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Ransomware Spiked Even Before WannaCry

26 May, 2017

Ransomware, a threat that has been in the news in recent weeks, grew aggressively during the first quarter of the year, according to Kaspersky Lab.

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Small Cells Are the Great Enabler

26 May, 2017

The promise of 5G is real. For the first time, wireless technology will reach real parity with wired approaches. This won’t happen, however, unless a significantly more robust infrastructure is in place. Small cells will play a huge role.

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Vendor Action Increases in the SMB Segment

25 May, 2017

SMBs, like enterprises, always need more bandwidth and sophisticated services.

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5G Challenges: Let’s Get Physical

24 May, 2017

Much of the effort in the immediate future involves determining the precise nature of 5G and how to best harness mmWave and enabling technologies.

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IoT Standards Battle Heating Up

23 May, 2017

At the end of the day, settling on one standard or finding a way for IoT networks that use different standards to work together seamlessly is a very important challenge that has not yet been met.

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For Telework Proponents, Things Are Good, But Not Perfect

19 May, 2017

It’s fair to say that despite the surprising move by IBM to pull back somewhat, telework has fully established itself as the coequal of traditional approaches.

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NFV and SDN Transitions Set to Hit High Gear

18 May, 2017

SDN and NFV are dramatic technologies that modernize a very basic element of the network.

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Businesses Must Prepare as the Quantum Computing Era Approaches

17 May, 2017

Investments of more than $2.3 billion make one thing clear: Very smart people think quantum computing is the next step. Planners must take this seriously.

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It’s Time for Smart Watches

16 May, 2017

Companies need to prepare support technology, security measures and necessary policies and procedures for an onslaught of smart watches and other wearables that will hit during the next half-decade.

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Building Efficiencies in the Backhaul and Fronthaul

15 May, 2017

The increase in data flow to and from small cells, macro base stations and residential and business users is making the world of fronthaul and backhaul much more interesting.

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FCC Okays Charter Application to Test 5G in Florida

12 May, 2017

Charter asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for permission to test in the 27.5 GHz to 28.35 GHz spectrum. Approval was granted yesterday.

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Creating Interoperable 5G Networks

11 May, 2017

At least two groups are trying to establish ecosystems of vendors to create standards-based 5G networks.

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Carriers Working on Virtualized Universal Customer Premise Equipment

10 May, 2017

Several carriers are involved in research and development of universal customer premise equipment (uCPE).

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Are Comcast and Charter Setting Themselves Up for a Major Wireless Play?

09 May, 2017

The cable industry is well known for interesting machinations. The most recent is a wireless agreement between Comcast and Charter Cable that could have significant ramifications down the road.

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HP Announcements Point to a Broader Role for 3D Printing

08 May, 2017

The 3D printing business is at a crossroads. The issue is whether the technology can take the leap to challenge traditional production methods or will remain a large and valuable niche process.

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Everynet’s Over the Air IoT Firmware Updates Solves a Tricky Problem

05 May, 2017

The Everynet approach only sends the difference between the old and new versions of the IoT firmware and uses an aggressive compression algorithm to squeeze what is being sent.

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Developing a Control Mechanism for Drones

04 May, 2017

Developing a way to control drones that will share airspace with airplanes full of people and fly over towns and cities is a complex and vital task.

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Corporate Planners Should Watch the People Who Watch TV

03 May, 2017

How cable and telephone companies shape their networks is influenced by the way subscribers want entertainment programming delivered. This, in turn, will make a big difference in the networks available to their businesses.

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The Marketing of 5G

02 May, 2017

The lines are drawn. The sexiest elements of 5G are those that use multi-millimeter frequencies. At the same time, this approach requires new technology and is not nearly ready for prime time.

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Is the Hajime Botnet Friend or Foe?

01 May, 2017

Nobody is sure if the new ioT botnet entrant, Hajime, aims at causing destruction or at preventing Mirai and other botnets from doing so.

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