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Driverless Cars: I Am Out of the Office. Let’s Do a Meeting

02 Dec, 2016

News this week included driverless cars, 4G smartphone markets, browser wars, VoIP protection and fake phones.

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We Haven’t Seen the Last of Mirai, That’s for Sure

01 Dec, 2016

The bad news is that Mirai hasn’t gone away. In fact, it seems to have burrowed itself more deeply into the internet.

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Charter Acquisitions Create a Commercial Services Race

29 Nov, 2016

Increasing investment in business services – and continuing the trend of courting larger companies with more dispersed facilities – makes sense for the cable industry.

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The Cloud Is the New Home of Disaster Recovery

28 Nov, 2016

Nine out of 10 IT professionals aren’t wrong in that the cloud makes a safer and more reliable DR platform. But it only does so if it is done correctly.

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Capex Results Reveal a Telecom Industry on the Cusp of Change

25 Nov, 2016

For the next year or so, the telecom industry likely will be in a transition period in which SDN and NFV become more prevalent and 5G gets finalized.

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The Dangers of Quantum Computing

23 Nov, 2016

Any technology with the word “quantum” in the name is by nature impossible for lay people to understand and even difficult for scientists to get their arms fully around.

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Robotic Process Automation, the Great Enabler

22 Nov, 2016

RPA is at an early stage, but growing quickly. It is an important topic in the overall discussion of robotics and the possibility that it will lead to the elimination of huge numbers of jobs.

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For iOS More than Android, Failure Is an Option

21 Nov, 2016

The physical nature of smartphones has been front and center since the Galaxy Note 7 began catching fire and forced a humiliating and costly recall by Samsung, but iOS may be more troublesome.

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Ericsson: Smartphone Subscriber Numbers Continue Exploding

18 Nov, 2016

News this week includes smartphone subscriber numbers, laptop phase-outs, Cisco's hardware blues, thinking machines, and a Verizon-XO deal.

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5G Takes Shape

17 Nov, 2016

5G is coming. That’s definite. What is not set: When, in what capacity it will serve when it arrives, and the ecosystem of carriers and vendors that will win the race.

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Now Is the Time to Deal with IoT, Consumer Gear and Security

15 Nov, 2016

Mirai and whatever comes next – and something certainly will – pose extreme dangers to the IoT. Business, the government, or a combination of the two must do something quickly.

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For Google, It’s Mobile-First Indexing

14 Nov, 2016

Nothing is more important than Google rankings to many companies, so this move to mobile-first indexing is a big deal.

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Windstream, EarthLink to Merge

11 Nov, 2016

News this week includes lots of telecom merger developments.

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Mirai May Be Fading, but IoT Dangers Are Not

10 Nov, 2016

Mirai is a threat that may or may not be fading. The big picture is that the idea of assaulting the internet with DDoS attacks launched at IoT-connected devices is a potent one.

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The Age of WiGig Is Almost Here

09 Nov, 2016

The 802.11ad standard has been given the catchy moniker of WiGig, and enables data speeds as fast as 8 Gigabits per second (Gbps) over short range.

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Artificial Intelligence Helps in the Malware Fight

08 Nov, 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be as potent in the malware battle as it is in other endeavors in which massive amounts of data must be assessed, trends deduced, and plans of action put in play.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Continue to Mature

07 Nov, 2016

Business, from the factory floor to the training room and the showroom, is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of the fascinating technology of VR and AR.

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CenturyLink Buying Level 3, Selling Data Centers and Colocation Assets

04 Nov, 2016

CenturyLink will hold a $150 million stake in the entity formed by BC Partners and Medina Capital.

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Security Must Be Baked into IoT Protocols

03 Nov, 2016

In one version of the future, the IoT will collapse into a series of unconnected or semi-connected islands with varying degrees of functionality and security.

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The Redefinition of the Tablet Continues

02 Nov, 2016

At one time, tablets were king of the hill. Those times are gone forever.

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