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IBM Co-Investment Training Program Includes Pay Cuts

15 Sep, 2014

Affected employees will spend one day per week improving “cloud, analytics, mobile and social” skills, and see a 10 percent pay cut. ...More >

Highlight Soft Skills Along with IT Expertise

08 Sep, 2014

Communication skills, a strong work ethic, problem-solving ability and adaptability are just some of the skill sets that hiring managers in IT seek in job candidates, no matter their technical credentials. ...More >

Positive, Negative Pressures on Millennials’ Career Prospects

03 Sep, 2014

The attitudes of Millennials toward work and their employers are under the microscope, along with their effect on the companies that take them on. ...More >

Focus Growing on Wearables Designed for Work

21 Aug, 2014

Forget employees bringing their wearable computing devices to work. These wearables are designed for getting work done from the start. ...More >

Delete All the Emails

15 Aug, 2014

German carmaker Daimler has a Mail on Holiday email policy, which allows employees to choose to have all incoming email permanently deleted while they are on vacation. ...More >

Improve Odds in IT Blame Game

14 Aug, 2014

IT departments that find themselves repeatedly held responsible for the same failures or performance issues are constantly taking steps to improve their position in the blame game. ...More >

Internet of Things Creating New Job Titles

05 Aug, 2014

Richard Cornish, Xchanging's new Head of IoT, sees the technology as transformational in its ability to touch all parts of the business’ processes, and all of the positions that support and execute those processes. ...More >

Planning for Vacation Takes as Much Work as Staying in the Office

01 Aug, 2014

Taking needed vacation time in order to relax and recharge can be especially difficult for those working in IT. A little extra planning can help. ...More >

Entelo Flags Employees ‘More Likely to Move’

31 Jul, 2014

Factors such as tenure, activity on social media sites, and organizational changes, says the recruiting firm, can help predict who is more likely to job hop in the near future. ...More >

The Internet of Things Touching IT and Non-IT Careers

23 Jul, 2014

New skill sets and new jobs go far beyond data analysis. Think networking, systems management, customer service, executive leadership and more. ...More >

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