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Are Mark Cuban’s Views on Net Neutrality Common Sense or Self Interest?

26 Nov, 2014

Cuban may not be an expert on net neutrality, but he’s presented ideas that have brought out some creative ways to consider possible new legislation.

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Will Social Networking and Unified Communications Compete, Coexist or Cooperate?

26 Nov, 2014

It is entirely possible that the emergence of social networking is what ends up saving UC.

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Enterprise Apps Must Be Developed Both Faster and More Carefully

25 Nov, 2014

CIOs and others are expressing dissatisfaction with the pace of mobile app development at the same time that these apps are performing more important roles.

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Samsung Downsizing Its Offerings

21 Nov, 2014

News this week included fewer phones from Samsung, Comcast's Ethernet@Home, bad news for Sprint and updated botnets.

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The Focus of Connectivity and Mobility Is Moving to Developing Economies

20 Nov, 2014

The mobile device and connectivity markets in developing nations are far different than in mature economies such as the U.S. and Europe.

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The Battle over Law Enforcement and Cell Data

19 Nov, 2014

Technology exists today that can make us much safer. But, if it is used to its fullest extent, our rights may be curtailed and our privacy violated.

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Software-Defined Networks: Nervous Time for IT Departments

18 Nov, 2014

It is important to remember that SDNs represent great change, though change is often hard and in some cases risky.

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A Big Picture View of the Move Toward Broadband Regulation

17 Nov, 2014

In the FCC's move toward a decision on broadband regulation, many recent political and telecom occurrences must be considered.

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Good Technology: Apple Strong in the Enterprise

14 Nov, 2014

News this week included good news for Apple in the enterprise, the death of an in-flight Wi-Fi program, NFV, and FCC experimental projects.

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Robotics and Automation Growth a Foreboding Sign for Future Workforce

12 Nov, 2014

The extent and precise nature of automation in the workplace will be determined by the ability of machines to do subjective tasks.

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The Next Step for Ethernet: Slow Down

11 Nov, 2014

The IEEE has begun the process of developing wired Ethernet standards capable of transporting data at 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps.

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Darkhotel: Another Type of Wake-Up Call for Business Travelers

10 Nov, 2014

Travelers should be extremely vigilant when about their use of hotel Wi-Fi.

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Mobile Devices Approach Commodity Status

07 Nov, 2014

News in the tech sector this week included Android KitKat usage up, and new SDN OS and mobile phones become more of a commodity.

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Mobile Payment Security Issues Front and Center

06 Nov, 2014

Analysts say that businesses may want to hold off on adopting a mobile payment system until security issues are cleared up.

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Giving LTE a Voice

05 Nov, 2014

A huge challenge for VoLTE is that a platform deployed by one carrier is not necessarily interoperable with that from another.

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3D Printing Moves Toward Becoming Transformative Technology

04 Nov, 2014

The quick development and popularity of 3D printing may have some thinking hype, but recent advancements may prove it to be transformational.

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The Mobile Payment War Arrives

03 Nov, 2014

A new battle is on among the recent providers of mobile payments, including Apple Pay and CurrenC.

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Inside the Data Throttling Lawsuit Against AT&T

30 Oct, 2014

The button AT&T pushed that resulted in the lawsuit is likely the appearance that it was using the issue as a way to obscure unfair marketing practices.

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With Lollipop, Android Tries to Lick Its Security Problems

29 Oct, 2014

Emotions are running high in arguments for and against the strength of Lollipop's security features.

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Three Surveys Illustrate Tablets’ Deep Impact on the Workplace

28 Oct, 2014

Tablets have become a powerful and distinct tool for people who want to work more efficiently and effectively.

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