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BMC and Heartbleed Create New Security/Ops Software Class

18 Dec, 2014

Every once in a while a customer or a vendor discovers a gap in the current offerings and fills that gap with something we have never seen before. Rob Enderle saw this happen at BMC Engage.

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Dell and Red Hat OpenStack: Turning IT into a Strategic Asset

16 Dec, 2014

In a technology company like Dell, there is always an opportunity to make IT a strategic part of future offerings. That is what we have in Dell’s OpenStack effort.

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Intel and IoT: What Happens When Everything Talks to Everything

09 Dec, 2014

At Intel's coming-out party for its Internet of Things efforts, partners said it's not rocket science, and Intel said privacy is a priority.

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Thin-clients Are on the Verge of Creating a Tech Perfect Storm

09 Dec, 2014

A touch of vision, a dash of really cool hardware, and a pinch of awesome could transform cloud clients from interesting technology to the new world order.

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Gigabit Wi-Fi: Qualcomm Just Made Your Wireless Routers Obsolete

04 Dec, 2014

What Qualcomm is promising will be delivered in the first half of next year on Wi-Fi routers and access points is a user experience with performance in line with Gigabit switches.

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The Mainframe: The Technology of Tomorrow with an Image Problem

02 Dec, 2014

The mainframe isn’t dead, it is alive and vibrant. It just needs a stronger marketing effort.

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Being Thankful to Those with Thankless Jobs

26 Nov, 2014

It is the perfect time of year to thank those who work tirelessly to make our jobs easier and clean up our stupid mistakes.

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The Technology Changes that IT Companies Are Missing

24 Nov, 2014

By the end of this decade, much like the end of the last two, a lot of folks will be asking how they could have possibly missed this again.

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Apple/IBM vs. Google vs. Microsoft: Who Wins the Battle for the 2020 Desktop?

21 Nov, 2014

Rob Enderle thinks the odds favor Microsoft winning the 2020 desktop, but it’ll be a battle that will make the 1990s seem amazingly easy by comparison.

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Dell and Intel Move to Take IoT Lead with Silicon Valley Effort

19 Nov, 2014

Intel and Dell are playing the long game and if they can execute together, they could end up as the new lead vendors for the business class of IoT.

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BlackBerry’s John Chen Kicks the Company into High Gear

13 Nov, 2014

The one clear takeaway from this event is that Chen’s strategy of focusing BlackBerry back on business and going cross platform is working.

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Picking a Tech Company: Does the CEO Listen, Can They Be Trusted?

11 Nov, 2014

In vendor selection, perhaps one of the questions you should ask is whether the firm is capable of being honest. Many aren’t.

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Michael Dell vs. Meg Whitman: How Dell Is Beating HP on Message

06 Nov, 2014

At Dell World, Rob Enderle discovers how competition in the IT market works a lot like it does in politics.

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Dell According to Dell

05 Nov, 2014

At Dell World, Michael Dell's keynote speech highlights the company's successes, while seemingly pointing out competitors' faults.

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The ‘Black Box’ Era of IT

29 Oct, 2014

With a black box approach, the solution is held to a set of required performance requirements and the vendor sweats the small stuff, not the buyer.

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A View of EMC’s Analyst Conference Highlights

28 Oct, 2014

Among other moves, EMC focused early on leading in both customer loyalty and most recently in making the firm one of the best places to work.

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Windows 10 Moves to Set the Bar for Security

22 Oct, 2014

Microsoft has gradually been adding more and more security to its solutions and with Windows 10, it appears to be turning this effort into a major differentiator.

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VCE Merges into EMC: Change Is in the Wind

22 Oct, 2014

VCE and EMC announced that the joint venture is done and VCE will become wedded to EMC.

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Reflections on IBM’s Financials: The Rebirth Process

20 Oct, 2014

No doubt, this was an ugly quarter for IBM. But the massive changes it has made, coupled with its growth areas and Apple partnership, position it far better to roll with the market change.

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BMC Engage Day 2: New Company, Old Name

15 Oct, 2014

Day two at the BMC Engage conference showed a whole new side of the now-private company. One that is innovative and with new focus.

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