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Fragmentation Still Dogs Android

06 Oct, 2015

The reality is that fragmentation is a bigger deal in the enterprise than the consumer sector.

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Advertising Industry Challenged as Apple Supports Ad Blockers in iOS 9

06 Oct, 2015

New approaches should be important to IT and security personnel as ad blocking increases.

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GE Predix Seeks to Do Something with All that IoT Data

02 Oct, 2015

News this week included general availability of GE Predix for data analytics, a large Android vulnerability, Nest's Weave application layer and quantum computing.

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Mobile App Security Concerns on the Rise

01 Oct, 2015

The world of mobility changes at lightning fast speed, so a very important step for the enterprise will be to ensure that enterprise mobile apps are reasonably secure.

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Small Cell Technologies Growing with Telcom Market Innovations

30 Sep, 2015

Recent development in use of small cell technologies by telcoms is boosting the expansion of the small cell market.

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Is VW’s Deception Hiding Even Worse Tech Issues?

29 Sep, 2015

After recent reports of emissions data corruption and attempts to hide design flaws, VW is making analysts wonder whether the culture of deception hides more tech security concerns.

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SDN Security Concerns Will Keep Admins on Their Toes

28 Sep, 2015

Most likely, the cat and mouse game that characterizes security across the online world will continue in the SDN segment as well.

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Gartner: Device Market to Shrink 1 Percent This Year

25 Sep, 2015

This week in tech, Gartner predicts decrease in device shipments, AT&T discovers internal malware scheme, and IBM Watson moves to San Francisco.

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Good BC/DR Practices Will Please Company’s Lawyers

24 Sep, 2015

Downtime due to a poor BC/DR plan can hurt the company in several ways, including an increase in its related insurance policies.

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HTML5 Looks Good in Light of Google, Facebook and IAB Moves

22 Sep, 2015

The value proposition of HTML5 is that it performs tasks within its basic functionality that in the past required users to download and install plugins.

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Studies Show BYOD Still a Vexing Issue for IT and Employees

22 Sep, 2015

Several recent studies have highlighted the issues with BYOD in the enterprise. Network data security is still tops, but employees are also concerned about their own data.

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Using LTE for the Internet of Things

21 Sep, 2015

The IoT will demand that a number of new standards be developed and existing ones tweaked to squeeze it comfortably into the existing infrastructure of the IT and telecom worlds.

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Cablevision to Be Acquired by Altice as Telecom Changes Continue

18 Sep, 2015

News this week included a Cablevision deal, driverless cars, iOS 9 uptake, smart city funding and an attack on AT&T cables.

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Unlimited Data Plans: Myth vs. Reality

17 Sep, 2015

The unlimited data plans for smartphones were never truly unlimited, but now that the Internet is more of a utility, those plans may become extinct.

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Has Cable’s Commercial Services Business Reached a Crossroads?

16 Sep, 2015

Comcast Business' Enterprise Services unit may pave the way for cable providers to finally breach the commercial services industry.

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Experts See IoT Security as Obtainable But Challenging

15 Sep, 2015

Experts and analysts have made note of the lack of IoT security up until now, and offer ideas on how to better secure such devices for the future.

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Tablet Sector Growth Pushed and Pulled by Business, Consumer Trends

14 Sep, 2015

It’s a bit of a cat and mouse situation: Consumer patterns make vendors reluctant to spend money on designing and manufacturing innovative new tablets.

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Apple Attempts to Get Cozy with Enterprise

11 Sep, 2015

This week in tech, Apple reaches out to the enterprise, VoLTE may or may not arrive in the UK and IBM Watson expands health care reach.

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Is LTE-U a Technical or Competitive Issue?

10 Sep, 2015

The cellular side wants to use unlicensed spectrum in the 5GHz band to support a new approach, appropriately called LTE-unlicensed (LTE-U). That spectrum is the home of Wi-Fi.

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5G: First Comes the Hype

09 Sep, 2015

In a landscape without such hype, there wouldn’t even be a mention of a technology that is, at best, five years from launching.

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