Windows 7 Compatibility Gains

Michael Vizard

One of the issues that hold IT organizations back from upgrading to any major new operating system is application compatibility. From hard-won experience, they know that there is probably going to be some issue with compatibility. What's unknown is to what degree they will experience this problem.

The good news is that a recent survey from ChangeBASE AOK suggests that the issue of application compatibility might be relatively minor in the case of Windows 7, which will be a welcome relief compared to what most IT organizations experienced when they tested Windows Vista.

ChangeBASE AOK, which makes tools that help automate the process of making an application compatible with a new operating system such as Windows 7, conducted more than 20 application compatibility assessments related to Windows 7. It found that about 35 percent are ready, while another 60 percent needed some relatively minor adjustments. Only 5 percent were truly problematic.

This level of application compatibility appears to be translating into more confidence in Windows 7. Roughly 40 percent of the customers that ChangeBASE AOK talked to plan to upgrade to Windows 7 within the next year. Of course, upgrading without conducting your own tests would be foolhardy. After all, the ChangeBASE survey results are far from scientific.

But they do indicate a high level of application compatibility for Windows 7. And while we wait for software vendors to deliver applications that take full advantage of Windows 7, the ChangeBASE AOK survey does provide IT organizations with a measure of comfort as they prepare to take on the biggest systems migration that any of them have attempted in the better part of a decade.

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