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Rising Apple Catches Slumping Samsung

30 Jan, 2015

News this week included 100G Metro, IoT security, the Obama administration on data usage, Apple vs. Samsung and Microsoft's HoloLens innovations.

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Speed, New Demand from SMBs Mean Business Apps Set to Take Off

28 Jan, 2015

SMBs and departments are creating huge new pools of demand, and business app creation and updating are speeding up.

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Google Fiber Proves the Skeptics Wrong and Wireless May Be Next

28 Jan, 2015

Google Fiber announces that its service will be coming to 18 cities in four major metropolitan areas including Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte.

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Defining the Internet of Things

23 Jan, 2015

Tech and mobility news this week includes broadband studies, Industrial Internet of Things, FiOS fiber network and Windows 10.

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IoT Interoperability Presents a Looming Challenge for Wi-Fi

22 Jan, 2015

New types of equipment and systems on corporate LANs will likely widen the gap between Wi-Fi interoperability as it stands and what really is needed.

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Things Looking Up in Efforts to Broaden Connectivity

20 Jan, 2015

Qualcomm, Google and more are looking to the skies and beyond to expand connectivity across the globe.

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Broadband Prepares to Meet Its Future

16 Jan, 2015

News this week included FCC broadband rules discussions, Samsung looking at Windows Phone OS, the end of Google Glass as we knew it, Project Ara and free New York hotspots.

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Great Days for Enterprise Apps

15 Jan, 2015

Enterprise apps are maturing and growing in numbers, too. Ease of creation and analysis of their efficacy will improve in the coming year.

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Mobile, IoT Set the Chip Market Rolling Once Again

14 Jan, 2015

The chip sector was staid and a bit dull until the mobile revolution and developments in the IoT.

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BlackBerry Still Standing, but for How Long?

13 Jan, 2015

Either it's all over or BlackBerry has survived a near-death experience.

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Wi-Fi Drives Changes in the Home Networking Dynamic

12 Jan, 2015

Until recently, the battle for the home network was one in which there was expected to be a single big winner and a group of largely marginalized, niche players.

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FCC Chairman: Elements of Title II on the Way

09 Jan, 2015

In tech news this week, Title II and the FCC, new threats of ransomware, videoconferencing on the upswing and Bluetooth toothbrushes.

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BYOD: Follow the Money

08 Jan, 2015

The industry is getting serious about the issue, at least at the rudimentary level of splitting work and consumer bills.

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IoT Standards: How Many is Too Many?

07 Jan, 2015

The race is on to make sure that the IoT doesn’t melt down, with various groups competing to standardize and stabilize the technology.

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Smaller Mobile OSes Look Beyond the Smartphone

06 Jan, 2015

A variety of gadgets from televisions to devices under the Internet of Things (IoT) umbrella need an OS to do their jobs.

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Fast Networking to Be the Norm in 2015

05 Jan, 2015

So many players entered the gigabit services market in 2014 that it looks like we're on track for faster networking in the next year.

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Translation Apps Are Good for Simple Language Conversions

30 Dec, 2014

Several companies, from Google to Microsoft, are offering new language translation apps, which could be useful for many global businesses.

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T-Mobile, Sprint, American eVoice Caught Cramming

29 Dec, 2014

The FCC has been busy in December setting fines for various companies that it found guilty of cramming additional charges on mobile users' bills.

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Carriers, Vendors to Spend Quality Time in Cuba

19 Dec, 2014

News this week included the Cromnibus, happy days for telecom in Cuba, ICANN and strong smartphone sales.

...More > A Powerful Weapon for Telcos

19 Dec, 2014 gives further life to the massive amount of legacy copper cabling that dominates the last mile of telephone networks.

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