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HPE and SGI Collaborate on Eight-Socket x86 Server

09 Feb, 2016

With the rise of in-memory computing, eight-socket x86 servers are now one of the fastest growing classes of infrastructure technologies in the data center. ...More >

Talend Unveils Open Source Data Cleansing Tool

09 Feb, 2016

Talend offers a way for end users to cleanse data themselves and quickly turn it into informed business actions. ...More >

CoreOS Delivers Production-Ready Version of rkt Container

08 Feb, 2016

There is now enough critical mass surrounding rkt to guarantee there will be a credible alternative to Docker containers for some time to come. ...More >

HDS Rolls Out Compute and Storage Appliances

08 Feb, 2016

Servers and storage systems inside data centers are being turned into appliances that can be deployed in a matter of minutes. ...More >

Druva Employs AWS to Provide Backup and Recovery for VMware

05 Feb, 2016

Druva Phoenix provides the ability to keep applications running without any interruption to the business until the IT organization can move data back on premise. ...More >

Deep Information Sciences Unveils In-Memory Database for MySQL Apps

04 Feb, 2016

Chad Jones, chief strategy officer for Deep Information Sciences, says deepSQL gives IT organizations that have invested in MySQL an upgrade path. ...More >

IBM Extends Database and Analytics Cloud Services

04 Feb, 2016

IBM is making it clear the open source database technologies are its primary priority as far as Bluemix services are concerned. ...More >

PatternEx Applies Artificial Intelligence to IT Security

03 Feb, 2016

AI may not solve every IT security issue. But it can go a long way to helping IT organizations address IT security issues at scale. ...More >

Parallels Simplifies Remote Delivery of Desktop Applications

03 Feb, 2016

The launch of version 15 of the Parallels Remote Application Server addresses many of the reasons enterprises have been reluctant to adopt desktop virtualization.  ...More >

Cisco Bolsters SAN Portfolio

02 Feb, 2016

Cisco adds innovations to its Cisco MDS, UCS and Nexus portfolios. ...More >

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