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Splunk Brings Order to VMware Virtualization Chaos

17 Apr, 2014

Version 3.1 of Splunk App for VMware, for the first time, provides the ability to correlate what storage resources are being consumed by a particular set of virtual machines. ...More >

Embarcadero Provides Upgrade Path for Windows XP Apps

17 Apr, 2014

Any Windows application that was developed using VCL has suddenly gotten a new lease on life, thanks to Embarcadero RAD Studio XE6. ...More >

Dell Adds Support for Hardware Crypto Accelerator

16 Apr, 2014

While Dell will continue to offer both software-based encryption and self-encrypted drives (SEDs), it says there is no substitute for dedicated hardware when it comes to encryption performance. ...More >

Nutanix Upgrades Its Converged System Appliance

16 Apr, 2014

Nutanix has taken the converged infrastructure concept a step further with the release of version 4.0 of the Nutanix Operating System. ...More >

Trend Micro Reduces Endpoint Security Complexity

15 Apr, 2014

The latest version of the Trend Micro Complete User Protection software reduces IT security complexity and confusion by centralizing the management of on-premise and cloud security offerings. ...More >

VMware Leverages the Cloud to Provide Disaster Recovery Service

15 Apr, 2014

VMware disaster recovery service is designed to replicate virtual machines over a wide area network every 15 minutes. ...More >

Xangati Dashboards Identify IT Contention Issues

14 Apr, 2014

Xangati CTO Jagan Jagannathan says that because of fears that contention issues will lead to a degradation in application performance, most IT organizations waste money overprovisioning their IT environments. ...More >

Chef Provides More Visibility into IT Automation

14 Apr, 2014

Chef releases updates to Enterprise Chef that bring visibility to its automation tools through a single dashboard. ...More >

CollabNet Teams Up with Tech Mahindra to Put ALM in the Cloud

11 Apr, 2014

A new partnership is bringing Agile DevOps Process Transformation (ADOPT) service to the cloud. ...More >

MapR Technologies Embraces Apache Spark on Hadoop

10 Apr, 2014

As enterprise IT organizations get more comfortable with Big Data in general, the odds are good that Hadoop in some form is going to be a significant part of the construct. ...More >

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