Can Pulse Appeal to Those Suffering from Social Network Exhaustion?

Ann All

So will Pulse, the new social networking site from Plaxo -- known primarily for its e-mail contact management service -- be the end-all-be-all of social nets? Or just another entry in a long and increasingly confusing list? Discuss.


CNET's description of Pulse as "a lot like Pownce" points to the sense of exhaustion we (and perhaps some others) are beginning to feel with the proliferation of these sites.


More at home with "average" technology users than with the cognoscenti, we are just getting hip to Facebook. Based on its Web site, Pownce still appears to be in the"invitation only" stage. One blogger doesn't edify us much with his description of Pownce as "a mishmash of existing services (Twitter, chat, file sharing) that has only attracted attention because its founder was behind Digg."


We can, however, appreciate the Pulse features being touted by CNET and other observers, notably Robert Scoble. Chief among them: Folks can export their Pulse data to pretty much anywhere they'd like, and they can pick and choose which content can be viewed by certain subsets of other folks -- "one group that sees your drunken college frat photos and another group that sees you making presentations to your board of directors," as Scoble puts it.


That could go a long way toward relieving some of those inherent "uh-oh" moments we all suffer by using the same communication tools for work and for play.

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Aug 13, 2007 6:04 AM NakedBiff NakedBiff  says:
I think that Plaxo has some good features - especially avoiding "uh-oh moments"!I've been using Facebook for a while now, but am receiving more and more invitations from people everyday as people start picking it up. This uptake may be through word of mouth, or exposure of the tool but either way - it takes a while. So it may be a while before these new users get exhausted. One thing that may speed this up is evacuation. This is happening on Myspace...I visit less because there are less conversations - a lot of people have left it for Facebook and not turned back.Where will people evacuate to though? Plaxo merely offers the solution to the most recently discovered problem. It would be easy to jump ship - but what if Pulse has problems? If people are going to move their network a second, third, fourth or fifth time it is this next time (post-Facebook) that will count and be more permanent.~biff~ Reply

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