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Digital Project Managers: Liaisons of Organization, Even in the Cloud

28 Jan, 2015

To hire a digital PM, a company may repurpose a job description for a regular project manager. However, they may need to consider the additional needs the role requires. ...More >

Crowdsourced Software Testing Is the Newest Form of Beta Testing

22 Jan, 2015

This book details how to set up crowdsourcing to test newly developed software. ...More >

Organizations Need Proper Procedures for Data Cleansing of Old Media

14 Jan, 2015

Within every organization, someone must make the decisions on what media can be disposed, what can be restored, and how to cleanse data from electronic devices. ...More >

Ensure Effective Security and Privacy Controls with Proper Assessment

06 Jan, 2015

NIST has created documentation of procedures for organizations to gauge the effectiveness of  information systems’ data privacy and security controls. ...More >

Distractions Affect More than Productivity in the Workplace

01 Dec, 2014

Learn to identify minutes lost per day to distractions and why it’s important to try to gain control over such interruptions. ...More >

Free Guide Provides SharePoint Users with Quick, On-Hand Knowledge

11 Nov, 2014

A SharePoint 2013 Cheat Sheet includes basic and detailed commands and tips for users of all levels. ...More >

BIOS Protection Guide Helps IT Secure Server Firmware

23 Oct, 2014

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has created a free document that details computer BIOS security. ...More >

Cybersecurity Strategies Integral to Use of Smart Grid Technologies

16 Oct, 2014

NIST has produced a free report for organizations that rely on smart grid technologies to develop cybersecurity strategies for their systems. ...More >

Lead Tech Engineers Are Required to Wear Many Hats

08 Oct, 2014

For organizations that provide services, a lead technology engineer is critical, but the right candidate must have a varied resume of experience. ...More >

Detailed Guide Provides At-A-Glance Excel 2013 Help

29 Sep, 2014

To help end users stay on track with Excel, use this Microsoft Excel 2013 Cheat Sheet, filled with tips, tricks, and screenshots. ...More >

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