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Which Backup and Recovery Solution Works Best for SMBs?

22 Jul, 2015

Carbonite was named ChannelPro's SMB Backup Vendor for the third time, but up-and-coming Datto may have a solution that's better.

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Seagate Offers SMBs a New Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Solution

20 Jul, 2015

As a solution, the Seagate Hybrid Cloud Data Protection is simple to install and provides cost-effective data protection for even small businesses.

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Fast Growth of Data Spurs Development of BI Tools for SMBs

14 Jul, 2015

Even SMBs need to analyze unstructured data to help make important business decisions. Two new BI tools from Quatrro and Microsoft might be the key to doing just that.

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Ensuring Web Security Within the Enterprise

09 Jul, 2015

Web security is a vast topic with numerous levels of systems and areas for possible breach. Learn how two security experts can give insight into shoring up enterprise web security.

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Why Adding Images to Tweets Can Help Boost Viewing and Sharing of SMB Posts

08 Jul, 2015

As people become more visually oriented, it's important that SMBs use relevant images in their Tweets to capture attention and increase sharing.

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How Square Payroll Plans to Save SMBs Money and Time

06 Jul, 2015

Square has added another service to its impressive list of offerings for small to midsize businesses: Payroll.

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Expanding SMBs to Benefit from Salesforce’s Business Plus for Customer Service

01 Jul, 2015

Salesforce recently released its latest CRM solution, Business Plus, which helps SMBs provide flexible, personalized service with a focus on growth.

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How Millennials Can Plan Now for a Successful Job Future

25 Jun, 2015

Millennials hoping to have a successful, life-long career need advice on planning, executing and achieving goals to move toward leadership.

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Google Helps SMBs Increase Local Online Presence with New Initiative

23 Jun, 2015

Google is helping local businesses update and increase their available online information through its Let's Put Your City on the Map program.

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How SMBs Can Tighten Their Cybersecurity Efforts

18 Jun, 2015

With the number of attacks on SMBs growing, ISACA announced that it is offering two documents to assist SMBs develop a solid cybersecurity strategy.

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Service-Based SMBs Gain Time and Improve Customer Relations with Online Platform

15 Jun, 2015

A survey identified the top barrier preventing SMBs from cultivating customer relationships is poor time management, but the Schedulicity platform can help businesses improve.

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Survey: Limited Staff and Sparse Virtualization Adoption Compromise SMB IT Infrastructure

12 Jun, 2015

A survey of SMB technology professionals reveals that many are under staffed and could use assistance in adopting virtualization technology.

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How to Teach the Ins and Outs of Microsoft Project 2013

11 Jun, 2015

Trainers or support staff can use the Microsoft Project 2013 Cheat Sheet PDF projected on screen to introduce the features and important sections while training.

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CodeGuard: SMBs No Longer Have an Excuse to Not Back Up Website Data

09 Jun, 2015

After its survey revealed that many companies forgo backing up their websites, CodeGuard created its free backup service especially for SMBs.

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How Can SMBs Get the Most Value from Their Social Media Time?

03 Jun, 2015

Social media has brought about a variety of tools to help businesses post content, but learning to listen to customers might be the best tool yet.

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Why SMBs Still Aren’t Ready for the EMV Credit Card Switch

02 Jun, 2015

The deadline for upgrading POS systems to receive EMV cards is coming soon, but many SMBs aren't aware, much less prepared for the change.

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How Program Management Brings Business Evolution and Innovation

28 May, 2015

Program management involves leading and managing the company toward goals that generally affect the company as a whole—often the bottom line.

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Why SMBs Should Invest in a Mobile Responsive Website

27 May, 2015

SMBs may have a mobile optimized site, but new Google ranking factors show that those without mobile responsive sites have toppled down the ranking lists.

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Mobile Adoption High on SMB List, but Mobile Security Isn’t

19 May, 2015

BYOD may be a convenient and inexpensive way to bring mobile tech to SMBs, but owners must realize that these devices can be dangerous and need high-level protection.

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Terranova Offers Information Security Awareness Training for SMBs

18 May, 2015

Terranova announces a new program aimed at helping small to midsize businesses educate employees on cybersecurity threats and potential attacks.

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