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Windows 10 Forced Upgrade: Fighting Decades-Long Institutional Insanity

03 Feb, 2016

If you put aside safety, it is easy to argue that a user-focused company should let users run whatever version of the OS they want to run. But we have to consider security now.

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The Magic Behind IBM Champions

01 Feb, 2016

IBM’s Champions are a core part of showcasing how an advocacy program interconnected with social tools drives change both inside and outside of an organization.

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Did Cisco Prove Bill Gates Wrong on Social Responsibility?

29 Jan, 2016

For every company that makes a product that fulfills a critical need like communications, there is likely a convergence between what those products do day to day and what they mean to those in critical need.

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The New BlackBerry: Kicking It Up Several Notches on Security and MDM

26 Jan, 2016

As part of its fight to return to relevance, BlackBerry has embraced other platforms this week.

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Intel Releases Skylake for Business but Will IT Get That Passwords Are Dead?

20 Jan, 2016

If you are deploying Skylake for Business, turn on and require the included authentication technology. Don’t be the cause of your CEO’s fall. This should be obvious.

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Windows 10 Showcases a Change in Microsoft Focus and Users Win

19 Jan, 2016

We are moving to a future that is much like the birth of the PC market, far more focused on the needs and requirements of the users and the PC OEMs.

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Maybe the PC Is No Longer a Physical Device But a Cloud Concept

15 Jan, 2016

Even though PCs have undergone changes, buyers and investors still conceptually see them much like they were in the 80s and 90s.

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Becoming One with Innovation: Cisco’s Toronto Innovation Center

13 Jan, 2016

Cisco’s new Toronto Innovation Center is an impressive showcase of how to use technology to not only save money but to create a far more attractive and flexible workspace. 

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Why Silicon Valley Is Unlikely to Help with Government ISIS Request

08 Jan, 2016

If you are actively destroying someone’s ability to earn a living, asking them for any help is not likely to be very successful. 

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At CES Ford Showcases How to Move into the 21st Century

06 Jan, 2016

Ford is becoming a solid example of how a legacy company can update itself and become innovative again.    

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Looking Ahead to 2016 or Why I Now Want My Own Bunker

31 Dec, 2015

With 2015 almost behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the amazing things that we will likely be hit upside the head with in 2016.

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Technology Trends: Looking Back at 2015

29 Dec, 2015

Analyst Rob Enderle looks back at some strange decisions that were made in the tech industry in 2015, and a few smart ones.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4: It Took Four Tries But, Oh Baby, They Got It Right

23 Dec, 2015

Surface Pro 4 has been incredibly well funded and particularly well done. Now, we can expect the Surface killers in 2016.

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The BlackBerry PRIV: The Perfect Blend of Business and Fun

22 Dec, 2015

Rob Enderle talks about why he's impressed with his new smartphone, the BlackBerry PRIV.

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Windows 10 vs. iOS vs. Android: Are Mass Device OS Upgrades Obsolete?

17 Dec, 2015

With some noted exceptions, the mass operating system migration process never really worked anyway.

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Varonis and the Anatomy of the Sony Breach

15 Dec, 2015

The Sony breach put at risk 47,000 people by compromising their Social Security numbers and doing personal damage to an untold number of employees.

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The Irony of Yahoo: Or How to Repeat HP’s Turnaround CEO Mistake

10 Dec, 2015

Yahoo has announced that it is going to do a reverse divestiture, keeping the Alibaba holding it was planning to spin off and instead spinning off its core business.

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Ballmer and Android on Windows: The Return of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish?

07 Dec, 2015

The difference in risk between what Ballmer is suggesting and what Microsoft is already doing with regard to providing a fast developer migration path should be negligible; the difference to the user would be dramatic.

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The EMC/Dell Merger: Whole Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

04 Dec, 2015

If you can see the present better than your competitors, and can see the future better than your competitors, and assuming executives use these better views, don’t you become effectively unbeatable?

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The Sad Story of HP Printers

01 Dec, 2015

If a firm doesn’t want to die on a pivot, it should always have several skunk works-like projects with independent funding looking at the alternatives, and executive support at the CEO level so existing legacy execs can’t kill the efforts.

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