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Why Risk Management Is Just as Important as Project Management

08 Apr, 2015

Risk management goes hand-in-hand with project management. To properly conduct a risk assessment, begin with a planning meeting. ...More >

Hiring a Web Development Engineer vs. a Web Developer

23 Mar, 2015

The Web Development Engineer job description includes a company description and a description of the actual position with bullets explaining responsibilities. ...More >

Despite Compliance Challenges, Big Data Can Work for Health Care

13 Mar, 2015

Find out about database designs and the importance of strong data governance plans to keep health care Big Data secure and within government compliance laws. ...More >

The Three Most Important Documents for Project Management

06 Mar, 2015

By properly defining requirements, a project has a better chance of avoiding significant scope creep, which could jeopardize the end result. ...More >

How Secure Are the Printers and Scanners Within Your Office?

25 Feb, 2015

Anyone in IT who is responsible for overseeing printers, scanners or fax machines must increase security controls for all such replication devices. ...More >

SMBs Can Simplify MS Office 365 Training with Free Guide

18 Feb, 2015

For SMBs that need to train new workers on using the Office suite, the Microsoft Office 365 Cheat Sheet makes a helpful guide. ...More >

Agile Approach Brings Together Data Management and App Development

12 Feb, 2015

To bring together your data and development teams to provide smoother, more efficient business processes, the Agile method makes total sense. ...More >

How to Set Up Mobile App Vetting for the Enterprise

06 Feb, 2015

Vetting mobile apps for enterprise use can be tricky, so having detailed documentation to move your team through the proper stages will save time and headaches. ...More >

Digital Project Managers: Liaisons of Organization, Even in the Cloud

28 Jan, 2015

To hire a digital PM, a company may repurpose a job description for a regular project manager. However, they may need to consider the additional needs the role requires. ...More >

Crowdsourced Software Testing Is the Newest Form of Beta Testing

22 Jan, 2015

This book details how to set up crowdsourcing to test newly developed software. ...More >

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