For Cutting Edge IT, You’ll Need the Cloud

24 Mar, 2017

While the enterprise struggles to deploy Flash technology and even basic server virtualization in the data center, the cloud is already pushing forward with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

IBM Locks Down VMware on Public Clouds

24 Mar, 2017

IBM Cloud Secure Virtualization makes use of Intel Trusted Execution Technology (TXT) on x86 servers to lock down a VMware virtual machine.

Domo Extends Reach of Cloud Analytics Service

24 Mar, 2017

With Domo Everywhere, organizations can white label the Domo Business Cloud service or choose to embed analytics created using Dome directly within their own applications.

Hybrid Clouds: The New Enterprise Normal

22 Mar, 2017

In all likelihood, the enterprise will employ multiple hybrid models in order to provide optimal application support. This will require a fair bit of coordination on the management stack.

The IBM Cloud: CEO Ginni Rometty’s InterConnect 2017 Keynote

21 Mar, 2017

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty began and ended with a focus on the customer, letting the customer help her conclude the talk so the words were an IBM translation of what the customer wants but native from the customer.

Adobe Extends Workflow Reach via the Cloud

21 Mar, 2017

Adobe expanded the Adobe Sensei machine learning framework it makes available via Adobe Cloud, along with several other additions.

IBM Extends Cloud Reach Across Range of Emerging Technologies

20 Mar, 2017

IBM unfurled a slew of cloud services intended to help enterprise IT organizations take advantage of a wide variety of emerging technologies, including a blockchain platform.

Dell Boomi Acquires ManyWho to Advance Integration

20 Mar, 2017

Dell Boomi CEO Chris McNabb says the acquisition of ManyWho makes it possible for Dell Boomi to extend the reach of its cloud integration service all the way out to sophisticated end users via an HTML5-based workflow engine.

IT Automation: Where, When and How?

17 Mar, 2017

As demand for faster, better and more personalized data experience mounts, the less time spent managing infrastructure and the more time spent optimizing performance, the better.

Barracuda Networks Expands Cloud Services Reach

16 Mar, 2017

Barracuda Backup LiveBoot 2.0 adds support for Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines to a capability that enables IT to spin up virtual machines on a Barracuda cloud in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack.

Will Only the Strong Survive in the Cloud?

14 Mar, 2017

It’s been said that, willingly or not, the enterprise will not employ the cloud, but many clouds. This may be true on a functional level, but from an operations perspective, it’s important to maintain continuity across cloud infrastructure.

NGINX Bolsters Load Balancing Software

14 Mar, 2017

NGINX updated NGINX Plus, the commercially supported version of open source load balancing software that is widely used inside and out of public cloud computing environments.

On the Verge of the All-Cloud Enterprise

13 Mar, 2017

The enterprise that remains steeped in silo-based physical or even virtual infrastructure will soon find itself out-hustled in the new economy.

Google Expands Enterprise Cloud Service Footprint

10 Mar, 2017

Google is shoring up its case for being viewed as a major public cloud service provider (CSP) via updates designed to make Google Cloud Platform (GCP) more broadly applicable to enterprise IT.

Teradata Expands Data Management Ambitions

09 Mar, 2017

For now, Teradata is going to limit its Teradata IntelliCloud services to AWS, Azure and the instances of Teradata IntelliCloud it already hosts on VMware platforms.

Composable Infrastructure and the Hybrid Cloud

07 Mar, 2017

Today’s big-platform, silo-based data infrastructure will be replaced by streamlined, integrated hardware appliances supporting a range of software-defined hybrid data architectures.

Look Before You Leap into Serverless Computing

01 Mar, 2017

Most organizations should be familiar with the concept of serverless computing. Workloads are, in fact, hosted on a server, it’s just that the cloud provider takes full responsibility for provisioning and managing those resources.

SAP Opens PaaS Environment

28 Feb, 2017

In addition to rebranding its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environment as the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP announced that it has developed a graphical SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service.

Cloudbleed Catches Security World Unaware

27 Feb, 2017

We don’t know how long this has been going on, how companies are reacting, or exactly what may be out there. We’ll be hearing about Cloudbleed a lot as we move through 2017.

Nimble Storage Defines Alternative Approach to Hybrid Clouds

27 Feb, 2017

Most IT organizations think of hybrid clouds within the context of multiple server platforms linked together to support a single application. The definition being applied by Nimble Storage is a more storage-centric approach.

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