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BYOD Proponents Get Bad News in California

22 Aug, 2014

News this week included a blow to BYOD in California, a new band for LTE, gigabit network expansion, and a supposedly new approach to security.

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Telemedicine’s Promise and Challenges

20 Aug, 2014

Legal and procedural questions about telemedicine are piling up, but growth is skyrocketing.

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Does the U.S. Have a Broadband Problem?

19 Aug, 2014

The speed of U.S. broadband networks is a hindrance, but is showing signs of improving. However, broadband providers need to do a lot of work to meet consumer needs.

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Cisco Adjusts to a New Reality

18 Aug, 2014

No matter how successfully it handles the transition, Cisco won’t be as dominant as it has been in the past.

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Fast Broadband Becoming the Norm

15 Aug, 2014

Telecom and tech news this week features broadband progress, Android increasing marketshare and meetings on the upswing.

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IoT Security Threats Are Already Happening

13 Aug, 2014

Analysts predict that IoT will create some scary security issues, but recent news shows that the dangers are very real today.

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Cable’s Video Subscribership Tanks and That’s Just Fine

12 Aug, 2014

Despite severe losses of video subscribers, the cable companies have had a decent quarter and even increased earnings.

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NetScout Suit a Serious Matter for Gartner

11 Aug, 2014

NetScout is suing Gartner over placement in its Magic Quadrant; claims the research firm is running a 'pay-to-play' scheme.

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New CEO, Strategic Shift at Sprint

08 Aug, 2014

News this week included strategic changes at Sprint, 3D printing, partial peace between Apple and Samsung, and progress on the use of smartphone kill switch technology.

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Wireless Charging Will Soon Unleash the Mobile World

07 Aug, 2014

Clearly, the idea of dragging around a wire and immobilizing a supposedly mobile device for hours while it charges is no longer acceptable.

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Unified Communications: More Important than Ever

06 Aug, 2014

Learn the various steps you should take to get unified communications running properly in your enterprise.

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The Scary State of Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure

05 Aug, 2014

A Ponemon study found that security programs are not fully deployed and more than half are vulnerable to threats that impact critical infrastructure.

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When Is the Right Time to Jump Into SDNs?

04 Aug, 2014

Both the benefits and challenges of SDNs are obvious. Enterprises must decide if and when it makes business sense to implement.

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Android Extends Its Dominance

01 Aug, 2014

News this week included somewhat surprising numbers for Android, a new job for Watson, Internet of Things security and a new look at whether TCP/IP should die.

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The Two Sides of 3D Printing

30 Jul, 2014

Each advancement in 3D printing has the potential to hinder society as well as help it.

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Smart Cities Set to Proliferate in the Coming Decade

29 Jul, 2014

Smart cities are in line for a huge growth spurt in the next 10 to 20 years.

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States Versus Feds on Municipal Broadband

28 Jul, 2014

Laws in many states constrain municipalities from building such networks. The debate, which pits Republicans against Democrats in Washington, DC, gradually is coming to a head.

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Could BYOD Backlash Help BlackBerry?

25 Jul, 2014

This week in tech news, BlackBerry finds a new niche in BYOD, Verizon and Level 3 spar over Netflix issues and robots may take our jobs.

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The Telcos’ Upstream Advantage

23 Jul, 2014

Telcos are cooking up technologies that meet and exceed the 1 Gbps level.

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Researcher, Chinese Broadcaster: Is Apple Up to Something?

22 Jul, 2014

Claims that iOS has secret backdoors were made at the Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE/X) conference this week in New York.

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