HPE Looks to Infuse NAC with Advanced Analytics via Aruba

24 Feb, 2017

The network access control software that Aruba sells under the ClearPass Security brand will soon be informed by machine learning and Big Data analytics generated by Niara software.

Robotic Process Automation Takes on the Data Challenge

23 Feb, 2017

Whatever the details, RPA as a category is expanding rapidly, and possibly freeing humans for more sophisticated jobs.

Veritas Partners with Microsoft on Data Management in the Cloud

22 Feb, 2017

Alex Sakaguchi, director of solutions marketing for Veritas, says the company is committed to extending the reach of its software across as many relevant clouds as possible.

Informatica Expands Push in Data Governance

22 Feb, 2017

The Informatica Axon offering marks the first time Informatica will provide applications specifically designed for IT professionals tasked with being the stewards of data governance within their organizations.

Syncsort Aims to Drain the Big Data Swamp

16 Feb, 2017

It’s not enough to simply dump data into a central repository. An IT organization needs to be able to build a pipeline for managing the flow of data into and out of the lake.

IBM to Apply Machine Learning Algorithms to Local Data

15 Feb, 2017

IBM is pledging to give customers the ability to apply machine learning algorithms to data without requiring them to move data from their local data center into the cloud.

ExtraHop Applies Machine Learning to Identify Anomalies in Real Time

14 Feb, 2017

The launch of ExtraHop Addy represents the first time that ExtraHop can apply machine learning algorithms to more efficiently identify anomalies that would be indicative of attacks.

Salesforce Applies Einstein AI to Customer Service

13 Feb, 2017

The Salesforce approach to AI is aimed at turning every manager and employee into a citizen data scientist.

Cazena Unfurls Data Science Sandbox in the Cloud

09 Feb, 2017

Cazena's Data Science Sandbox as a Service makes it possible for data science professionals to create their own sandboxes without any direct intervention required from an IT department.

Loom Systems Applies AI to IT Operations

06 Feb, 2017

Loom creates a mathematical model of the digital business relationships enabled by various applications and associated IT infrastructure that it then keeps track of in real time.

Facebook Starts to Apply AI to Social Media

02 Feb, 2017

Facebook revealed that it is now making use of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify photos on the social media network.

SAP Adds Data Quality Tools for the Big Data Era

30 Jan, 2017

SAP rolled out tools aimed primarily at Big Data app environments, including tools designed to accelerate data extraction as well as a “microservice” that organizations can employ to invoke a SAP cloud service to clean data.

Where AI Will Hit the Enterprise First

25 Jan, 2017

By taking on much of the tedium in basic level data and infrastructure management, AI not only provides for a more trouble-free data experience, it allows people to excel at what they do best: engage in creative problem-solving and develop high-value opportunities.

Nothing Artificial About AI’s Attractiveness to Business

23 Jan, 2017

AI is here to stay. Indeed, its acceptance in business will accelerate as time goes on as the systems get ever-more clever and independent.

Targeting the Operational Side of the Data Lake

20 Jan, 2017

The data lake is still very much a work in progress, and it will be some time before the industry has gained enough experience to manage it on an operational level on par with legacy data center or even cloud-based infrastructure.

Citrix CSO: Treating IT Security Symptoms Is the Problem, Not the Solution

19 Jan, 2017

Stan Black, chief security officer at Citrix Systems, says companies need to be focused on data analytics, machine learning, and an understanding of individuals’ roles.

Talend Aims to Combine Data Governance and Integration

13 Jan, 2017

Talend added data preparation tools to its integration platform that promise to make it simpler to collaborate on the cleansing of data using a self-service Data Stewardship application.

Hortonworks Partners with Pitney Bowes on Big Data Management

06 Jan, 2017

Pitney Bowes makes its software available as a cloud service and as a service that customers can invoke. Most Pitney Bowes customers have opted to set up their Hadoop instances running in their own data centers.

Artificial Intelligence Primed for a Big 2017

03 Jan, 2017

When the history of AI is written decades from now, it is likely that 2016 will be seen as a pivotal year in which AI moved squarely to center stage, and that 2017 will be one in which it dug itself ever deeper into everyday experience.

Micro Data Centers: Keys to a Connected Enterprise

03 Jan, 2017

The micro data center is by no means intended to replace enterprise or even cloud-based infrastructure, but will serve more as an adjunct to legacy facilities to service the unique data needs of the connected world.

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