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SMB Marketing Email: Getting It Delivered and Read

19 Sep, 2014

SMBs struggling to succeed with email marketing efforts should follow these tips to ensure their messages are received and read.

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Tips on Negotiating IT Equipment and Software Contracts

18 Sep, 2014

Negotiation is a skill that anyone can master. Even managing IT vendor agreements can become a task that is less feared and more often a success.

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SMBs: Learn from the IT Mistakes Made by Other Businesses

17 Sep, 2014

One entrepreneur and blogger listed his top six IT issues that are most often overlooked by small to midsize businesses.

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Ongoing BIA/Kelsey Study Finds Social Media Spending Highest for SMBs

15 Sep, 2014

The BIA/Kelsey Local Commerce Monitor study shows that just over 55.1 percent of SMBs use Facebook to promote their businesses.

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Report Shows Rise in SMB Investment in Online Storage and Collaboration

09 Sep, 2014

AMI Partners’ yearly SMB report revealed that nearly 20 percent will invest money in online storage and collaboration platforms in the next year.

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SMBs Cans More Safely Embrace BYOD with Private Cloud Solution

08 Sep, 2014

FileCruiser provides easy-to-use cloud file storage like Dropbox, but with the added security of a private cloud platform.

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The Growing Importance of Data Scientists

04 Sep, 2014

The job of data scientist is fairly new and in most companies, the role consists of duties that involve both business data analysis and technology.

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SMBs Venture into New Territory with Digital Marketing

03 Sep, 2014

In the digital age, the key for SMBs is to learn to adapt their marketing messages to fit into many formats and fill many screens.

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Long-Standing Harkonnen Attack Discovered Among European SMBs

02 Sep, 2014

Hundreds of European SMBs were affected by the Harkonnen Trojan and may have been used to steal data for a decade.

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New UK Flexible Work Law Means Many SMBs May Need to Update Technology

21 Aug, 2014

A new law in the UK about flexible working  has lead one company to declare that SMBs must soon get up to speed with new technologies.

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Small Shops Can Use Smart Signage to Display Business Info Along with Live TV

20 Aug, 2014

Samsung's Smart Signage TV allows SMBs to divide up the screen to show live TV along with banner ads and store content.

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Volusion Predicts Online SMB Sales to Continue Healthy Holiday Growth

18 Aug, 2014

Ecommerce provider, Volusion, used customer analytics to predict that most SMBs with online shops should see a 9 percent increase in holiday sales.

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SMBs Receive New mPOS Option from Amazon

15 Aug, 2014

Online retail giant Amazon has entered the fray of mobile point of sale device purveyors with its new Amazon Local Register device.

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Learn How to Build Agile Strategies into Your Business Projects

14 Aug, 2014

Companies have begun to embrace the Agile Methodologies for helping their business components become efficient and flexible in their processes.

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Vox Mobile Provides SMBs with BYOD Management Solution

13 Aug, 2014

Vox Mobile provides enterprises with total mobility solutions and now hopes to bring that successful solution to the SMB market.

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Twitter Optimizes Promoted Tweets Platform to Meet SMB Ad Goals

08 Aug, 2014

Twitter offers SMBs a new performance-based tool, which allow users to create marketing strategies, but pay for only actions that meet objectives.

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Small Business Summit Helps Owners Learn to Thrive in the Digital Age

07 Aug, 2014

The 9th Annual Small Business Summit will be in New York City in October, 2014.

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What Are the Ideal Qualities of a Director of Corporate IT?

06 Aug, 2014

When creating a job description for IT director, where do you begin? With so many attributes to include, where does one start the list?

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Staples and Fundable Boost Small Biz Products with Crowd2Shelf Contest

05 Aug, 2014

Staples hopes to use crowdfunding and online voting to narrow down entries in the Crowd2Shelf contest to the top 25 innovative products.

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Square Puts SMBs Ahead of the Game with New EMV Chip Reading Device

01 Aug, 2014

Recent adoption of credit card payment chips, called EMVs, will mean that many small businesses will upgrade their POS technologies.

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