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Riverbed Fosters IT Management Collaboration

30 Nov, 2015

As IT environments become more complex, it’s clear that far too many organizations are spending more time trying to figure out what a problem may be rather than fixing it. ...More >

IBM Turns Authentication into a Cloud Service that Protects Privacy

30 Nov, 2015

Making Identity Mixer as a service that developers can invoke via an application programming interface (API) should considerably reduce the amount of inherent risk that organizations face when conducting transactions on the Web. ...More >

PubNub Uses Microservices to Embed Business Logic in Network

25 Nov, 2015

PubNub CEO Todd Greene says IoT apps in particular will require the ability to embed business logic in the network to overcome the inherent latency issues associated with deploying what amounts to distributed apps at scale. ...More >

3scale Provides Visibility into API Consumption

24 Nov, 2015

3scale CEO Steve Willmott says the company is making available a dashboard designed to give business execs insight into, for example, the number of daily and total API hits or calls to the API over 30 days compared to the previous 30 days. ...More >

IBM Machine Learning Algorithm Generator Becomes Open Source Apache Project

24 Nov, 2015

The IT industry itself is on the cusp of an application Renaissance that will transform the way just about every application functions. ...More >

Mirantis Drives Simplification of OpenStack Deployments

23 Nov, 2015

Given the current lack of maturity of OpenStack, most IT organizations are deploying OpenStack in parallel with existing commercial management frameworks. ...More >

Internet of Things Standards Bodies Merge

23 Nov, 2015

A world of difference exists between simply connecting a device to the Internet and actually creating a programmable framework through which all those devices can be commonly addressed. To accomplish that requires IoT standards. ...More >

EMC Looks to Blur Data Storage Line in Age of the Cloud

20 Nov, 2015

IT organizations are asking vendors for ways to break down the walls that currently separate various storage systems, and the cloud services that they increasingly rely on. ...More >

Pure Storage Weaves 3D TLC NAND Flash Memory into Storage Mix

19 Nov, 2015

While it may not be clear yet just how much primary storage will be moving into Flash arrays, at a cost of $1.50 per gigabyte, the ability to give multiple applications access to shared Flash storage gets more compelling. ...More >

Cloudera Previews Tool for Analyzing and Optimizing Queries

19 Nov, 2015

What organizations discover is that once they move data into Hadoop, the performance of queries can be adversely affected. ...More >

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