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Avik Partners Unfurls Machine Learning Service to Optimize IT Operations

06 Oct, 2015

Avik Partners is at the front end of a major shift toward relying more on machine learning algorithms to reduce the complexity of managing IT environments. ...More >

Couchbase Makes Case for Enterprise-Class Document Database

06 Oct, 2015

Leveraging the rise of JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in the enterprise, Couchbase is locked in a contest with other providers of document database that came to prominence as part of the so-called NoSQL movement. ...More >

Pentaho to Give Users More Control Over Big Data

05 Oct, 2015

No matter how big the data actually gets, the consumption of that data, much like politics, is always going to be local. ...More >

Mendix Extends RAD Reach into Mobile Realm

05 Oct, 2015

Mendix CTO Johan den Haan says that while its RAD tools have been widely adopted to build Web applications, with the release of Mendix 6, both citizen and professional developers can now easily construct mobile applications. ...More >

Puppet Labs Makes Its Push into Application Orchestration

01 Oct, 2015

Puppet Application Orchestration makes it possible to model complicated apps and application stacks as Puppet code. It is then easier to push that software out across multiple distributed systems. ...More >

IBM Brings Bluemix to the Local Data Center

01 Oct, 2015

This third instance of Bluemix is managed via Relay, which enables IBM to push updates to Bluemix out to multiple customers from a centrally managed service running in an IBM data center. ...More >

Cloudera Adds Columnar Storage Engine to Hadoop

01 Oct, 2015

Via its new columnar data store, called Kudu, Cloudera wants to enable the deployment of faster types of data analytics on top of Hadoop. ...More >

Illumio Secures Docker Container and DCOS Environments

30 Sep, 2015

ASP provides a software-based approach that can not only be used to secure hypervisors, but also extended to secure a variety of emerging technologies in the enterprise. ...More >

Talend Simplifies Transition from Hadoop to Apache Spark

30 Sep, 2015

Talend unveiled the latest version of its data integration platform, Talend 6, which simplifies moving code developed for Hadoop to Apache Spark via a set of graphical tools. ...More >

Pivotal Makes SQL Engine for Hadoop Available Under Apache License

29 Sep, 2015

For all the hype surrounding Hadoop, the primary way that organizations of all sizes continue to interact with data is SQL. ...More >

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