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Bloomberg: AT&T and Time Warner Talking Deal

21 Oct, 2016

AT&T making deals, Verizon and T-Mobile facing trouble.

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AI to Humans: “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This”

20 Oct, 2016

AI was mostly discussed by futurists and screenwriters just a few years ago. Now, it is at the center of many corporate and business functions.

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The IoT Is Not Getting Any Safer

19 Oct, 2016

People are discussing and debating IoT security from both the conceptual and product perspectives.

...More > Set to Explode, While XG.FAST Waits in the Wings

18 Oct, 2016

XG.FAST and its predecessor technology,, are seeing lots of vendor activity.

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Will This New Approach Fix Authentication?

18 Oct, 2016

Zero-factor authentication appears to avoid the weakest links in current approaches to authentication.

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802.11ax Entering the Market

17 Oct, 2016

Corporate planners will hear more about 802.11ax, which is likely to be a very valuable addition to the 802.11 family.

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Verizon May Seek Changes or Exit Yahoo Deal

14 Oct, 2016

News this week included the Yahoo deal, Google as a frenemy to telecom carriers, 3D printers and Galaxy Note 7 fireproof returns.

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AT&T Thinks ECOMP Offers Industrywide Benefit

13 Oct, 2016

AT&T is in the process of introducing a sophisticated network creation and management platform, ECOMP. It’s also promoting it to other carriers.

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Telecom and Fleet Management Enjoy a Close Relationship

12 Oct, 2016

Fleet management platforms allow companies to hit tighter appointment windows, for example, which is particularly important to the cable industry’s efforts to improve its public image.

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The Sky Is the Limit for Airborne LTE

11 Oct, 2016

Verizon, AT&T, Qualcomm and others are researching the service possibilities with airborne LTE and drones.

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Smart Cities Will Definitely Happen, Probably

10 Oct, 2016

Smart cities can just as easily be called programmed cities. But some telecommunications firms are pushing back on the concept.

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Samsung Buys AI Company from Siri Developers

07 Oct, 2016

News this week included a Samsung artificial intelligence acquisition, millennials and smartphones, device sales, IoT security threats, and Galaxy Note 7 questions.

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5G Frequency Questions

06 Oct, 2016

Those watching the evolution of the technology must be careful that advances that don’t mention mmWave really are 5G.

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The SD-WAN Sector Is Accelerating

05 Oct, 2016

In 2020, SD-WAN will be responsible for 71 percent of WAN optimization revenue.

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ICANN No Longer Under U.S. Control

04 Oct, 2016

The contract between ICANN and the NTIA was allowed to expire, which means that ICANN no longer works at the behest of the U.S. government.

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Will Businesses ‘Like’ Facebook at Work?

03 Oct, 2016

There are positives and negatives associated with repositioning a consumer product for business, especially one as popular as Facebook.

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U.S. Voting Infrastructure Under Attack

30 Sep, 2016

News this week included threats to the U.S. voting system, BlackBerry's exit from the hardware market, a data throttling case and artificial intelligence projects.

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Cable Vendors Expanding, Virtualizing CCAP Offerings

28 Sep, 2016

One industry response to old, inefficient facilities is the development of the converged cable access platform (CCAP).

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Big News on the Operating System Front Coming from Google

27 Sep, 2016

According to reports, Google is planning to release a laptop in the third quarter that will be driven by an OS that combines Android and Chrome.

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Small Cells Seek Acceptance

26 Sep, 2016

Municipalities can demand different things of those wanting to deploy small cells.

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