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How We Sped Up Our Website

22 Apr, 2010

Over the past several months, we at IT Business Edge have undertaken a phased project to improve our site speed which, as you may have heard, has become an even bigger deal than usual in our industry ...More >

Apple Is a For-Profit Company -- Cope

19 Feb, 2010

When reading our blogger Don Tennant's post about how he's, shall we say, displeased with a lot of what he is hearing about Apple's corporate culture, I was reminded of the reaction of a dear friend ...More >

Getting Touchy-Feely About the iPad

29 Jan, 2010

A quick hallway discussion yesterday with our Ann All and Ainsley Jones led me to confirm my initial suspicion about the iPad-it's a big iPod Touch.   This conclusion was further confirmed ...More >

Where Does the Project Team End and IT Begin?

04 Jan, 2010

I've been collecting anecdotes from a variety of sources on big failures in IT they have been involved in or witnessed. Not everyday, e-mail went down for 30 minutes failures-the big stuff.   ...More >

Using Tech to Take the Pain Out of Collaboration

03 Dec, 2009

I've never managed a developer or development team directly, but for years now I've been a primary "non-tech" stakeholder for the sites that I've helped launch and operate. So, I know enough to poke ...More >

I'm Learning to Love My Softphone, and You Should, Too

16 Nov, 2009

I have to confess to being originally irritated by our transition here at the home office over to an IP-based telephony system -- primarily, I suppose, because I tend to be irritated by most all ...More >

I'm Ready to Push Away from the Bandwidth Buffet

03 Nov, 2009

Net neutrality is a hot-button issue with folks who like to talk about such topics, particularly since the Obama FCC has announced it is taking up the cause.   The thing about net neutrality is ...More >

Windows 7 Sounds Solid, Which in the Wake of Vista Is Revolutionary

20 Oct, 2009

I am like most business users, I imagine, in that I can no longer personally get all that excited about the launch of any new technology, unless that technology promises to make my life somehow ...More >

Oh, Boy: A Grumpy Manager's Observations on Millennials

18 Sep, 2009

I always end up trading barbs with our Ann All whenever she blogs about "millennials," the young, tech-savvy generation that is, in many ways, driving old farts like me to distraction.   Ann, ...More >

'Better' Practices Often the Best Results of Innovation

02 Sep, 2009

An interesting discussion over at Harvard Business Review has consultant Susan Cramm asking readers why so many tech executives tend to discard "best practices" and set themselves up for seemingly ...More >

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