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AT&T Bidding Adieu to Its 2G Network

29 Apr, 2016

News this week included the end of a 2G network, a coalition for safer autonomous driving, scary ransomware, a Mac Skype for Business option, and new regulations from the FCC.

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That Old Dark Fiber Has a Lot of People in Its Spell

28 Apr, 2016

Dark fiber is seen as a potent tool for mobile backhaul, bypassing chokepoints in the network and other important tasks.

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Bringing the IoT to the Whole World

26 Apr, 2016

The challenge of the IoT is finding efficient ways to reach networks. Low-power wide-area networks are an option.

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Health Care Security Facing Wide Open Vulnerabilities

25 Apr, 2016

Highly valuable data is flowing between patient and health care professionals, between those professionals, to and from insurance companies and even between machines. The scary part is that it appears to be haphazardly protected.

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With Strike Ongoing, Vandalism Hits Verizon

22 Apr, 2016

News this week included vandalism of Verizon property, new Google wireless testing and talk about getting further into the cloud, and rural broadband numbers.

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Wireless Growth and the Evolution of Carriers and Service Providers

20 Apr, 2016

As technology and demands increase, the importance of wireless disproportionately increases.

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Why Business Should Keep an Eye on Ultra-High Definition Television

19 Apr, 2016

The line between consumer and business communications has never been thinner.

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Fiber-Served Businesses Nearing the 50 Percent Mark

18 Apr, 2016

The industry has been talking about fiber for so long it is perhaps surprising that the long transition from copper to fiber among businesses hasn't hit the halfway point yet. It is, however, getting close.

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Bad Times Continue for PCs and Other News

15 Apr, 2016

PC sales continue to decline, Mozilla is working on the next-generation Firefox browser, and the next MoCA standard is released.

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The Times Are Changing – or Have Already Changed -- for the Telcos

14 Apr, 2016

Verizon says that it will roll out FiOS in Boston.

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The Road to the Next Version of Android Never Ends

12 Apr, 2016

The beat goes on for Android. It just has a somewhat quicker tempo for some manufacturers than others.

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How Is the Smartphone Market Changing?

11 Apr, 2016

Smartphone buying patterns are changing and developing economies represent a huge and growing market. What seems to be less certain than before, however, is the health of the top end of the market.

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WhatsApp Now Fully Encrypted

08 Apr, 2016

News this week included WhatsApp encryption, Brocade acquiring Ruckus, autonomous trucks in Europe, and Nokia layoffs.

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3D Printing Continues Growing – and Expanding

07 Apr, 2016

3D printing is showing no signs of slowing down. Indeed, it is growing radically.

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The Cable Industry Has a Strategy

06 Apr, 2016

The cable industry has the advantage of being tightly controlled and, at the upper levels, relatively small. This has enabled it to engineer a plan over the past decade to significantly improve its overall platform at every level.

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The IoT Is Confusing -- and Increasingly Central to Our Lives

05 Apr, 2016

Expect two points to converge: The IoT and the services it brings can lead to confusion and the use of IoT will grow radically.

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BlackBerry: The Story Line Continues

04 Apr, 2016

BlackBerry is in the process of transitioning from a hardware/software and services company to one more fully focused on software.

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FCC Votes to Strengthen Privacy Rules

01 Apr, 2016

News this week included FCC privacy rules, a survey on mobile security breaches that doesn't look good, Ubuntu's Aquaris M10 tablet, Google's Fiber Phone and an IoT vulnerability.

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The Hidden Risks of Instant Messaging

30 Mar, 2016

Instant messaging (IM) is a great example of a threat that hides in plain sight.

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The World Gears Up for 5G

29 Mar, 2016

5G tests, trial announcements and technical work are hitting high gear.

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