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Windows 10 Moves to Set the Bar for Security

22 Oct, 2014

Microsoft has gradually been adding more and more security to its solutions and with Windows 10, it appears to be turning this effort into a major differentiator.

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VCE Merges into EMC: Change Is in the Wind

22 Oct, 2014

VCE and EMC announced that the joint venture is done and VCE will become wedded to EMC.

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Reflections on IBM’s Financials: The Rebirth Process

20 Oct, 2014

No doubt, this was an ugly quarter for IBM. But the massive changes it has made, coupled with its growth areas and Apple partnership, position it far better to roll with the market change.

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BMC Engage Day 2: New Company, Old Name

15 Oct, 2014

Day two at the BMC Engage conference showed a whole new side of the now-private company. One that is innovative and with new focus.

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BMC Engage: Defending IT in an Increasingly Digitized Cloud World

14 Oct, 2014

If you don’t agree with a vendor’s view of the future, the vendor’s tools probably won’t work for you.

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Can You Afford Not to Look at IBM Watson?

09 Oct, 2014

The end result is still more than a decade out, but avoiding this decision engine and AI trend is no longer a viable strategy.

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IBM Enterprise 2014: The Power in IBM

06 Oct, 2014

While IBM focused on the Power architecture, the real power is in its loyal customers.

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VCE Evolves to Add More Flexibility

06 Oct, 2014

Given that Vblocks are already praised because they can do almost anything asked of them, the fact that they could be even more flexible is actually kind of amazing.

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The New Windows 10: The Enterprise and Users Should Love It

30 Sep, 2014

This will likely be the biggest launch that Microsoft has ever done because it encompasses phones, tablets and PCs, and it will be the initial signature product for Microsoft’s new CEO.

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Lenovo and IBM: A New Partnership for Tomorrow

29 Sep, 2014

This sale and acquisition follows an unusually well-tested path that was uniquely already blazed by both firms, pointing toward success.

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iPhone 6 vs. BlackBerry Passport: The Difference Is Fascinating

25 Sep, 2014

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all market. It never really was, despite Apple’s hope that it could convince us otherwise.

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Analytics, BI, AI and Bad Information

24 Sep, 2014

Most BI systems have bias built in at the front end. This problem is translating into analytics products that don’t work and AI systems that can’t be right.

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Qualcomm Uplinq 2014: Redefining the Near-Term Future

18 Sep, 2014

Qualcomm sees tablets and desktop computing as up-scaled smartphones, and presented some interesting mobile ideas at Uplinq.

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IBM Moves to Take the Analytics Market with Watson

17 Sep, 2014

An analytics tool that isn’t easy will likely not be used and a tool that isn’t used is a waste of money.

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Why Jimmy the Robot Means New Opportunities for IT

12 Sep, 2014

Consider at least monitoring this effort, if not embracing it, so when robots go vertical you have the skills to ride this wave and not be hit by it.

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Intel’s IDF Showcases a New, Magical Future

10 Sep, 2014

Intel’s technology cuts a broad swath through the technology industry and when it executes, it increases the capability of all of the vendors that use it, including HP, VCE, EMC, Lenovo and Dell.

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A Snapshot of Dell’s Transformation

04 Sep, 2014

Analyst Rob Enderle sees and hears passion coming from Dell now, something he thought had been lost in the tech industry in recent years.

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Nude Photo Scandal: Apple Gives BlackBerry an Early Christmas Present

02 Sep, 2014

BlackBerry just needs to position its solutions against the problem and become the White Knight that this highly visible segment needs at the moment.

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Inspur Moves to Power Opening Up x86/Power Server Battleground

27 Aug, 2014

The server market is breaking out and now a pitched battle between IBM and Intel could mean the end of SPARC and Itanium.

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Lenovo and IBM x86: FUD and the Strategic Advantages of Buying from Lenovo

25 Aug, 2014

Given that Lenovo successfully acquired IBM PC business and changed it from market laggard to leader, the positive outcome of the x86 merger is near certain.

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