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Adobe Embraces Open Electronic Signature Specification

22 Feb, 2017

As e-signatures become widely employed, governing bodies are pushing for an open standard to make it simpler for an electronic signature to move through a process spanning apps from multiple vendors. ...More >

Veritas Partners with Microsoft on Data Management in the Cloud

22 Feb, 2017

Alex Sakaguchi, director of solutions marketing for Veritas, says the company is committed to extending the reach of its software across as many relevant clouds as possible. ...More >

Informatica Expands Push in Data Governance

22 Feb, 2017

The Informatica Axon offering marks the first time Informatica will provide applications specifically designed for IT professionals tasked with being the stewards of data governance within their organizations. ...More >

Intel Makes Case for Turnkey IoT Appliances

21 Feb, 2017

Intel aims to accelerate IoT adoption by making it affordable for organizations to deploy a turnkey endpoint with built-in sensor and networking technologies. ...More >

Cisco Advances Network Virtualization

21 Feb, 2017

Additions to the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) are the latest in a Cisco effort to unify the management of networks across branch offices, campus networks and the data center. ...More >

Instart Logic Drives CDN Pricing as Low as One Cent per GB

17 Feb, 2017

As mobile computing devices become the dominant means through which end users interact with web content, many organizations are more dependent than ever on content delivery networks (CDNs). ...More >

Couchbase Extends Data Reach of Document Database

17 Feb, 2017

As document databases mature, it’s becoming apparent that IT needs to manifest all kinds of data large and small via systems of engagement that often are the foundation of a digital business strategy. ...More >

Syncsort Aims to Drain the Big Data Swamp

16 Feb, 2017

It’s not enough to simply dump data into a central repository. An IT organization needs to be able to build a pipeline for managing the flow of data into and out of the lake. ...More >

Dell EMC Lays HCI Foundation for Hybrid Clouds

16 Feb, 2017

More IT organizations, says Dell EMC, are concluding that integrating infrastructure on their own is too complex when the amount of IT infrastructure that needs to be integrated is becoming overwhelming. ...More >

IBM to Apply Machine Learning Algorithms to Local Data

15 Feb, 2017

IBM is pledging to give customers the ability to apply machine learning algorithms to data without requiring them to move data from their local data center into the cloud. ...More >

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