Bad Manners, Blogging and H-1B Visas

Ann All

While the Internet is loaded with lots of good information, there is plenty of misinformation as well -- especially when it comes to controversial topics.


The H-1B visa issue is no exception. According to a recent story in the Times of India, Indian bloggers are now working to tweak Google search results for the term "H-1B official website" so that the results do not prominently feature "the official website of the emigration party of Nevada." As an example of the intelligent discourse therein, the site asks whether its readers "are sick and tired of seeing your country turned into a Third World sewer by immigration?"


The Times story, dated April 11, indicates that the emigration party of Nevada's site appeared first on the list of results. While the bloggers' efforts are helping, it apparently isn't easy to move the Google mountain; the site was bumped down to fifth in the results as of this morning.


This site seems to us to offer a perfect example of the imprecise nature of search engine results, as well as theincivility that pervades much of the Internet.


Will efforts to create a semantic Web help? That remains to be seen. In the meantime, just remember that Web surfing can get rough and most folks have an agenda -- be it political, financial or other.

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Apr 28, 2007 9:53 AM JFR JFR  says:
This is an extremely serious national security issue. Our means of development, testing, production and deployment into the American marketplace should not be left in foreign national's hands. This topic should be sent to every Senator and Congressman you know and let them know that as of this day that you are starting a survey of their voting record that will be posted in their district. Let them know that the American worker deserves to know if they are passing legislation that will eliminate their jobs and be given to a foreign national. Let them know that you are also keeping an eye on political contributions , PAC money etc. that is used to purchase influence among our elected officials to see if they truly are working for the good of the American people or are just out for themselves. Reply

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