Leadership Lessons for IT Professionals from an Iraq War Hero

A war hero shares insight that can only arise from those who have overcome unfathomable obstacles. More >

10 iOS Brainstorming Apps to Organize Your Ideas

With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile apps and devices, users can now have a nearly limitless canvas to scratch out and rearrange ideas. More >

How Remote Workforce Collaboration and Productivity Are Improving

Advancements in technology have made for a more flexible and virtual workforce, allowing employees to work from home while remaining collaborative and productive. More >

How Do You Know a CEO Candidate Is a Poor Choice?

The one skill you can’t supplement or mentor effectively is leadership. That is the one absolute requirement of a CEO. Folks in the company have to want to follow them. More >

What If the Lack of Women in Tech Isn’t the Problem that Needs Fixing?

Analyst Rob Enderle says we must make the technology industry more attractive to women as a career path than it currently is. If we do, most of the related symptoms, like salary disparity, will self-correct over time. More >

Seven Interviewing Tips to Identify Entrepreneurism in Job Candidates

Entrepreneurial spirit is indicative of self-confidence, adaptability, and devotion to an end goal. More >

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Leadership Lessons for IT Professionals from an Iraq War Hero

A war hero shares insight that can only arise from those who have overcome unfathomable obstacles.

More >

ReviveAds Tool Blocks Ad Blockers

For a cut of the digital publisher’s advertising revenue, ReviveAds will install a script on the publisher’s site that blocks the blockers.

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Where Digital Transformation, Leadership Intersect

The one thing companies most frequently get wrong when undertaking a digital transformation has to do with leadership.

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Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies to Watch in 2016

Cybersecurity Ventures recently announced their Q2 2016 Cybersecurity 500, a directory of the 500 hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies to watch this year.

LinkedIn Open Sources Distributed Object Storage Software

LinkedIn developed Ambry because it could not find a storage solution that addressed horizontal scalability, availability and active-active data center configurations.

5 Data Warehouse Design Mistakes to Avoid

If you are designing a data warehouse, you need to map out all the areas where there is a potential for your project to fail, before you begin.

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10 Hot New Tech Gadgets

Security Staffing

Check out some of these great finds, including unlimited external storage for iOS devices, laptops and desktops; a Bluetooth-enabled, interactive speaker, earbuds, a versatile 2-in-1 tablet; and charging options for mobile devices.

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Citrix Bolsters Workspace-as-a-Service Strategy

Brocade Moves to Automate Network Management

IT Vendors and the Uber Effect

Is HPE Done? CSC Deal Another Nail in the Coffin


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