Growing Diversity of Cloud Storage Solutions

26 Apr, 2017

It’s important to note that storing data is only part of the equation. Enterprises will also need increasingly sophisticated means of locating, transferring and sharing all of this information.

Xerox Brings ECM to SMBs via Cloud Service

24 Apr, 2017

Xerox has unfurled a cloud-based ECM service aimed squarely at small-to-medium (SMB) organizations.

To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? Is That the Right Cloud Question?

24 Apr, 2017

Pure-cloud advocates say hybrids are merely a marketing ploy by vendors looking to preserve their legacy platforms, while hybrid supporters say they are simply meeting the demands of the enterprise community.

Quantum Simplifies Management of Large Data Sets

21 Apr, 2017

StorNext6 enables IT to employ FlexSync replication to more intelligently move data between on-premise IT environments using any type of storage medium and cloud computing environments without having to deploy dedicated cloud gateways.

Is the Cloud the Best Place for Analytics?

21 Apr, 2017

As with any tool in the toolbox, the value of analytics is not based on how well it’s made, but how well it’s used.

Unified Communications’ Cloud Migration Continues

18 Apr, 2017

UC is inherently complicated and a bit counter-intuitive because it’s in essence a clever repackaging (with some expansion) of existing functionality. The migration to the cloud that has been ongoing for several years makes it even more difficult to understand.

The Edge, or an Entirely New Form of IT?

17 Apr, 2017

In many ways, the IoT edge will incorporate some of the most challenging data infrastructure and architecture to date.

Business Leaders See Encryption as Security Layer for Data in the Cloud

17 Apr, 2017

Organizations are slowly making strides when it comes to encryption, but as a cybersecurity tool, it is lagging in its adoption.

Containers Pushing the Enterprise Toward Cloud-Native Services

11 Apr, 2017

Containers have the potential to overcome their issues, provided the key platform providers don’t get greedy and try to lock users into proprietary schemes. At the moment, the ball is rolling toward greater openness and interoperability.

Fortinet Extends Cloud Security Reach

11 Apr, 2017

Fortinet has made its software available on demand via the Microsoft Azure cloud in addition to improving the way its software automatically scales on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

The New Cloud and the Old Data Center

05 Apr, 2017

As the enterprise becomes more comfortable pushing workloads onto third-party infrastructure, reliance on traditional vendors will help ensure that the transition will maintain some semblance of familiarity on an operational level.

Xerox Hooks Printers Up to the Cloud

30 Mar, 2017

As part of a launch of 29 printers and multi-function devices aimed at SMBs, Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson says the company is now focused on helping organizations innovate across a spectrum of business processes involving various types of documents.

After 10 Years of Writing About Cloud Security, Concerns Haven’t Changed Much

30 Mar, 2017

Some things haven’t changed much in a decade. The greatest concern in adopting cloud computing remains the security of the data, with 57 percent worried about data loss and 49 percent worried about data privacy.

Oracle Eliminates Cloud Access Taxes

29 Mar, 2017

Oracle is not only eliminating a bottleneck, but also allowing IT organizations to share data across a hybrid cloud without incurring additional licensing fees.

For Cutting Edge IT, You’ll Need the Cloud

24 Mar, 2017

While the enterprise struggles to deploy Flash technology and even basic server virtualization in the data center, the cloud is already pushing forward with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

IBM Locks Down VMware on Public Clouds

24 Mar, 2017

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization makes use of Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) on x86 servers to lock down a VMware virtual machine.

Domo Extends Reach of Cloud Analytics Service

24 Mar, 2017

With Domo Everywhere, organizations can white label the Domo Business Cloud service or choose to embed analytics created using Dome directly within their own applications.

Hybrid Clouds: The New Enterprise Normal

22 Mar, 2017

In all likelihood, the enterprise will employ multiple hybrid models in order to provide optimal application support. This will require a fair bit of coordination on the management stack.

The IBM Cloud: CEO Ginni Rometty’s InterConnect 2017 Keynote

21 Mar, 2017

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty began and ended with a focus on the customer, letting the customer help her conclude the talk so the words were an IBM translation of what the customer wants but native from the customer.

Adobe Extends Workflow Reach via the Cloud

21 Mar, 2017

Adobe expanded the Adobe Sensei machine learning framework it makes available via Adobe Cloud, along with several other additions.

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