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Biometic Security Measures Put Slow Squeeze on Passwords

06 Jul, 2015

The key is to anticipate the problems and challenges of the replacement biometric technologies and choose the right path.

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Will the IoT Help Microsoft Get Its Groove Back?

02 Jul, 2015

Whether Microsoft succeeds in using the IoT to make itself as indispensible as it was when PCs ruled the earth will be an interesting subplot.

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Shared Wi-Fi Access Points: The Limited Success of a Good Idea

01 Jul, 2015

Confronting the vast inefficiencies of how Wi-Fi networks are used is one item on the list of items that need to be smoothed out, and sharing APs seems like too good an idea to not be used.

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App Development: Getting More Complex

30 Jun, 2015

Try keeping up with the relative merits of different approaches to development, emerging ways of customizing apps based on data gathered about the device’s user and, as always, the status of security.

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Performance Measurements Show Great Disparities in ISP Performance

26 Jun, 2015

Tech news this week finds disparity among ISP throughput, optical network evolution, millennials embrace smart home devices and BYOD issues.

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Cybersecurity Especially Tough in Health Care

24 Jun, 2015

The increasing use of the Internet for health care guarantees that crackers will sharpen their attacks as time goes on.

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Software-Defined Networks Face Obstacles to Adoption

22 Jun, 2015

Software-defined networks are promising radical change for the enterprise network, but many analysts think the change is meeting some resistance.

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FCC to AT&T: What Part of the Word ‘Unlimited’ Confuses You?

19 Jun, 2015

News this week included fines for AT&T, a GreenTouch network efficiency report, help for VoIP providers on number provision, MDM and app streaming.

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FCC Issues an NPRM on White Space Spectrum

17 Jun, 2015

With companies deeply involved in white space research, the move by the FCC will be an important factor in how the category further evolves.

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Never a Dull Moment in the 3D Printing Sector

16 Jun, 2015

3D printing sometimes gets a bit under-reported, simply because things always seem to be running at such a high pitch. Let’s catch up.

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The Heady Potential of Software-Defined WANs

15 Jun, 2015

The software-defined wide-area network (SD WAN) adds specificity and context to the value proposition of SDNs.

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New Net Neutrality Rules in Effect, At Least for Now

12 Jun, 2015

News this week included net neutrality rules, an AT&T free broadband perks program, BLE and the IoT, LTE and crisis management.

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The Healthy ‘Last Mile’ Broadband Market Hits a Speed Bump

11 Jun, 2015

The broadband aggregation equipment market, aka last mile segment, had a 5 percent drop last quarter, but sales were still up 14 percent over the year-ago quarter.

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The Threat and Promise of Robotics

10 Jun, 2015

Robots can do things that humans don't want to do or can't do, or they can save money by taking jobs from humans. We humans are anxious to see which type predominates.

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iOS and Android Upgrade While Windows Phone Lags

09 Jun, 2015

iOS and Android are being significantly upgraded, which means that Microsoft must really upgrade its OS in order to protect its anemic market share.

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Tesla Would Be Proud: Two Types of Wireless Charging Raise Expectations

08 Jun, 2015

Power over Wi-Fi and multimode approaches being advanced by consortia could set users and devices free.

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A Rare Win for the Cable Industry

05 Jun, 2015

Tech news this week includes IoT water works innovations by AT&T and IBM, FCC vote helps cable companies and an increase in wearables purchases.

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Virtual Reality Will Be an Important Corporate Tool

04 Jun, 2015

One of the sexiest technologies to come along in a long time, virtual reality (VR), will have a big impact in the enterprise, though the uses are pretty straightforward.

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Small Cell Technology Transforms the Cellular Industry

03 Jun, 2015

The first generation of small cell technology aimed at coexisting alongside macro cell technology without interference. The goal was for the two approaches to do their job -- but stay out of each other’s way.

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Chipping Away at Android’s Fragmentation Problem

02 Jun, 2015

Two overlapping issues that have dogged Android are security and fragmentation.

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