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The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

Knee-Jerk Foreigner-Bashing Gives IT a Black Eye

11 Dec, 2009

When I raised the issue in an earlier post of unemployed IT workers being compelled to perform what I called "slave labor" as part of the job application process, I was fairly certain that readers ...More >

Recession and Substance Abuse: Any Link for IT Pros?

09 Dec, 2009

Is the ongoing economic recession, characterized as it is by seemingly endless rounds of layoffs that have sapped the vibrancy of countless IT workplaces, creating an environment that's adding ...More >

Secretive Yahoo Needs to Open up on Privacy

07 Dec, 2009

A document purported to be Yahoo Inc.'s Compliance Guide for Law Enforcement was released on Dec. 5 by Wikileaks, an online purveyor of leaked information. The 17-page guide outlines what is ...More >

Setting Our Kids up for Tech Career Failure

04 Dec, 2009

The general awareness of the importance of encouraging young people, especially girls, to pursue careers in computer science and other technology-related fields has risen substantially in recent ...More >

Google Blew It with First Lady Racist Image Apology

03 Dec, 2009

The uproar over a racist image created with the use of a photo of First Lady Michelle Obama and posted online is nothing if not understandable. Such images naturally spark outrage in anyone with any ...More >

Unemployed IT Pros Performing What Amounts to Slave Labor

03 Dec, 2009

If you haven't lost your job, you undoubtedly know someone who has, and you've likely heard some disturbing accounts of what those colleagues are going through in their relentless search for ...More >

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