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BlackBerry Agrees to Acquire Good Technology

04 Sep, 2015

This week in tech, BlackBerry to buy out Good Technology, AppLock security app filled with vulnerabilities, and cellphone use on planes still up in the air.

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Browsers: Edge on the Edge, Chrome Hot, IE Not

03 Sep, 2015

Everything comes at the expense of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which formerly was dominant. That trend line continues. And, to add insult to injury, not even Microsoft is onboard with it anymore.

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Mobile Malware Hack Highlights Need for Greater Supply Chain Security

02 Sep, 2015

Security firm, G DATA uncovered issues with malware being installed on mobile phones in China while in route within the supply chain. This brings big questions about supply chain security.

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5G Set for 2020: Just Around the Corner

01 Sep, 2015

The early (or, arguably, not so early) vendor and carrier activity is not limited to research and development. There also will be efforts to gain favorable position with regulators.

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UI Is a Big Challenge for Mobile Developers

28 Aug, 2015

Wrapping up this week in tech, mobile developers aren't moving as quickly as hoped, DOCSIS 3.1 soon to be certified and voice recognition use increasing.

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What to Consider Before Making the Move to 802.11ac

27 Aug, 2015

Before an organization makes the jump to the new 802.11ac standard, there are a few excellent points to consider--and it may be that you just don't need it right away.

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Apple Security in the Enterprise: Safer, Not Perfect

26 Aug, 2015

Apple is not perfect in its approach to keeping devices and data safe. In some cases, the problem isn’t Apple itself – it’s the tendency of employees to disregard security.

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Government-Supported Broadband: Pro and Con

25 Aug, 2015

Potential advantages of government-supported broadband tend to win the battle of media against opponents, but a case against municipal broadband deserves a look.

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Patient Health Care Apps: Chaotic Marketplace Blurs Benefits

24 Aug, 2015

Experts say the difficulty in enabling unrelated patient mobile apps to work together, along with other inefficiencies, suggests that a tremendous amount of integration and development work remains.

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ICANN to Stay Under U.S. Control

21 Aug, 2015

News this week included U.S. control over ICANN, small cells, millennials in the workforce, manufacturing and the IoT, and mobile marketing.

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Microsoft and Its Surface Pro: In the Right Place at the Right Time

20 Aug, 2015

Microsoft's path forward involves the serendipitous, at least from Redmond’s point of view, meeting of its hot Surface line of hybrid 2-in-1s and the related sea change in the tablet market.

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Split Billing and BYOD

19 Aug, 2015

A situation in which the employee pays for their entire bill and is reimbursed by the employer for the portion used for work purposes is inherently cumbersome and imprecise.

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The Unsettling Reality of Connected Vehicles

18 Aug, 2015

Recent reports reveal several severe issues with connected cars, including a security vulnerability in the remote key starter and issues with Bluetooth controls.

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Apps for Health Care Providers: First, Do No Harm

17 Aug, 2015

Practitioners and IT departments must work together to find the applications that go beyond glitz to actually solve a problem or fill a need.

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EMM Market Growth to Slow Through 2019

17 Aug, 2015

Per Gartner, MDM is out of style, but its offshoot, EMM, has experienced quite a bit of growth. That expansion may slow, though, in the coming years.

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SDNs Deeply Cut Provisioning Time for AT&T’s Network On-Demand Customers

14 Aug, 2015

This week in tech news, AT&T uses SDNs to reduce customer provisioning time, Samsung proposes using low-orbit satellites for service, and Windows 10 use is up.

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Two Approaches to Faster PONs

12 Aug, 2015

First to market advantages are important, even in high technology.

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SDN’s Centralization Is a Security Concern

11 Aug, 2015

Tech experts have begun to pick apart software-defined networks to find vulnerabilities. Among them: centralized control.

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Courts Address Cell Phone Privacy

10 Aug, 2015

The limits of the use of cell phone records in law enforcement are another example of the difficulties of translating the Constitution and the laws that emerge from it in the digital age.

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Second Quarter: T-Mobile Passes Sprint in Connections

07 Aug, 2015

This week in tech, second quarter wireless carrier results, U.S. averages slow Internet speeds, Microsoft HoloLens testing with astronauts and why Android fragmentation is good.

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