Can Apple Show SMBs It Isn't Just for Fanboys?

Ann All

As I gaze at the "tech porn" pics of the new ultralight laptop that Steve Jobs unveiled today at Macworld, I find myself feeling just a wee bit jealous of the Apple faithful that camped out near San Francisco's Moscone Center to be among the first to hear about it and all of the other new Apple stuff.


But darn it, I have a family and a job, and all of my black duds are in the laundry. So no ooh-ing and aah-ing over the diminutive dimensions of the MacBook Air for me.


The closest I will come is a post about what Apple should do to expand its appeal beyond the "cool kids" and into the business world. The SMB appears to be the logical entry point for Apple, as I've blogged before.


John C. Welch, the Apple evangelist I cited in my earlier blog, lists 11 suggestions for Apple in this InformationWeek article. His advice boils down to three key points: licensing, documentation and integration.


Welch flirts with heresy by suggesting that the best way for Apple to win business clients is by emulating a number of Microsoft practices. For instance, he writes, Apple should offer "an Apple version of Technet, which is a fantastic, IT/support-focused resource for people using Microsoft products." Of course, not everyone will agree that Apple should borrow any pages from Microsoft's playbook.


Some Apple fanboys weigh in with their comments following the article. My favorite:

It needs to start advertising, buy journalists, and start producing lousy products -- that is the secret to Microsoft's success.

Ooh, snap.

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