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Adoption of Technology Spurs Job Growth for SMBs

22 Apr, 2014

SMBs have the power to use technology to bring growth to their own companies, to the job market, and to their country’s GDP.

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Before You Outsource, Consider Risks and Security

18 Apr, 2014

Outsourcing shouldn't be entered into lightly and this book provides considerable background on the challenges that will lie ahead.

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Money Management Tools Help SMBs Predict Cash Flow

17 Apr, 2014

Several companies provide online tools to help with money management, bill payment, and even cash flow projections.

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Heartbleed Bug Proves More Frustrating for SMBs

15 Apr, 2014

Patching the company website may not get your SMB out of trouble with Heartbleed. Network devices are also affected by the vicious bug.

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Big Data Can Provide Manufacturers Bigger Efficiencies

11 Apr, 2014

Manufacturers are no strangers to Big Data, however, they may be new to using the technologies to analyze the data for actionable items.

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SMBs Can Meet Compliance Regulations with Cloud-Based SIEM Solution

10 Apr, 2014

For SMBs that must comply with government-mandated compliance and audit policies, a cloud-based SIEM solution may be key.

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Compliance and Risk Assessment Is a Job for Senior IT Auditors

09 Apr, 2014

To help IT stay on top of compliance and governance issues, a senior IT auditor position should be considered.

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Is Bitcoin the Future of SMB Payment Systems?

07 Apr, 2014

Bitcoin virtual currency requires smaller financial investment and could open up growth opportunities for SMBs.

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Small Businesses Feel Technology Offers Better ROI than New Staff

01 Apr, 2014

A recent survey by Brother identified some surprising information about how small businesses feel about technology.

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Increasing Authentication Strength for Smart Card Use

31 Mar, 2014

This publication provides authentication techniques for any enterprise attempting to use smart cards as identification and to control resource access.

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SMBs Benefit from New HP Storage Offerings

26 Mar, 2014

New storage systems from HP give SMBs a chance to get in on technology without breaking the budget.

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Exchange 2003 EOL Means Some SMBs Need Fast Migration Plan

25 Mar, 2014

Microsoft will end support of Exchange 2003 on April 8, leaving many SMBs to scramble for a plan to upgrade email.

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SMBs Report Rise in Use of Tablets, Concerns About App Access

21 Mar, 2014

Though the number of tablet users in the workplace is increasing, IT staff is finding it difficult to provide access to apps and data.

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Cost Savings, Time Constraints Promote the Use of Virtual Meetings

18 Mar, 2014

Respondents to a recent study say that pressure for innovative solutions despite tight budgets have lead to the rise in virtual meeting usage.

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SBA to Award Grants to Innovative Small Tech Companies

14 Mar, 2014

SBA’s Federal and State Technology program is sponsoring grants, and it hopes to assist firms that are disadvantaged socially or economically.

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SMBs Need Proper Tools to Refine Big Data

12 Mar, 2014

It’s no wonder small to midsize businesses have become quite overwhelmed about how to collect, sort, and use Big Data in any effective manner.

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Kloudless Organizes Email File Attachments in the Cloud

11 Mar, 2014

With the Kloudless extension, users can set their own rules to automatically transfer email attachments to their cloud storage service.

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Harness Creativity to Break Through Project Management Challenges

06 Mar, 2014

This excerpt can help project management professionals to increase the performance of their teams.

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Pandora Radio, Facebook Reaching Out to SMBs for Ad Sales

04 Mar, 2014

Pandora Internet radio and Facebook are both looking to SMBs to increase their ad revenues.

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eVoice Survey Shows SMBs Are Picky About Mobile Apps

26 Feb, 2014

eVoice released results of its mobile app survey, which revealed some surprising results.

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