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Why Jimmy the Robot Means New Opportunities for IT

12 Sep, 2014

Consider at least monitoring this effort, if not embracing it, so when robots go vertical you have the skills to ride this wave and not be hit by it.

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Intel’s IDF Showcases a New, Magical Future

10 Sep, 2014

Intel’s technology cuts a broad swath through the technology industry and when it executes, it increases the capability of all of the vendors that use it, including HP, VCE, EMC, Lenovo and Dell.

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A Snapshot of Dell’s Transformation

04 Sep, 2014

Analyst Rob Enderle sees and hears passion coming from Dell now, something he thought had been lost in the tech industry in recent years.

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Nude Photo Scandal: Apple Gives BlackBerry an Early Christmas Present

02 Sep, 2014

BlackBerry just needs to position its solutions against the problem and become the White Knight that this highly visible segment needs at the moment.

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Inspur Moves to Power Opening Up x86/Power Server Battleground

27 Aug, 2014

The server market is breaking out and now a pitched battle between IBM and Intel could mean the end of SPARC and Itanium.

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Lenovo and IBM x86: FUD and the Strategic Advantages of Buying from Lenovo

25 Aug, 2014

Given that Lenovo successfully acquired IBM PC business and changed it from market laggard to leader, the positive outcome of the x86 merger is near certain.

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Five Small Companies that Kick Tech Butt

21 Aug, 2014

It's good to know that small companies fill unique gaps for business that the bigger players can’t or won’t fill.

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Gaming the Sales Force: How HP’s Security Unit Massively Increased Sales

19 Aug, 2014

A new sales gamification platform, FantasySalesTeam, has helped one HP division miraculously increase its sales.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Pick an IT Vendor Based on Its Use of Analytics

13 Aug, 2014

Vendors that use analytics to measure and manage customer loyalty will put more resources toward keeping you happy.

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Will Broadwell Kill ARM-Based Tablets? Maybe, with a Little IT Help

12 Aug, 2014

Intel’s new Broadwell processor is potentially a game changer that could render regular ARM-based tablets obsolete.

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Matterport: Virtualizing the Office

08 Aug, 2014

Matterport’s 3D scanning and display technology could be used to protect and better manage physical offices.

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How Tesla Beats Jaguar with Applied Analytics

06 Aug, 2014

Analytics is the one weapon you need to have working for you to keep your customers from looking for greener pastures with your competitor.

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BlackBerry: Your PBX May Be Your Biggest Security Exposure

30 Jul, 2014

Until you know that you are on a secure encrypted line, figure that someone will eventually listen to whatever you are saying.

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BlackBerry: We Get Security, the Other Guys Don’t

29 Jul, 2014

For BlackBerry, security is its killer app.

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Google Following Microsoft into Regulatory Mess

22 Jul, 2014

If Google simply looked at its users and treated them as it would like to be treated and took governments seriously, much of its existing pain would likely disappear.

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How Apple and IBM Could Successfully Merge

22 Jul, 2014

A path exists for both companies that, in theory, could result in the benefits of the merger being realized while avoiding most of the risks.

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Apple and IBM: Could Be a Perfect Marriage But…

17 Jul, 2014

Both CEOs are personally motivated to see this work because they both are under a ton of pressure to pull rabbits out of their collective hats.

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How to Not Kill Your Career on Social Media: Think of It Like Copy-All Email

16 Jul, 2014

Beware: Most social media services, like Facebook and Twitter, aren’t really social at all. They are more like email with Copy All turned on by default.

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Looking Far Ahead: IBM’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Cloud/Big Data Analytics Strategic Initiative

11 Jul, 2014

The firm is a survivor largely because it is able to step outside of the day-to-day tactical concerns and invest in the world of tomorrow so it has a place in it.

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Why Chromebooks Aren’t Selling

08 Jul, 2014

You might think that Windows XP migrations and school placements might be great boosts to Chromebook sales, but it's not going so well.

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