Another Reason Internal Networking Is Important for CIOs

Ann All
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Seven Major CEO Concerns CIOs Should Address

Understand the concerns of CEOs and the implications they may have on IT.

Earlier this year, I wrote about why it's a good idea for CIOs to befriend their CFOs. It's generally easier for CIOs that have a good working relationship with their CFOs to illustrate the value technology can bring to a company. CFOs convinced of IT's value are less likely to make big budget cuts there and will generally be more receptive to considering new IT investments.


There's another reason to befriend the CFO, and it's one that's included in our slideshow about seven major CEO concerns CIOs should address, which is based upon the insights of Gartner Fellow Mark Raskino.


As Raskino points out, CIOs should "identify the people around them most likely to rise to the top job and take time to help them in the late stages of their professional development." It's timely advice since, he notes, Gartner analysts expect to see a rise in CEO turnover over the next 18 months as boards of directors embark on new, post-recession, strategy directions.


Raskino encourages CIOs to "teach, mentor, advise, persuade, support, nurture and generally cultivate the next business leader you hope to be working for."


Though it's a far-from-common career path, some CIOs might have what it takes to become CEOs themselves. Among the important skill sets for those who'd like to make this leap: a willingness to tackle challenging projects, an appreciation for financials and strong communications skills, especially the ability to discuss technology in business terms. A number of CIOs whom I've interviewed over the past year have degrees in both business and technology, which certainly can't hurt.

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