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Carriers, Vendors to Spend Quality Time in Cuba

19 Dec, 2014

News this week included the Cromnibus, happy days for telecom in Cuba, ICANN and strong smartphone sales.

...More > A Powerful Weapon for Telcos

19 Dec, 2014 gives further life to the massive amount of legacy copper cabling that dominates the last mile of telephone networks.

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In the Mobile OS Battle, Microsoft and BlackBerry Vie for Third

18 Dec, 2014

There is room for a third player just behind the top two OSes from Apple and Google, and the year ahead will determine which OS it is.

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NFV and SDN a Virtual Certainty to Dominate Networking in 2015

17 Dec, 2014

Confusion, competition and disagreement remains about the technical details of SDN and NFV, but they're still next year's big story.

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Mobile Apps Potentially Help Save Lives

16 Dec, 2014

Mobile apps often get a bad rap for being more of a distraction than a help, but some have the potential to save lives.

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The Domestic Drone Industry’s Rough Launch

15 Dec, 2014

The domestic drone industry has by necessity developed before clear guidelines on how it would be administered were set.

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Class Action Suit Filed Against Comcast

12 Dec, 2014

This week in tech news, broadband CPE growth, a class action suit against Comcast, and SDN and NFV security.

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Rural Broadband, the FCC and Congress

11 Dec, 2014

Though the FCC is working to extend rural broadband, the telephone industry has pushed  legislation to restrict municipalities from providing services.

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IBM/Apple: A Match Made in History

10 Dec, 2014

The two are deeply enmeshed in the history of the modern computer.

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Financial, Legal and Technical Challenges Facing 3D Printing

09 Dec, 2014

Cost of entry is cited as a barrier to the benefits of 3D printing. Beyond that, legal and technical issues come into play.

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Android Still Wrestling with Security Issues

08 Dec, 2014

The common wisdom has been that Android's open model encourages malware and, in general, its security is problematic.

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Bluetooth 4.2 Adopted

05 Dec, 2014

News this week included the adoption of Bluetooth 4.2 by the Bluetooth SIG, thousands of lost tablets in the NYC school system, the dangers of IoT, the costs of data loss and downtime, and finally: smell-a-vision.

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Qualcomm Licensing Practices Under Fire

04 Dec, 2014

Qualcomm’s licensing fees have helped it invest in advances that have made its chips dominant in the majority of the world’s top-selling mobile phones.

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BYOD and Tablet Sectors Face Frustrating Futures

03 Dec, 2014

Of course, the ebb and flow of business is inevitable. Currently, the flow is running against BYOD and tablets.

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Asia-Pac Broadband Set for Big Growth, Big Challenges

02 Dec, 2014

It’s easy to see Asia-Pacific as a vast monolith telecommunications market. It isn’t.

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The Frightening State of SCADA Security

01 Dec, 2014

The supervisory control and data acquisition systems that control much of our nation's critical infrastructure are under frequent attack.

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Are Mark Cuban’s Views on Net Neutrality Common Sense or Self Interest?

26 Nov, 2014

Cuban may not be an expert on net neutrality, but he’s presented ideas that have brought out some creative ways to consider possible new legislation.

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Will Social Networking and Unified Communications Compete, Coexist or Cooperate?

26 Nov, 2014

It is entirely possible that the emergence of social networking is what ends up saving UC.

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Enterprise Apps Must Be Developed Both Faster and More Carefully

25 Nov, 2014

CIOs and others are expressing dissatisfaction with the pace of mobile app development at the same time that these apps are performing more important roles.

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Samsung Downsizing Its Offerings

21 Nov, 2014

News this week included fewer phones from Samsung, Comcast's Ethernet@Home, bad news for Sprint and updated botnets.

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