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Why Higher Education Is Desperate for McAfee’s Comprehensive Security Approach

17 Apr, 2014

Higher education organizations have invested in McAfee's latest security approach.

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How Dell OEM Could Fix the Affordable Care Act

15 Apr, 2014

Rather than attacking each other in Congress, maybe the U.S. political parties should attack what makes the service non-viable—its cost.

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How IBM Made Power Relevant Again and Surprised Intel

10 Apr, 2014

With OpenPOWER, IBM is thinking differently.

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AMD: What a Difference a Year Makes

08 Apr, 2014

This is a metered turnaround. Don’t overset expectations, deliver on the expectations you set, and address the problems in a pragmatic way.

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McAfee Partners with Siemens to Protect the Industrial Internet of Things

08 Apr, 2014

Networks in the industrial realm are woefully inadequate, so Siemens and McAfee have partnered to help secure these systems.

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VCE Is Unbelievably Good

02 Apr, 2014

VCE is proving that focusing on customers' unique needs can be the path to success.

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Microsoft Pulls from IBM’s Playbook and Focuses on Unique Factor

01 Apr, 2014

Microsoft has the opportunity to become a firm to be reckoned with, rather than a pale shadow of what it once was.

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Intel Plays Kingmaker for Cloudera Analytics

27 Mar, 2014

If you want evidence that Intel has changed, this is exhibit number one. It intends to be the leader in this space and is assuring that position with Cloudera and a huge investment in cash, commitment and engineering resources.

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NVIDIA: How to Do an Epic Keynote

25 Mar, 2014

Know your audience and what gets them excited. Engage them during the talk. Make the audience lust after what you are offering.

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U.S. President Stays with BlackBerry: BYOD Teachable Moment

24 Mar, 2014

Maybe it is time to reconsider BYOD, at least with respect to security, and make sure the devices people are carrying to work actually meet what should be increased standards for security and compliance.

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Apple’s Problem: It Can’t Handle the Truth

21 Mar, 2014

If Apple fails, it won’t be because of China, Amazon, Microsoft or Google. It will be because of its own executive team and board. And that is a fixable problem.

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Why Yelp-Like Websites for the Enterprise Products Don’t Work

20 Mar, 2014

Research has shown that a large percentage of online reviews aren't from legitimate sources.

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Why Don’t Gartner or IDC Lead in Analytics?

13 Mar, 2014

Even those firms that sell analytics products don’t use the technology as broadly as they could.

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Looking Beyond the IBM Annual Report

10 Mar, 2014

IBM's current change of direction, to focus on cloud services, looks a lot like the old mainframe market in structure.

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Meg Whitman’s Amazing Turnaround of HP

05 Mar, 2014

When Whitman took HP over, the firm was on death watch largely due to a combination of too many CEOs, too many scandals, too much focus on cost cutting, and too little focus on customers.

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Satya Nadella Builds Team at Microsoft

03 Mar, 2014

Whether it is personal or corporate, if you don’t own your image, your future will be controlled by whoever does. Nadella is making sure he owns Microsoft’s future and that is an excellent first step for a new CEO.

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Executive Ascending: HP’s Bethany Mayer Leading the Crucial Cloud Charge

27 Feb, 2014

Mayer has demonstrated, in a company that has been anything but stable, the capability, passion and drive to accomplish amazing things.

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IBM and Lenovo: The Backstory Behind this Powerful Server/PC Partnership

26 Feb, 2014

Whether we are talking geographic coverage or company size coverage, IBM and Lenovo are both stronger together.

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McAfee Goes Nuclear with Threat Intelligence Exchange

19 Feb, 2014

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange changes a network from the major part of the problem to the major part of the solution.

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BMC Reimagines IT: New IT, Mobile, Social and Apple-Like

18 Feb, 2014

BMC has apparently taken the core concepts from the Apple support model and updated them with current thinking and technology.

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