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NVIDIA Could Be Kingmaker as Linux, BlackBerry, Microsoft Battle for the Connected Car

20 Jan, 2017

We are waiting for the same kind of moment that Microsoft and IBM made when they partnered on DOS and the modern PC was born, to define the self-driving car segment.

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FTC vs. Qualcomm: More Than the Sum of Its Parts

19 Jan, 2017

An FTC action against Qualcomm, says analyst Rob Enderle, may turn out to be the poster child for poor tactical thinking.

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Why Ethics Recommendations Are Making Things Worse

13 Jan, 2017

You should never mix up what you have the right to do with doing the right thing. If you do, it will likely end badly for you and your firm. While the perception of an ethics problem is important, it is far more important to focus on behaving ethically.

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The Intel Compute Card: Modular Computers Are Reborn

12 Jan, 2017

It is interesting to see the PC industry evolve. In this case, from large dedicated PCs to small card-like devices that can be built into a variety of increasingly connected devices in all shapes, sizes and colors.

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How Dell Beat Apple on the Desktop at CES Using a Dolby Practice

09 Jan, 2017

Dell, in a process very similar to Dolby’s, brought in musicians, artists and companies to help it build the next-generation iMac without Apple. The XPS 27 and Dell Canvas 27, are nothing short of amazing.

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At CES 2017: ODG and Qualcomm Just Made AR/VR Glasses Viable

06 Jan, 2017

These glasses from ODG set a new bar for AR/VR solutions because they don’t force a choice between AR and VR. They do both, they don’t look embarrassingly bad, they can either stand alone or connect to a smartphone, and they are relatively affordable.

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Looking Ahead to 2017: The Year Everything Changes

28 Dec, 2016

In 2017, we will see massive changes in transportation, government, cyber warfare and other areas we aren’t remotely ready for.

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Looking Back on 2016: Four Things I Still Don’t Get

27 Dec, 2016

2016 brought lots of drama and lots of exciting products and announcements. Some of them are still confusing, though.

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Varonis: Keeping Your Family Safe over the Holidays

21 Dec, 2016

Watching this cybersecurity video series is a great project over the holidays. You can do it from inside your home, you are protecting your family, and you can do a lot of this while you are watching football.

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The Trump Tech Meeting: No Dressing Down and Tons of Progress

20 Dec, 2016

Tech and government should use the potential of forensic analytics, capturing and analyzing data to understand why something works or doesn’t work.

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Dell Technologies vs. HP Inc: The Interesting Nuances of Applying NPS to Effect

15 Dec, 2016

Smart vendors have largely switched to Net Promoter Score (NPS), which looks more at customer behavior and whether that customer will, and does, advocate a vendor. But the approach should vary by the organization's needs.

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Trump Tech Meeting: A Dressing Down with the Possibility of Much More

13 Dec, 2016

Tech is the one thing that should provide the U.S. with a sustained advantage, yet it is rarely used by the government to proper effect. This meeting could go well, or very, very badly.

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Full Windows on ARM: Suddenly the Client World Is Very Different

08 Dec, 2016

Microsoft made Windows fascinating again. By allowing the platform to move to a different processor, it has suddenly created the possibility of a smartphone that can perform the same breadth of services as a laptop.

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Learning from Trump’s Air Force One Comment: Eliminating Stupid Decisions

07 Dec, 2016

We could all save our firms a ton of money if we looked for and worked to eliminate the incredibly stupid things folks are doing because they didn’t read, they assumed someone else did the reviews, or they accepted decisions as well-thought-through and didn’t challenge them.

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BlackBerry and the Problem of Recreating a Company and Image

01 Dec, 2016

BlackBerry has largely moved from being a hardware vendor to being a software vendor. This is a very rare pivot.

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Challenged Election Results and Confirmation Bias

29 Nov, 2016

A number of companies have failed because they relied on bad customer satisfaction data, bad competitor intelligence, bad win/loss analysis, and bad employee morale scores.

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The Trump Presidency and Technology: Fuel for Thanksgiving Discussions

23 Nov, 2016

Technology is very relevant right now, because it could actually help accomplish things like building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and identifying and sending back illegal immigrants.

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Intel and How Artificial Intelligence Could Save Thanksgiving

22 Nov, 2016

Intel proposed using AI to make us smarter, mostly focused on avoiding mistakes before we make them by observing what we do and providing timely advice.

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Is Data the New Oil?

17 Nov, 2016

Neither data nor oil is inherently good or bad. They just are. Their evolution into something that does harm or good mostly has to do with what we do with them.

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Artificial Intelligence, IBM, NVIDIA Driving Changes to Credit Cards, Health Care, Physical Security

16 Nov, 2016

Higher performing deep learning and AI systems backed by artificial intelligence vendors IBM and NVIDIA will change the world around us.

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