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Marissa Mayer and Meg Whitman Aren’t the Big Turkeys at Yahoo and HP

24 Nov, 2015

Fixing a CEO is easy. You either mentor them properly or replace them. But once a board goes bad, there is no easy recovery.

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Gartner’s Aggressive Predictions May Be Overly Conservative

23 Nov, 2015

Over the last decade, technology decisions have moved back to being driven by line executives rather than IT executives. Gartner bases its predictions historically on conversations with IT.

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The New Cisco and the Renewed Focus on Social Responsibility

20 Nov, 2015

Sometimes it seems like the phrase “Ethical Corporation” is an oxymoron. But the fact is that ethics pay dividends because they increase trust and lower regulatory costs dramatically.

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In the Shadow of Paris: How Watson Could Protect and Nurture Us

19 Nov, 2015

If you have the ability to individually profile someone deeply enough to change their behavior, you could also, at massive scale, have a running risk assessment on them.

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IBM’s Cloud Update: Apple and Impressive Change in a Few Short Months

12 Nov, 2015

IBM is going through a massive pivot from its traditional hardware-centric, end-to-end company to more of a cloud services and analytics company.

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The Panasonic Toughbook 20 and the End of the Traditional Notebook Computer

11 Nov, 2015

The move to a hybrid design with a removable tablet component showcases that even lagging segments of the market are seeing the need for this new form factor.

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Artificial Intelligence and User Behavior Analytics: Internal Audit Gets Replaced by Robots

05 Nov, 2015

Making human whistleblowers obsolete could be a reality if automation keeps moving in its current direction.

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HoloLens Version One: Better for Business Than Consumers

03 Nov, 2015

It will be years before we fully realize the potential of HoloLens, including gaming, but for now it likely will be, when it becomes available, the most amazing tool for remote collaboration on real objects in the market.

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Protecting Against the Frightening Monsters of IT and Technology

30 Oct, 2015

A look at Headless CEOs, Frankenstein mergers, alien viruses and Terminator products, and what the hero can do to address them this Halloween.

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Tesla and Apple: When Analytics Can Bite You

28 Oct, 2015

Perception is not only 100 percent of reality, it is often more important.

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Dell World Keynote: Go Big or Go Home, but Build for the Future

21 Oct, 2015

Dell World showcases the many ways in which the company will expand services and have a successful future after the EMC merger.

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VCE and Misinformation Surrounding the Dell/EMC Merger: Is Michael Dell an Idiot?

19 Oct, 2015

Betting that a firm will deviate from a process that they take as a matter of course—and which has proven very profitable—is foolish unless there is a reason for a different approach.

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Why Dell Isn’t Selling the PC Business and Whitman Is So Mad

16 Oct, 2015

Dell’s PC unit is critical to the company; it goes to the firm’s strategy of being the best end-to-end technology provider in the world and the realization that it can’t get where it wants to go without PCs.

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EMC and Dell: Secret Synergies

12 Oct, 2015

This latest mega-merger has a lot going for it from the product perspective, but perhaps the most powerful parts are in the breadth of channels and acquisition and product unit creation skills.

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Dell and EMC Merger: The Likely Back Story

08 Oct, 2015

Merging a private and a public company at this scale is rarely done. Analyst Rob Enderle looks into the details.

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Microsoft Devices Launch Raises the Bar

06 Oct, 2015

In a world where boards seem disengaged and clueless, Microsoft’s board stepped up and made the perfect choice in a CEO. Today was a showcase of what can result. Microsoft has gone from treading water badly to contending for leadership again.

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OpenPOWER Foundation vs. Intel: The Interesting Contrast of Business Models

30 Sep, 2015

The business model may be more powerful than the technology, and we have an interesting battle brewing between Intel and IBM.

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BlackBerry’s Coming Android Phone

29 Sep, 2015

The market needs a secure line of phones that have a competitive number of apps. Since you can’t license iOS and Windows 10 for the phone doesn’t yet have critical mass, this leaves Android, but only if it can be made secure.

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Why BMC’s Win in Markman Hearing Suggests ServiceNow Customers May Be Exposed

23 Sep, 2015

In a patent case, the Markman hearing is one of the most important, and BMC just won one against ServiceNow.

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The Long Term Strategic Problem of a Lock-In Strategy

22 Sep, 2015

As Apple continues with its strategy of locking in customers with its products, Rob Enderle reminds us why such a strategy can also be bad for business.

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