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Decision on Comcast’s Time Warner Cable Acquisition Not Likely Until Summer

27 Mar, 2015

News this week included the state of mobile apps, Comcast's acquisition, the LightSquared saga, biometric security and broadband speeds.

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25 Mar, 2015

New projects were announced at Mobile World Congress this month.

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Another Barrier Broken: LTE Coming to Unlicensed Spectrum

24 Mar, 2015

LTE-U can be a key approach to driving the efficiencies necessary to support the amount of wireless traffic traversing networks today and the greater loads that are coming.

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Drive from California to New York, Leave the Driver Home

20 Mar, 2015

News this week included a cross-country, driverless car trip, Skype alternatives, T-Mobile's new business offering, encrypted voice communication and faster 3D printing.

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DOCSIS 3.1: Coming Soon to a Cable Modem Near You

19 Mar, 2015

The cable industry has put a tremendous bet on DOCSIS 3.1. Whether it was a wise bet will become apparent during the next year.

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Internet Explorer Awaits Its Retirement Party

18 Mar, 2015

Internet Explorer almost completely leaving the scene is more of a big deal from an historical and even sentimental point of view than a business one.

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The Mainstreaming of IBM Watson

17 Mar, 2015

IBM's partnerships, acquisitions and new applications for Watson are moving it well beyond a parlor trick.

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Will Copper Win After All?

13 Mar, 2015

In tech news this week, why Wi-Fi fails, dangerous apps, tablet sales are slow and new phone cases could boost cell signals.

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The FCC Releases Net Neutrality Rules

12 Mar, 2015

FCC released its 400-page net neutrality document today amid speculation from journalists and analysts over its interpretations.

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Android Ups Its Enterprise Game

11 Mar, 2015

The challenge to Google and its partners is to create a framework in which the operating system becomes more trusted by IT and C-level executives.

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Business Virtual Reality Will Emerge at the Same Time as Consumer VR

10 Mar, 2015

The adoption of consumer technologies by business will happen even more quickly in virtual reality--nearly at the same time, analysts predict.

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More Apps from IBM and Apple

06 Mar, 2015

News from the mobility and tech markets this week includes sale of the NYC public safety network, Apple Watch features in debate, and IBM and Apple apps.

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Tough Times for Tablets: Plenty of Ruggedized Devices Available

05 Mar, 2015

More tablets used for work are finding their ways into harsh environments; ruggedizing them is very important.

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Net Neutrality Is Unlikely to Depress Telecom Investment

04 Mar, 2015

Subscribers are lining up for services and entrepreneurs are still inventing new products. Dealing with the government a bit more seems unlikely to rain too much on the broadband parade.

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Google Wireless Is Pushing the Envelope and Other Companies

03 Mar, 2015

Google Wireless’ goals will be to help push the existing providers to offer better service and to help develop faster and more seamless technology.

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Big Week at the FCC: New Net Neutrality Rules, Power to the Munis

27 Feb, 2015

News this week included net neutrality, municipal broadband, iOS and Android (near) total dominance, dire mobile app security and super-fast wireless.

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LTE’s Meteoric Growth Not Slowing Down

26 Feb, 2015

LTE leads to the use of more data and the purchase of bigger data plans.

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Wearables at Work: Is the Enterprise Ready?

25 Feb, 2015

Wearable technologies may be coming to an enterprise near you and for many markets the gadgets will help save time and improve productivity.

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Success of the IoT Depends on Interoperable Standards

25 Feb, 2015

The experts are staying on the optimistic side when it comes to where standards are needed and how effectively they will be developed so that we can have this exciting IoT world.

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A 5G Timeline Takes Shape

20 Feb, 2015

News this week included 5G, enterprise apps, virtualization's effect on cellular, SDNs and a shift in innovation.

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