Text Analytics Rises

Michael Vizard

We all know there is potentially valuable information wrapped up in any number of applications in the enterprise. The problem is that most of it is in an unstructured form, which makes it difficult to analyze.Increasingly, however, IT organizations are finding way to unlock that information thanks to deployment of text analytics databases. While the information has to be loaded into the database, the patterns that start to emerge from that data can be extremely valuable.

Clarabridge, a maker of a text analytics software, says the rise of social networks has created a potential treasure trove of information that might have strategic value to the business. Clarabridge CEO Sid Banerjee says more IT organizations are turning to text analytics to discover patterns and trends in the same way the business intelligence applications are used to analyze structured data.

Today, Clarabridge announced that it has signed up as a customer Wendy's International, which intends to use the Clarabridge software to help analyze about 500,000 customer comments a year that come in via e-mail, social networks and surveys.

The next challenge, adds Banerjee, is to make the capability available in a way that allows end users to analyze that information using a self-service model that doesn't require a whole lot of direct support from IT. To that end, the Clarabridge text analytics platform uses a natural language engine to help customers mine information more efficiently.

The biggest information challenge facing most customers is not discovering new information, but rather what's in the information they already have. As businesses become more savy about the potential information they already have, text analytics is increasingly going to take its place alongside the growing arsenal of data management tools.

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