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Cloud and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity: A Perfect Fit

17 Apr, 2014

The nature of the cloud approach accomplishes the distribution of assets and de facto redundancy that DR/BC experts have always advocated.

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The Smartphone Kill Switch to Become a Reality

16 Apr, 2014

CTIA created a voluntary program for kill switch tools to be installed on phones by July 2015. Many manufacturers are on board.

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Mobile Device Screen Size Trends: Bigger, Brighter

15 Apr, 2014

Small screens are big business.

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How Big of a Deal Is the End of the NTIA-ICANN Contract?

14 Apr, 2014

Though not related, the NSA spying scandal revelations likely hindered the U.S.'s case for retaining control of the Internet domain name system.

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Android Fragmentation and Security

11 Apr, 2014

This week's tech and mobile news includes fast phone chargers, Verizon's Secure Cloud Interconnect service, and Google Glass.

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Making the Internet of Things Happen

10 Apr, 2014

Data exchanges that the IoT is built upon won’t occur unless highly specialized and standardized ways of doing so are developed.

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Numerous Smart Home Developments Set Market for Growth

09 Apr, 2014

Smart home networks are increasing in popularity and the market is set for growth.

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Comcast and Time Warner Make Their Case

08 Apr, 2014

The legislative and regulatory reviews that will determine whether the deal can be consummated and, if so, under what conditions, have begun.

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Next Big Thing in Wi-Fi Almost Here

07 Apr, 2014

Wi-Fi standards that have played a big role in changing the way people communicate are on the precipice of a jump that could make hotspots in crowded venues far more accessible.

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Infonetics: 2014 a Pivotal Year for NFV and SDN

04 Apr, 2014

This week, SDN and NFV uptake is rising, as is IT spending. The FCC is preparing a new auction, and it might be too late for Windows Phone.

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Is the Ruggedized Device Sector Growing or Shrinking?

03 Apr, 2014

The vagaries of the ruggedized device market haven’t brought product development to a halt.

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Android’s Fragmentation Problem Not Going Away

02 Apr, 2014

A significant danger with Android fragmentation is that the best developers will get tired of dealing with it and wander off to other operating systems.

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Will the Carriers Kill Kill Switches?

01 Apr, 2014

Removing a main temptation for thefts of phones and tablets, more of which are carrying corporate data every day, is more important than preserving an easy revenue stream for carriers.

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3D Printing to Grow Quickly and Soon

31 Mar, 2014

No matter how cool and useful 3D technology is, the key is making it accessible.

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A Rare Win for BlackBerry

28 Mar, 2014

BlackBerry receives a key security benchmark, smartphones expand their roles, Cisco invests in the cloud, and Microsoft is in the right place at the right time this week.

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Bringing Rural Americans into the Telecom Fold

27 Mar, 2014

The best news for residents of rural areas is that several platforms are vying for their attention.

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HD Voice: Can You Hear Me Really Well Now?

26 Mar, 2014

Sprint and other carriers are moving forward with high-definition voice, but some standards confusion is arising.

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SDNs Bring Dramatic Challenges to Networking

25 Mar, 2014

Networking, by nature, doesn’t lend itself to great drama. But the next few years may prove to be an exception.

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Upcoming Wearable Computing Designs Might Take Off

24 Mar, 2014

Enterprises, whether they like it or not, must be prepared to support wearable computing devices in the future.

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In Rural New York, White Space Is White Hot

21 Mar, 2014

This week's tech and mobile news includes lasers increasing backbone speeds, use of white space, and big increases in mobile ad spending.

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