Service Desk There to Serve Customers

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Your 2011 IT Service Desk Resolutions

Resolve to make your IT service desk the best it can be in 2011.

When I attended the itSMF Fusion conference in my hometown of Louisville, Ky., earlier this year, I was impressed by a presentation given by Tom Pierce, an IT Infrastructure Library expert with 23 years of IT experience, in which he spoke about the importance of linking ITIL with good customer service.


Yes, I know this sounds like a no-brainer. What is ITIL about if not delivering better customer service? Yet, too often, IT folks become involved in improving their service processes without considering the people actually impacted by them. Pierce likened some IT organizations to restaurant owners who might begin creating plans for how to replace a stove or other equipment if it fails before they focus on attracting customers and building relationships with them.


Most of the tips conveyed by Pierce boiled down to IT communicating early and often with users. That theme is also emphasized in a slideshow called Your 2011 IT Service Desk Resolutions, provided by Bomgar, a provider of remote support solutions. All 10 resolutions are good, but I think they could all broadly fit under No. 8: Treat your users as humans and not tickets.


Performance of the service desk is especially important, wrote IT Business Edge's Mike Vizard last week, because it colors the overall perception of the entire IT department. As he put it:

An IT manager could be running a data center that is the envy of the world, but if the IT service desk is found wanting by the end users, then the entire IT department must stink from top to bottom. This is why so much of managing IT is about managing perceptions as much as it is the technology itself.

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Dec 22, 2010 6:15 AM Jeff Yablon Jeff Yablon  says:

Thank you. You're right on, of course.

We feel so strongly about the importance of customer service that we've recently started posting about it . . . almost too much. And also begun TheAnswer Guy's Customer Service Wall of Shame.

This stuff matters, folks. No service? No Business.


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