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The more sensitive it is, the more it warrants discussion

Note to Feds: Outsourcing Hang-Ups Are So Three Years Ago

21 Jan, 2010

The IT executives who will be gathered at the IT Business Edge Midmarket CIO Forum in Orlando in March probably won't have anything higher on their agendas than figuring out ways to cut costs. ...More >

Online Role-Playing: Remember, It's a Reality Show

19 Jan, 2010

The compulsion of some people to say things online that they would never dream of saying in a physical setting gets more mystifying by the day, especially given that the practice can have very ...More >

Very Bad Idea of the Week: Google Abandoning China

14 Jan, 2010

Google's threat to pull up stakes and leave China following a major hack attack from within the country has rekindled controversy over its decision four years ago to enter the China market even ...More >

Non-Compete Agreements: Likely Unfair, More Likely Enforceable

13 Jan, 2010

Scenario: You're an IT professional who was laid off eight months ago, and you're getting desperate. You've applied for dozens of jobs, but you've received responses from only 25 companies, and ...More >

Lesson for H-1B Haters: Libel Will Get You Nowhere

12 Jan, 2010

It was bound to happen. It's understandable that someone could be so deeply angered by H-1B fraud and abuse, and the resultant suffering of U.S. workers, that he's driven to make defamatory and ...More >

Yes, Age Discrimination Is Worse in IT Than in Other Fields

05 Jan, 2010

In my "Age Discrimination in IT: At Least the Pain Is Shared" post last week, I wrote about how this injurious practice occurs across career fields, including the IT profession. My observation that ...More >

Level-Headedness 101: How to Be Heard on the H-1B Question

05 Jan, 2010

One of the things I've found as I write about the controversy surrounding the H-1B visa program is that there appears to be something of an urban legend that the CEOs of technology companies, many of ...More >

Is Any CIO Worth the Livelihoods of 250 Families?

03 Jan, 2010

A blog post last week, May 2010 Be the Year That Charles Wang Is Brought to Justice, touched a nerve in a reader who commented on the performance bonus of over $600 million that software vendor CA is ...More >

May 2010 Be the Year That Charles Wang Is Brought to Justice

31 Dec, 2009

As 2009 draws to a close, we can all no doubt think of any number of tech-news headlines we wish we had read this year, but didn't. Near the very top of my list is this one: "Charles Wang Brought to ...More >

Age Discrimination in IT: At Least the Pain Is Shared

30 Dec, 2009

A reader who commented yesterday on my blog post, "We Owe It to Our Kids to Get Over the H-1B Hang-Up," took issue with my contention that one of the reasons it's important to encourage our children ...More >

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