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LTE’s Meteoric Growth Not Slowing Down

26 Feb, 2015

LTE leads to the use of more data and the purchase of bigger data plans.

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Wearables at Work: Is the Enterprise Ready?

25 Feb, 2015

Wearable technologies may be coming to an enterprise near you and for many markets the gadgets will help save time and improve productivity.

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Success of the IoT Depends on Interoperable Standards

25 Feb, 2015

The experts are staying on the optimistic side when it comes to where standards are needed and how effectively they will be developed so that we can have this exciting IoT world.

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A 5G Timeline Takes Shape

20 Feb, 2015

News this week included 5G, enterprise apps, virtualization's effect on cellular, SDNs and a shift in innovation.

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IT Departments Must Learn the Cold, Hard DR/BC Facts

19 Feb, 2015

With the uncertainty introduced by global warming, it is irresponsible to assume next year won’t be as bad, or even worse. It is important to take special note of what can be done to prepare for next winter.

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HTTP Gets a Facelift

18 Feb, 2015

The new version, HTTP/2, is far sleeker, efficient and built for today’s Internet.

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Big Energy Users Moving to Renewable Sources

16 Feb, 2015

The proactive outlook on energy that companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon take will lead other businesses, both big and small, to follow suit.

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Long Live the Kill Switch

13 Feb, 2015

News this week included kill switch success, 3D printed weapons, mobile growth in the workplace, Xiaomi in the U.S. and robots taking more of our jobs.

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IPv6 Is Still on the Horizon

12 Feb, 2015

Several new developments show that IPv6 still hovers on the horizon, but will be in use before we know it.

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For the IoT, Success May Spell Trouble

11 Feb, 2015

One potential issue with the current IoT security dynamic is a lack of standardization, and whether homogeneity will hurt security further.

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How Enterprise Apps Should Be More Like Consumer Apps

11 Feb, 2015

The success of an enterprise app relies heavily on the UI and ease of use.

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Is Enough Being Done to Confront Network Power Issues?

09 Feb, 2015

A forecasting tool known as GWATT may help network operators get a better handle on energy consumption.

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Zero Rating Will Be a Big Net Neutrality Issue

05 Feb, 2015

The fuzziness over how zero-rating/positive price discrimination services will be overseen is but one example of how much work remains to be done.

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The FCC to Fight for Muni Networks

04 Feb, 2015

The redefinition almost certainly is a lever that the administration hopes to use to gain power in the bureaucratic cat and mouse game of how networking will be administered.

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Why Are Tablet Sales Slowing?

03 Feb, 2015

Though the slowdown in tablet growth is newsworthy, it is not necessarily a sign of deep underlying problems.

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The FCC Ups the Ante on Broadband

02 Feb, 2015

The FCC announced that it had voted in favor of changing the definition of broadband, which will likely mean that many users are under-served.

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Rising Apple Catches Slumping Samsung

30 Jan, 2015

News this week included 100G Metro, IoT security, the Obama administration on data usage, Apple vs. Samsung and Microsoft's HoloLens innovations.

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Speed, New Demand from SMBs Mean Business Apps Set to Take Off

28 Jan, 2015

SMBs and departments are creating huge new pools of demand, and business app creation and updating are speeding up.

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Google Fiber Proves the Skeptics Wrong and Wireless May Be Next

28 Jan, 2015

Google Fiber announces that its service will be coming to 18 cities in four major metropolitan areas including Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte.

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Defining the Internet of Things

23 Jan, 2015

Tech and mobility news this week includes broadband studies, Industrial Internet of Things, FiOS fiber network and Windows 10.

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