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With Lollipop, Android Tries to Lick Its Security Problems

29 Oct, 2014

Emotions are running high in arguments for and against the strength of Lollipop's security features.

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Three Surveys Illustrate Tablets’ Deep Impact on the Workplace

28 Oct, 2014

Tablets have become a powerful and distinct tool for people who want to work more efficiently and effectively.

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Cognitive Computing Helps Machines Make Sense of It All

27 Oct, 2014

The end result will be to transform computers from essentially dumb devices capable only of crunching numbers with extraordinary speed to devices that combine that skill with intuition and common sense.

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Speed: The Name of the Networking Game

24 Oct, 2014

News this week includes, wireless charging, and artificial intelligence.

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Will ‘Un-obsolete’ Copper in Telco Networks?

23 Oct, 2014

It will be a while until equipment is serving end users. It will be a big deal, however, if the technology meets expectations.

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Tracking Employees: The Technology Is the Easy Part

22 Oct, 2014

Do the benefits of tracking employees' whereabouts outweigh the possible privacy implications?

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A Very Important Spectrum Auction Is on Tap for November

21 Oct, 2014

The Federal Communications Commission is slated on that day to begin taking bids for 1,614 licenses across 65MHz of spectrum.

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U.S. Control of ICANN Likely Ending

20 Oct, 2014

The details aren’t set yet, but needless to say, the matter is steeped in controversy.

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Google Fiber Signups to Start in December

17 Oct, 2014

Tech news this week includes HBO streaming service, results of SDN testing, special privacy networks and Google Fiber in Austin.

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Google Unveils the Lollipop OS, Three New Nexus Devices

16 Oct, 2014

Google's latest version of Android, Lollipop, promises enhanced security, battery life, and notifications.

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Virtualization Is Changing the Way Businesses Handle DR/BC

15 Oct, 2014

Virtualization products can help make an enterprise not only resilient, but continuously profitable even when trouble arises.

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Some Pressure Is Off, But Battery Life Still an Issue

14 Oct, 2014

Clearly, changes are ahead for batteries. That doesn’t mean too much, however, to consumers who feel like they have to recharge every few minutes today.

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Health Care IT Grows and So Do Its Challenges

13 Oct, 2014

The influx of technology into the health care market is increasing by leaps and bounds, but that means the problems are increasing as well.

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The PC Survives by Changing

10 Oct, 2014

News this week included a comeback for PCs, a big cram scam fine, a New York broadband initiative, bad news for Siri and more predictions of robots taking all of our jobs.

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Enabling the Internet of Things

09 Oct, 2014

The challenges of the IoT are well known to people looking to make the dreams a reality.

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Bad Times for Samsung May Not End Soon

08 Oct, 2014

If Samsung’s fate is as tied to its hardware sales as some suggest, its problems are significant and will be long term.

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BYOD Policies Are Being Ignored

07 Oct, 2014

Respecting the rights of employees and organizations is a tough balancing act, but recent surveys show that most BYOD policies aren't being followed.

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Automobiles and Telecommunications: The Road Ahead

06 Oct, 2014

The automotive market is teaming up with new telecom technologies to bring us some exciting new features in the cars of our future.

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At Deadline, Verizon Wireless Backs Down on Cap Policy

03 Oct, 2014

News this week included work on 5G, growing IT budgets, a change of mind for Verizon, health care device security and new ideas in wearables.

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Networking: United We Fall, Divided We Stand

02 Oct, 2014

Savvy segregation of traffic is an important step in disaster recovery, business continuity and security.

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