Governance and Risk

From regulatory compliance to corporate governance structure, everyone is involved

Data Breach Damage from NY’s POV: Over 1 Billion in 2013 Alone

17 Jul, 2014

The New York Attorney General's office attempts to illustrate the exponential growth in breaches, reports of breaches and some of the related costs. ...More >

Can Internet of Things and Privacy Co-Exist?

10 Jul, 2014

Governmental regulation can't keep up with the pace of development. If it could, would it be effective? ...More >

BYOD Can Threaten More Than Network Security

03 Jul, 2014

BYOD creates less quantifiable problems for IT and the rest of the user base, including job loss fears, worry about increased working hours and uncertainty about security issues. ...More >

How to Avoid Creating Extra Work in Compliance Efforts

26 Jun, 2014

IT organizations can easily make mistakes that create more work before, during and after audit requests. ...More >

ACL’s Free Download to Improve Auditing Work in Excel

19 Jun, 2014

An Excel Add-In tool may help compliance teams that find themselves doing the forbidden: Working in Excel. ...More >

Risk Managers Consider Responses to Emerging Risks

12 Jun, 2014

As a risk classified as emerging, cybersecurity is changing both short-term and long-term planning. ...More >

Brand Protection: Follow Bad Guys to Mobile Apps, Paid Search

05 Jun, 2014

They move quickly, but you can count on the fact that parties actively infringing on and threatening your organization's brand are targeting mobile apps and paid search. ...More >

U.S. Utility Attacked Through Internet Accessibility

22 May, 2014

The control system of a U.S. utility was accessed through a remote access feature and brute-force tactics applied to the password authorization mechanism. ...More >

Spearphishing Quiz Quickly Demonstrates Danger

15 May, 2014

Even RSA participants didn't do all that well on McAfee's spearphishing quiz. Can your users do better? ...More >

Gartner to Increase Legal IT Research

24 Apr, 2014

Enterprise research firm Gartner intends to address what it calls an underserved marketplace. ...More >

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