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How IBM Watson Could Reduce Harassment and Bullying Behavior

28 Apr, 2017

IBM’s recent epiphany is that AI should be used to enhance, not replace, people. Perhaps another application could be reducing abusive behavior.

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Varonis Annual Survey: A Lot of Companies Are Taking Unknown Terminal Risks

25 Apr, 2017

With state-level threats hovering over almost every country, the level of exposure creates issues at a national level and the potential for a single connected trusted company to become the critical path for a nation-level attack.

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With IDF Gone, Could NVIDIA’s GTC Be Next?

20 Apr, 2017

In the end, events like IDF and GTC should evolve from physical places tied to dates to virtual places tied to your specific needs.

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Intel Kills IDF: Why Traditional Trade Shows and Developers’ Forums Will Eventually Die

17 Apr, 2017

The idea of trade shows predates the internet and, over time, has become something of an ironic tech industry anachronism.

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Apple vs. Qualcomm Litigation and the Nuclear Option

14 Apr, 2017

While the heart of this appears to be an ill-conceived effort to force Qualcomm to give Apple a unique discount and competitive advantage, that now seems unachievable due to the public nature of this dispute.

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The Implicit AI Warning and United: Don’t Assure the Data at Your Peril

12 Apr, 2017

As we create ever more capable AI systems that can emulate human thinking, we have to be careful that it isn’t just the speed of the decisions that is being enhanced.

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Anticipating and Preventing a Total Laptop Travel Ban

07 Apr, 2017

Analyst Rob Enderle explains why we should take the laptop ban situation as a threat to the electronics industry and IT departments, and what we can do to address it.

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Why Fake News on PC and Printer Death Is Dangerous

06 Apr, 2017

Not only aren’t PCs and printers going away, both are experiencing a bit of a resurgence. This means our focus on assuring that they don’t become security problems needs to be updated along with our belief that these problems will somehow be self-correcting.

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Why HP Inc. Is So Successful

31 Mar, 2017

HP Inc. shows that if you can get everyone focused on a common goal, and you have good people, then what is impossible becomes fluid and amazing things result.

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IBM’s New Four Pillars

29 Mar, 2017

IBM has made a fundamental shift, moving from its old hardware, software and services base to a focus on cloud, blockchain, quantum computing and cognitive computing.

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The IBM Cloud: CEO Ginni Rometty’s InterConnect 2017 Keynote

21 Mar, 2017

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty began and ended with a focus on the customer, letting the customer help her conclude the talk so the words were an IBM translation of what the customer wants but native from the customer.

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Interconnect 2017: IBM and Securekey Move to Corner Financial Transaction Market

20 Mar, 2017

Innovative use of Blockchain could do some fascinating things to how we do transactions. Even things like paying taxes or voting could be dramatically changed, because at the heart of this is a validated identity.

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Should Watson Co-Run IBM?

17 Mar, 2017

Yes, Watson should co-run IBM. Not only would this put a Watson again at the head of the firm, it would create the first AI company to be co-run by an AI.

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Intel and Mobileye: Jumpstarting Autonomous Cars

13 Mar, 2017

Technology companies move incredibly fast, so for one to catch another from behind organically is nearly impossible. Intel's acquisition of Mobileye has risk, but is promising.

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NVIDIA Jetson TX2: NVIDIA Goes into the Volume Brain Business

10 Mar, 2017

The NVIDIA TX2 launch highlighted new artificial intelligence applications in everything from facial recognition, to search and rescue, to agriculture, to robotics.

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Microsoft and Steelcase Finally Begin to Obsolesce Cubicle Hell

06 Mar, 2017

Every firm should take a look around and realize it is time to recognize and step up to addressing this problem and end the pervasive problem of traditional cubicle farms and windowless offices.

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From Panasonic to Porsche: Windows 10 2-in-1s at Mobile World Congress

01 Mar, 2017

Details on some of the more interesting 2-in-1 offerings from companies like HP, Lenovo, Panasonic and Porsche Design.

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Threatcasting 2026: Anticipating a Blended Cyber Attack with Up to 2M Fatalities

28 Feb, 2017

Efforts like threatcasting are critical to identifying potential threats and building up defenses against them and there are private companies and military organizations involved in this effort.

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HP Inc: ‘The Future Is Whatever You Make It’

23 Feb, 2017

We don’t live in a Star Trek world where one person can call an industry dead and make it happen unless the vendors agree. HP Inc. is a great example of a firm rejecting that pronouncement.

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AMD vs. Intel: A Sun Tzu Lesson in Long-Term Strategy

22 Feb, 2017

With its Ryzen launch, AMD is avoiding making a strategic mistake it has made several times in the past, says analyst Rob Enderle.

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