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Windows 10 Musings: Competition and Long-Term Strategic Opportunities

30 Jul, 2015

With the release of Windows 10, Rob Enderle speculates Microsoft's next moves as it tries to break ahead of its competition.

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Intel and Micron Just Made Every Tech Device You Have Obsolete

29 Jul, 2015

Intel and Micron just announced a new memory technology, 3D XPoint, that has the capacity to render many devices we use obsolete.

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Chen’s AtHoc Acquisition, BlackBerry Turnaround Pull from Jobs’ and Watson’s Wisdom

23 Jul, 2015

When you are assuring the future of a firm, using the best practices from Steve Jobs and Thomas Watson Jr. is well advised.

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So You’ve Been Relocated: Tools and Lessons

20 Jul, 2015

When you accept a new job in a new city, it helps to be prepared for the big move. Rob Enderle gives tips on some online tools that can help make relocation easier.

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Google Sexist Scandal: How Analytics Could Land You in Jail

16 Jul, 2015

Google stands as an example of just a taste of what analytics is capable of doing. Maybe it would be wise to think about how to protect your firm from a far more dangerous and embarrassing outcome.

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The Three Musketeers of the PC Revolution

15 Jul, 2015

To bring about a true technology revolution in the PC market, several tech giants may need to come together to share their vision and expertise.

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The Future of HP and HP Inc. Could Be with Oracle and Apple

07 Jul, 2015

Rob Enderle explains the potential weaknesses and cost issues among the two HP entities after the company splits.

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Analysis of the HP Split: Why Does Anyone Think This Is a Good Thing?

06 Jul, 2015

Other than some likely hidden executive incentives and potential short-term stock benefits resulting from possible overvaluations, analyst Rob Enderle says he can’t figure out how anyone can think this is good.

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EMC’s Interesting and Little-Known IT Transformation Workshop

02 Jul, 2015

Rob Enderle provides insight into an undiscovered service from EMC Consulting that can help many enterprises achieve necessary transformation.

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Rick Perry, Undervalued Executive Skills, and Too Many Jerks

30 Jun, 2015

Even though we talk a lot about collaboration and managerial skills, says Rob Enderle, we don't actually look for the correct soft skills in the C-suite often enough.

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IT Lessons Learned from the First 3D Printed Supercar: We Need a Clean Slate Approach More Often

24 Jun, 2015

Technology vendors and IT managers don’t sit back often enough and start from scratch, with a list of requirements on one side and current technology on the other, and work to create something designed for the workload of today.

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Larry Ellison Claims the Cloud: ‘No One Can Compete with Oracle’

23 Jun, 2015

Oracle has a powerful advantage over Amazon in that it is an entrenched enterprise-class vendor with far deeper roots than Amazon has acquired.

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Baseball Insider Corporate Espionage: Making Sure You Aren’t Next

17 Jun, 2015

The Major League Baseball incident aside, much of the problem we currently have is the inability or unwillingness for law enforcement to take action against the criminals.

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Surface Hub: Rethinking Videoconferencing and Collaboration

16 Jun, 2015

Microsoft's Surface Hub videoconferencing and collaboration system could finally bring teleconferencing to the level it needs to be.

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Augmented Reality: Surprisingly Ready for Business First

12 Jun, 2015

People used to say it was all about games, but Rob Enderle says the Augmented World Expo shows that augmented and virtual reality are ready for business uses right now.

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Apple WWDC in a Snapshot: Sharp Moves, Watch Still a Problem

08 Jun, 2015

Apple made some smart moves leading WWDC, got attention for a female on stage, talked money with developers, and downplayed Apple Watch.

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VCE: The Car Factory of Converged/HyperScale Deployments

03 Jun, 2015

VCE delivers a complete solution. Rob Enderle expects that in a few years everyone will do this.

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What If Microsoft Beat Apple in 2025?

02 Jun, 2015

Rob Enderle takes an interesting look at what might happen in the future if Microsoft can leverage Windows 10 to overcome Apple in several markets.

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Michael Dell and Meg Whitman: The Importance of a CEO Who Can Engage

28 May, 2015

In thriving companies, the CEO actually engages broadly with customers, employees, investors and analysts.

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Dell vs. HP: What a Difference Five Years Makes

27 May, 2015

Rob Enderle says Dell is busting its hump to get ready for tomorrow, while HP is busting its hump to get through today.

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